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Army squash
THE Navy’s LAEM Dave Pascoe
captained the Combined Services to
RN prospects
Baa-Baas a narrow victory against legendary
rugby union side the Barbarians in
NAVY hopes in the Combined
Services individual squash
the eighth annual clash between the
two at Plymouth Albion’s Brickfi elds
Recreational Ground
championships were crushed
Twelve months ago, the Baa-Baas
despite a strong fi eld taking to the
triumphed in a high-scoring match 33-
Temeraire hosted the three-day
This year’s contest also saw a
event which saw fi ve players from
shedload of points on the board – but
each Service in the men’s senior,
in the CS team’s favour.
and four in each of the U25s’,
A crowd of nearly 3,000 saw RN
veterans’ and ladies’ events
winger Josh Drauniniu crash over
the line twice inside the opening 17
There were high hopes in the
U25 section after OM Richard
The Fijian powered along the wing
Rowley (HMS Middleton),
before touching down under the posts
kindly released by his ship from
for the opener (converted by the CS
operations in the North Sea, and
skipper), then added a second four
current RN U25 champion Mne
minutes later after collecting a chip
Martin Sadler (42 Cdo) were
That prompted a Barbarians’
● I see something beginning with ‘s’... Lt Orlando Rogers and Capt
Despite still fi nding his ‘land
response, but despite the fi ghtback,
Ben Gaffney train for their 3,000-mile row in their specially-adapted
legs’, Rowley cruised through to
the Services held on to the lead
the semis where he had to pull
until the 68th minute when Albion
out all the stops to defeat a very
and Baa-Baas back Brad Davies
fi t and most determined Army
scored his second try to give
Go Commando,
opponent 3-0.
the international all-stars a 24-20
Sadler, on the other hand,
failed in his bid for a place in
The Forces claimed a 27-24
the other semi; he did, however,
victory, however, thanks to a
Row Commando
triumph in his play-off place to
last-minute converted try.
Profi ts from the match
WHILE their commando comrades recreate the ‘Cockleshell Heroes’
fi nish a most creditable fi fth.
were donated to the
mission (see page 21), Lt Orlando Rogers and Capt Ben Gaffney face an
The effort Rowley had put
Royal British Legion’s
ever greater challenge in a rowing boat: to cross the Atlantic in record
into his semi obviously took its
Poppy Appeal.
toll and he was not of the same
The two officers, both based at CTC RM, intend to leave La Gomera
calibre in the fi nal where an
Picture: LA(Phot)
in the Canary Islands on December 2 and arrive in English Harbour on
effervescent Army signalman had
Steve Johncock,
or before January 8 having covered 3,000 miles.
too much fi tness to run out the
FRPU Drake
If the gods are against them, they’ll contend with waves up to 30ft
winner 3-0.
high, the odd shark circling their 24ft ocean rowing boat Go Commando,
It was, nevertheless, a great
and the vagaries of the mid Atlantic – and the trip could take as long as
achievement from Rowley.
70 days instead of the 37 needed to break the existing record.
Serving on an MCMV, he
Luckily, Go Commando should give them a head start. Under the
has not had the ideal practice
name All Relative it won the 2005-06 Atlantic rowing race with a crew
or preparation time for such
of four. It’s subsequently been converted for a crew of two rather than
a physically-demanding
Around 25 teams are competing against the clock in this year’s race,
In the men’s senior event, the
but the RM duo believe their coveted green berets could give them the
experienced RN players of Capt
edge – even though neither of them has rowed before this race.
Damien May RM (771 NAS), Lt
“Learning to row is only one per cent of the Atlantic challenge – the
Matt Ellicott (HMS Westminster)
other 99 is in the mind, which is where our training comes in,” said Lt
in his fi rst senior tournament
and POAET Neil Martin (815
Capt Gaffney added: “Orlando and I have been through physical
NAS), did not seriously consider
exhaustion and sleep deprivation before. If commando training cannot
challenging for top spots, yet
prepare us mentally for this challenge, then I don’t know what will.”
after some extraordinarily long
You can follow the pair’s progress at
tussles all three playing extremely
good squash, fi nished sixth, fi fth
and seventh respectively, a major
improvement from previous years.
