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Easy over
After discovering on a trip to India
just how tiring it can be to plan an
independent family trip, AMRIK
TUMANI turned to Kumuka’s
professionals for his latest family
holiday. The destination? Thailand.
■ What attracted you to Kumuka?
The fact that they offer some tours
specifi cally designed for families.
■ Why did you choose the ‘Rafts,
Jungles and Beaches’ tour?
Because it was so varied in the sights it
takes in, the activities available and the
types of transport used. My children,
aged 10 and 11, got the chance to glide
down the River Kwai on bamboo rafts,
ride elephants, snooze on a night train,
trek through remote jungles and ride
bikes through the temples at Ayutthaya.
The best part is that these activities are
as good for adults as they are for children
– I even took the chance to overcome
my phobia of scuba diving and trained
alongside my kids in Koh Samet.
■ With Kumuka at the reigns,
how much easier was this holiday
than your India trip? It was so much
Sunny-side up
SARAH CARR had long dreamed of
visiting Africa, so she recently called
on Kumuka to make it happen.
Along with her for the ride were her
husband, their four daughters, and
her brother’s family.
■ Why did you choose the ‘Wildlife,
Waterfalls and Adventure’ tour?
My daughters’ ages vary from 10 to 21 so
Child’s play
I wanted something that would captivate
all of them. I also wanted them to be in
the thick of things... to experience a real
adventure and see Africa as it should be
■ Were your children excited about
the prospect of Africa? To be honest,
they were horrifi ed! They looked over the
itinerary, which involved remote bush
When Kumuka started putting together bespoke tours for families, it soon
camping in the Okavango Delta and
Makgadikadi Pans, wildlife drives in open
became clear there was a real need for it – there were loads of parents 4WDs and mekoro (dugout canoes) trips
out there who desperately needed professionals to help them create
through animal infested waters, and told
me that I must be irresponsible.
stimulating breaks for the whole gang. Here we meet two families who
■ How do they feel now, after the
have benefi ted from our expertise, allowing them to concentrate on simply
trip? Absolutely amazing – they all said
that it was the best holiday of their lives.
having fun with their offspring.
■ What was their favourite part
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