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Even just a few years ago, thrilling locations such as the Antarctic were
out of bounds to all but the very well heeled and extremely adventurous
elite. Now, however, that alluring, snow-covered wilderness is available to any
traveller with a desire to go beyond the realms of what might be considered
standard travel plans. With a berth booked aboard a specially fi tted out research
vessel such as the MV Ushuaia, you can begin a 10-14-day trip to one of the coldest
places on earth. While the trip alone is worthy of the fee – look out for an awesome
array of birdlife and whales along the way – it’s Antarctica itself that is the real
jewel in the crown. Almost totally devoid of human habitation, there is an amazing
variety of animal life such as penguins, whales, seal and albatross, all living within
an otherworldly landscape of giant icebergs, massive ice fl ows, perfectly sculptured
fjords and seemingly endless snowscapes.
■ BEST TIME OF YEAR TO GO November to February.
■ HIGHLIGHTS The tail of a mighty seven-ton Orca whale as it breaks the
surface of the ice-cold waters just metres away from your ship.


AUSTRALIAN BEAUTY – an 11-day cruise aboard the MV Ushuaia through the South Shetland
Australia, the crown jewel for so many world travellers and Islands to the icy glory of the Antarctic.
a country with an unbelievable variety of attractions, from
the rugged and harsh yet quite beautiful Outback to amazing beaches,
wildlife aplenty and cultures both ancient and modern. One word of
warning – Aus is big, very big, and it’s a good idea to take one section
of this great destination at a time and then move on to another on
your next visit. You might want to start with a trip to the awesome
sandstone phenomenon that is Ayers Rock (‘Uluru’ to the native
Aboriginal people) before exploring the amazing rock formations of
Kings Canyon and a guided tour through the Outback. Then there’s the south coast
around Sydney and Melbourne, combining city sophistication with some of the
world’s top vineyards and even a few days on Tasmania. Or there’s the east coast,
with its seaside towns so full of character, fantastic diving opportunities and wildlife
spotting adventures. So much choice… where to begin?
■ BEST TIME OF YEAR TO GO Australia is a great year-round location, although it
can get very humid in the north during the summer.
■ HIGHLIGHTS Camping out under the stars in the great Outback.
(REF: AUF1) – a seven-day family adventure taking in sand dunes,
snorkelling, a farm stay and a visit to a koala sanctuary.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but in case you’re planning a trip to the
moon, you can forget catching a glimpse of the Great Wall of China while
you’re there. Despite stretching for 4000 miles from Shanhaiguan in the east to Lop


PYRAMIDS OF GIZA Nur in the west, making it the longest man-made structure in the world, such lunar
It’s no wonder that the mighty pyramids of Giza are included as one of the tales are unfortunately untrue and thought to be the result of Cold War propaganda.
seven wonders of the ancient world. These remarkable relics draw thousands What is quite unequivocal, however, is the fantastic experience of visiting this
of visitors each year to gaze in awe on their architectural wonders, and even explore extraordinary fortifi ed barrier, and tramping along a section of its ancient
them to discover a sense of advanced and bewildering culture. These wonderful stonework. While the most popular sections of the wall for travellers are those
pyramids, many overlooked by the proud and mighty Sphinx, are found in an area on closest to the major cities, the further off the beaten track you get, the more you can
the west bank of the Nile, 20km southwest of Cairo. Of course, there is so much more to sometimes get a feel for the real history of this structure, and having the services of
Egypt than these marvels of a lost civilisation. From cruising down the Nile on a felucca an experienced local guide will certainly make the adventure more fulfi lling. For the
to camping out in the desert and browsing around the market stalls of Cairo, this is a adrenalin starved, the opportunity
country that really delivers the sense of traveling back in time. And if you would like to does exist to zipwire from the top
include a thoroughly modern twist to the trip, the warm waters of the Red Sea around of some sections of the wall – just
Sharm el Sheikh offer some of the best scuba diving in northern Africa. in case 2000 years of history isn’t
■ BEST TIME OF YEAR TO GO enough for you!
March to May and September to ■ BEST TIME OF YEAR TO GO
November means that you’ll avoid the March to April and September to
excessive heat of the summer. October means that you should
■ HIGHLIGHTS A camelback desert get reasonable weather, although
safari and trip to the pyramids of Giza. be prepared for cold evenings.
OASES AND PHARAOHS (REF: ME1) length as the mighty wall snakes
combines the chance to dive in the off into the distance.
Red Sea, camp under a desert sky ■ SUGGESTED KUMUKA TOUR
and explore the wonders of an CHINESE KITES, WARRIORS & PANDAS (REF: ASFCH1) – an action-packed
ancient civilisation. tour taking in many of the highlights of Chinese history and culture.

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