The fi nal in that division was
predictably between Army OC
Sam Miller (ranked 55th in the
Tis a season to be jolly
world two years ago) and last
year’s champion Flt Lt George
Webster (RAF). ALL of the RN’s
by an athletic full-stretch save that opposition on the hour.
Miller, who had not been representatives sides have
ensured both score sheets were With time running out and
extended at all throughout the
been in action in the opening
clean at the break. the Navy still striving to fi nd an
tournament, demonstrated class
weeks of the football
With a healthy squad, the equaliser, POPT Lisa Farthing’s
in every shot and general squash
season – with encouraging
opportunity presented itself to 92nd-minute free kick from 40
of the highest order, easily beating
change things at half time: AB yards found their goalkeeper fl at
Webster 3-0.
performances and positive
Craig Newman, LMEA Mark footed and the ball drifted over
In the veterans’ event Cdr
outcomes (bar one).
Toms and ET(ME) Lee Keneally her head.
Steve Shaw (Fleet), WO Pete
We’ll begin with the bar one...
(goalkeeper) were all brought on. This was just desserts for all
Berrow (MESH IPT) and WO RN Seniors 0 Gosport 2
The RN squad came close the effort put in. The scoreline
Danny Regan RM (42 Cdo) all
within fi ve minutes of the re- refl ected a keenly-contested
came well down the batting order
This was the fi rst game of the
start with some clever play from match with notable performances
in a division that was dominated
season under new head coach
ET(ME) Kerr feeding Seamark from Kayleigh Edwards and LPT
by both the Army and RAF, fi lling
Capt Steve Marr RM and assistant
to bear down on goal although his Bavister (Sultan).
all of the top eight places.
coach CPOPT Paul Barton.
strike went over the bar.
In the ladies’ competition, Lt
A very encouraging team
The introduction of AB Collins
RN Seniors 2 Amateur Football
Debbie Vout (Temeraire) played
performance despite the defeat,
at right back allowed Hawke to
Alliance 1
some very good squash and again
with lots of positives to take
test the Dorchester full back with The RN seniors put in a very
in a very tough league fi nished a
forward and especially noteworthy
his mazy runs, complemented workmanlike performance, and
most creditable sixth.
performances from Cpl Graham
by a similar style of play by AET with only 14 players available
Admiral the Lord Boyce
Carr (RN captain), POPT Ritchie
Thirkle on the left. due to injuries, suspensions and
presented trophies and mementos
Way, LPT Steve Young and AET
As the half wore on, further non-availabilities, this was a very
to winners and runners-up
Mark Wilkes.
changes saw AB Sam Stephens, signifi cant win for the squad in
and praised all players for the RN Women 3 Christchurch 1
AET Rob Tillsley and S/LT Chris their third game of the season.
outstanding level of squash
Carrabine take to the fi eld and It was a tight game, goalless until
The ladies’ season opener under
throughout the tournament.
fresh legs started to tell in the fi nal the AFA scored via a penalty half-
manager CPOMEA Lou Lewis
● Collingwood on the ball during their 6-0 defeat to Portsmouth
20 minutes but Navy pressure was way through the second period.
Canoe poloists
saw a very strong squad take to the
unable to penetrate the Dorchester The RN responded fantastically
fi eld. Returning to the side were
rearguard. with late goals from POPT Way
LPT Nat Bavister, PO Marissa
Not to be outdone by the fi rst-
avenge defeat
Dryhurst, LPT Lisa Farthing Onside with Capt Paul
and a deft header from Mne Dan
half goalkeeping performance of
and Std Angie Comrie, while Wtr
Boere – virtually the last ‘kick’ of
Mee, Keneally pulled off a save
Nicky Aston made her debut.
