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One of the recently-elected Seven New Wonders of the World,
the Taj Mahal has to be one of the iconic images of India, a
magnifi cent marble mausoleum set on the banks of the Yumuna River
and surrounded by beautiful tended gardens, fountains and mosques. The Taj
Mahal was built in the city of Agra between 1631 and 1648 on the orders of the
Muslim emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favourite wife. While Agra has
all the hallmarks of energy, colour and passion that draws so many visitors to

India, it’s the sculptured lines and rounded Mughal shapes of the Taj Mahal New Zealand is a country that has it
that hold them most enthralled. If you arrive at dawn, the burnt orange rays of all – unforgettable scenery, beautiful
the sun add a multi-coloured effect to the pure white walls of the building that beaches, wonderful wildlife, so much
was designed, along with its surroundings, to mirror the gardens of paradise to to do and some of the best food and
which the faithful ascend. wine in the southern hemisphere. It’s
■ BEST TIME OF YEAR TO GO November to mid-February means that no wonder that it features so highly
you should avoid the extreme heat of the summer and the intense on the must-visit list of any number of
monsoon season. world travellers. Perhaps one of the peak
■ HIGHLIGHTS Sunrise, as the morning light brings a multi-coloured hue attractions in New Zealand is the glacial
to the Taj Mahal. settings of the South Island where you
■ SUGGESTED KUMUKA TOUR HIGHLIGHTS OF INDIA (REF: ASIN7) can ski and snowboard down top-class
– experience the major highlights of India in this nine-day tour runs or experience mountain walking
which covers Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Varanasi. in unforgettable locations such as the
Franz Josef glacier. New Zealand is a great
place for the inexperienced traveller to


THE WILDEBEEST MIGRATION take their fi rst long-distance steps, with a
You may have seen the ever-present TV documentaries showing huge numbers well-established, safe and friendly tourist
of wildebeest and zebra charging across the plains and savannahs of Kenya infrastructure combined with a culture
and Tanzania as part of the astounding annual migration, but for a truly unforgettable not that different to the UK’s. And if you
experience there’s nothing like witnessing it fi rst hand. From October, an estimated two want to go wild, there’s no better place
million wildebeest, zebra and a few hangers-on travel from the northern plains of the on earth to try out every adventure sport
Masai Mara to the southern plains of the Serengeti in pursuit of the rains that will mean known to man, from bungee jumping to
fresh and abundant grasslands and plentiful, crucial watering holes. Then in April, they zorbing and tandem freefalling.
take the return route, once again crossing the mighty Mara River. Along the way many ■ BEST TIME OF YEAR TO GO
will fall prey to predators such as lions and crocodiles who can appear June to September – the New Zealand
almost bored by the continual moving buffet that passes before their winter
greedy eyes. This really is an amazing natural spectacle and something ■ HIGHLIGHTS A freefall parachute
for which you book a grandstand seat in the back of a Land Rover or jump over Lake Taupo
a lofty viewing platform in one of the main safari parks, or even view ■ SUGGESTED KUMUKA TOUR
from above from the advantage of a light aircraft or hot air balloon. GLACIERS, FIORDS AND WILDERNESS
■ BEST TIME OF YEAR TO GO Between August and October, and (REF: AUNZF2) – a family adventure
from December to early April. taking in all the glacial splendours
■ HIGHLIGHTS Taking in the view overhead from a light aircraft. of the South Island, including ice
(REF: AFL3) – concentrating on wildlife around the unique Ngorongoro crater,
including the elusive black rhino, as well as a stop over at Zanzibar.


There’s something otherworldly about Galapagos. A remote archipelago of
13 major islands 1000km off the Ecuadorian mainland, it’s a location famous
for its incredibly rich diversity of exotic plant and animal life, a sanctuary where you can
visit but not stay – accommodation is generally on boats cruising from island to island
– and the resident animals are so tame that you can get as close as you like, as long as you
respect that this is very much their home and you’re the guest. Highlights include the
giant tortoise whose stress-free life helps them reach ripe old ages well in excess of 100
years. Then there are the 27 species of reptiles, from geckos to iguanas and lava lizards, as
well as seals, turtles and of course the wonderfully monikered blue-footed booby and the
Galapagos penguin. And once you don your snorkel and fl ippers, the sealife ranges from
sharks and crabs to urchins and starfi sh. This really is a naturalist’s dream come true.
■ BEST TIME OF YEAR TO GO January to April is the best time for snorkelling, while
the most popular season is June to August.
■ HIGHLIGHTS Simply being in the presence of so much wonderful wildlife.
fi ve-day cruise discovering the large diversity of species and rare wildlife that
thrives on these volcanic landscapes.
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