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In 1923, the British
mountaineer George Mallory
was asked why he wanted to climb
Mount Everest, and he replied: “Because
it’s there.” Today a similar answer might
is the time to travel
be given to the reason for ascending to
the far more attainable Mount Everest
base camp, although the incredible
views, stunning scenery and unique
sense of enviable achievement might
also feature high on the list. Kumuka
makes a trek to the base camp of Mount
It’s never been easier to travel, so why not make 2008 the year you
Everest a thoroughly achievable goal
for any reasonably fi t traveller with a
visit some of those destinations which have long been top of your-
sense of adventure. Of course, you’ll
must-see list? Ian Waller suggests 13 TOP LOCATIONS that make his
need to join an organised tour and,
list. Now he just needs to fi nd the time!
with acclimatisation to the altitudes, a
necessity to avoid the effects of altitude
sickness, such a trip is inevitably going


THE INCA TRAIL to take around two weeks. However, the
Mysterious, historic and more than a little evocative, the Inca Trail result is certainly worthwhile: exploring
through some of the most stunning and scenic parts of South America some of the most beautiful scenery and
simply should be on every world traveller’s must-see list. Typically this now- countryside of Nepal and experiencing
popular adventure option takes the form of a four-day trek from the city of Cuzco a real slice of their predominantly
in southwestern Peru through to the magnifi cent Lost City of Machu Picchu. Buddhist culture.
Along the way look out for wildlife such as wild pigs, stunning birdlife and, of ■ BEST TIME OF YEAR TO GO
course, the llamas. Then on your arrival at Machu Picchu, prepare yourself for October-November when the weather
one of the wonders of the world – an incredible ancient Inca city lost to the world is balmy and the visibility excellent.
until the historian Hiram Bingham rediscovered it in 1911. You will need to be ■ HIGHLIGHTS The amazing views
reasonably fi t to undertake this thrilling adventure, although experienced guides from one of the highest points on the
and porters will help by carrying all the tents and cooking equipment. For the less planet available to non-mountaineers.
energetic there is the easier option of a train ride from Cuzco to Aguas Calientes ■ SUGGESTED KUMUKA TOUR
and on to the lost city. EVEREST BASE CAMP (REF: ASN3)
■ BEST TIME OF YEAR TO GO June to August is the best season for trekking. – spend several days exploring the
■ HIGHLIGHTS Sunrise over Machu Picchu. homeland of the Sherpa people
■ SUGGESTED KUMUKATOUR INCA TRAIL (REF: SAMP1) – Book early for before taking on the challenge of
this fantastic four-day Inca trail trek to the city of Machu Picchu! the world’s mightiest mountain.


While there are few experiences to match the excitement of going on an
African safari, there is one adventure you might want to add to this trip
– mountain trekking in Uganda to visit the homeland of the elusive mountain gorillas.
These powerful yet gentle beasts are among the rarest of the great apes, and even to
catch a glimpse of them through the lush, thick undergrowth of the rainforest is a
genuinely moving and unforgettable experience. Of course, you can never be sure of
a sighting, and when the gorillas are spotted, their locations are kept a close secret by
the guides who will escort you to help keep these creatures safe from the poachers
that threaten their very existence. While you’re in the region, you can also take in
everything that this welcoming and safe country has to offer, from the beautiful
mountains and stunning scenery, to the busy and vibrant capital of Kampala.
■ BEST TIME OF YEAR TO GO December to February and June to September
are the dry months and the best for trekking.
■ HIGHLIGHTS The chance to see rare gorillas in their natural habitat.
combining Kenyan national parks with mountain trekking in Uganda.
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