Cunningham, RNFA
the game.
late in the game, edging the ball on There were also strong
TEMERAIRE played host to The Navy started very strongly
to the post when it was destined performances from Lt Sean Lister
the Inter-Service canoe polo and hit the bar after only three
for the top corner. and WEA Mike O’Neil to cap this
championship – allowing the RN minutes – so it was a shock when
to eradicate a 12-month ‘blip’. Christchurch took the lead three RN women did well to counter WEA Jamie Ritchie were under
RN Seniors 4 Bashley FC 0
impressive victory. After the match,
RNFA Chairman Capt Rupert
Last year, after long-time RN minutes later. The RN quickly some determined play. some sustained pressure with
A fi rst-class disciplined team
Wallace made a presentation to the
dominance of the sport, the RAF regained their dominance and it This was a really encouraging AB(CIS)(SM) Hawke and S/Lt
performance resulting in a
AFA in this their centenary year.
upset the apple cart to take the was one-way traffi c for the rest of Navy victory in their fi rst game Dodd integrating well as assured
convincing victory against a team
title. the half. The Christchurch defence of the season, especially in the full backs.
from the Southern League Premier
On a local football level, HMS
Evidently, that victory was a had no answer to the movement of fi rst half when the passing and The fi rst 20 minutes saw the RN
Division (one league below football
Collingwood MWS Phase 2
‘blip’, for under the leadership of Bavister or the pace of OM Caphill movement of the ladies saw side soak up pressure, before AET
Conference South).
trainees challenged Portsmouth
Lt Matt Twiselton and NA Kirsty and Aston up front. numerous chances being created. Jamie Thirkle and ET(WE) Jason
Two fi rst-half goals from Sgt
University to two friendlies.
Moffat the Naval Service, after Aston followed in from the edge
many hard fought games over of the area to drive in a perfect
RN U23s 0 Dorchester Town
Farnsworth were drawn into the
Ritchie Hope and AET Danny
The women kicked off first
three days last month, won back left foot volley on nine minutes.
Youth 0
game with some intelligent play
Williams were nicely balanced by
– up against a student side which
in the channels, complemented by
a second-period brace from LPT
boasted five Pompey players in
the Inter-Service Cup. Bavister bagged the ladies’ second Under the new leadership of their ability to switch from left to
Steve Young.
its ranks. Collingwood left the
There was a strong turn out in the 22nd minute, drilling a low WO1 Steve Rule, the U23s put right fl anks.
Many of the players caught the
field heavily defeated (13-0 – a
from the other services and a shot across the keeper into the in an excellent performance and The front pairing of WEA Mike
eye but special mentions go to
scoreline which, we’re told, doesn’t
team from the MOD, with a bottom left corner. deserved this hard-fought draw. O’Neill and LAET Craig Seamark
POPT Ritchie Way, LPT Steve
truly reflect the game).
highly-charged atmosphere on The RN fi nished the half Dorchester dictated a high were made to work hard by a
Young, Cpl Adam Fowler and
The men fared slightly better
the poolside, and the teams were camped in the Christchurch half tempo with pressurised play talented Dorchester back line and
MEM Jamie Thirkell.
although the Uni once again
cheered on by a large number of and, after a series of corners, one directed in midfi eld, keeping as the game approached half-time fielded a full-strength side. Thanks
spectators on the balcony. near-post effort found the head of ET(ME) Danny Kerr (captain) the sides were matched.
RN Women 1 Prison Service 1
to the efforts of keeper Dinga
Col David Hook (Deputy PO Marissa Dryhurst, who had and ET(ME) ‘Peggy’ Mitchell In the fi nal fi ve minutes of the A warm autumn evening in Bell, who pulled off a string of
Commander 3 Cdo Bde) played really well at centre half. busy. fi rst half, a fi ne commanding Portsmouth saw both teams battle fine saves, Collingwood managed
– the RN Kayaking Association Christchurch fi elded a stronger The central defensive pairing performance by the RN keeper hard in a goalless fi rst half, but to limit the score to 6-0 to the
chairman – presented the prizes. team in the second period, but the of ET(ME) Dickie Davidson and ET(ME) Nige Mee was capped the deadlock was broken by the students.
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