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More Plant Problems but fewer bangs
and more Orange to come!
In this day and age the use of explosive devices as a way of
protecting people working on the track is an anachronism,
and needs to be consigned to the museum!
We have come a long way T3T. A uses T-CODs, D-signal nal. next year with full implemen-
since then, but I also remem- disconnections, P uses the I believe these changes repre- tation following in June. The
ber my disappointment more PICOP or his agent to go to the sent a step forward in safety. sooner the better, I say!
recently when Railtrack’s signal box and ensure the sig- The practice of sending some-
attempt to replace detonator nalling protection, and T one to walk out, often in dark- Yet more plant problems
possession protection with the relates to block indicators, ness on a filthy night to a Sadly 2008 will from a track
use of fixed signals was with- tokenless block arrangements remote spot to place protection safety viewpoint, go down as a
drawn at the last minute. In and keeping the token on sin- including detonators on the bad year during which there
this day and age the use of gle lines. track is intrinsically hazardous. have been far too many acci-
explosive devices as a way of There is a general require- I am surprised that a zealous dents, including fatal ones,
protecting people working on ment that someone other than health and safety “expert” has with plant and equipment
the track is an anachronism, the signaller checks that the not banned their use on safety involved in many for them.
and needs to be consigned to relevant signals are set to dan- grounds before now. Statistically I understand that
the museum! ger and reminder devices are When a train accidentally over the last decade 87% of
in place. Work Site Boards runs over one it could go off fatal and 71% of injury acci-
I recall hitting the headlines and the fragments can easilyColin Wheeler writes... Signals not detonators must always be used and their dents have involved plant.
myself many decades ago Now at last it is about to hap- positioning has to be publi- cause injury! Are there any reg- On 31st October Network Rail
ular possession workers whoAs a nation we love our when as a graduate recruiter pen! Essentially Network Rail cised in advance, with the first issued a “not to be used list” of
railways. The great British for British Rail I mentioned have reviewed the existing T2 one at least 200 metres from have not worked in a posses- no fewer than 34 non-compli-
Public and many working in that one of my selection crite- arrangements and revamped the protecting signal. However sion where the detonators ant types of road/railer mobile
our industry have nostalgia for ria could be summed up as them into new T3 arrange- the actual work site must be at were stolen? The plan is for elevated work platforms (RRV
the past. “Beware Puffer Nutters”. ments as T3A, T3D, T3P, and least 300 metres from that sig- briefing to begin in February MEWPs). More recently on the
20 | RailStaff | December 2008
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