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News and information for serving personnel
Trainees help shape
Offer is
just the
ANDREW Lloyd Webber and The
Navy of the future
Really Useful Group have offered
a special deal for UK Servicemen
and women and their families to
attend their major productions in
London at a greatly reduced rate.
PERSONNEL attending
additional watches through to Commodore of MWS, is delighted possibly longer ship deployments
This offer is in recognition of
the Senior and Leading
much more modular options.” by the close link that has formed be best supported?
the sterling service the Armed
between the Project Fisher team How can personnel landed
Forces are providing on operations
Rates Command Courses
On the subject of MWS
command course involvement, and a wide range of people across ashore, be it for squadding or
worldwide, and is especially
(SRCCs and LRCCs) at Cdre Corder added: ‘This is a the MWS, including the command
other (eg medical) reasons, be best
aimed at those returning from
ALL members of the UK Armed MWS at HMS Collingwood
complex problem and we are course presentation programme. employed? deployments and operations.
Forces will have access to a new
now have an important role
looking for ideas and views from He told Navy News: “We The solutions delivered by From January 1 2008, production
childcare voucher scheme from
are guilty of dripping about courses have required extensive of a Service ID card will entitle the
to play in helping to shape
across the Navy.
this month.
“The contribution of the manpower, but usually content research and careful thought. bearer and their family to 50 per
The scheme, which starts
the Navy of the future. command courses has been to leave sorting it out to someone
Should readers wish to forward
cent off The Sound of Music and 25
on December 10 and is run by
Since October 2007, in place excellent so far, and has harnessed else, so we have missed a rich their views/comments to the per cent off Joseph and the Amazing
Sodexho Pass Ltd, can offer of traditional end-of-course
the considerable practical source of ideas which the Fisher Project Fisher team they can do Technicolor Dreamcoat.
savings in the cost of childcare. presentations, classes have
experience of those attending. team are working hard to capture.
so via the project website on the These offers are available
The scheme will give Service
been putting into practice their
“The students that have looked “The command courses,
RN web. Monday to Thursday any week.
personnel the option of reducing
intellectual leadership skills
at the issues already have thrown which bring together personnel
the cash element of their salary
from across the Navy, have been
by analysing future manning
up a number of really good,
in favour of childcare vouchers
sensible suggestions which are particularly involved and have
that can help towards the costs of
challenges and presenting
being taken into our work, and I discovered, to their own surprise,
registered childcare.
their findings to Fleet HQ’s
look forward to lots more.” just how complicated manpower
Suitability for the scheme
Project Fisher team. structures are and how much
will depend on personal
Project Fisher is an on-going
Project Fisher is a natural
thought is required to develop an
project into flexible manning,
progression from Topmast
idea into a workable solution.
The childcare vouchers can
looking at who the Navy employs,
and Branch Development,
“That said, our future Leading
be used to pay or part-pay for
how, where, and for how long.
and is the next natural
and Senior Rates have responded
registered child care in the UK and,
As Cdre Ian Corder, the man
phase of the Navy’s people
to the challenge with innovative
overseas, in Service locations.
heading up initiative, said: “Whilst
ideas, and can rightly be proud of
The vouchers are for a child
the current manpower system The project team is clear that their role in this key programme.”
or children for whom the Service
is not broken, it is certainly in looking ahead over the next Speaking during one of the
person has parental and financial
stretched in areas and there are ten years to the introduction SRCC presentations, PO ET(WE)
responsibility, and are not
a number of pinch points that of Type 45, Astute, CVF and, Simon ‘Haggis’ Hague noted:
require improvements now. slightly further afield, the Future “Manning and manpower is
The vouchers can be used until
“In the future, however, it is Surface Combatant that, unless something that concerns everyone
September 1 following the child’s
flexibility that will be key. the manning issues associated … the heart of the issue is the
15th birthday.
“With more capable and with these highly capable, but in way in which we man our ships,
Scheme members can choose
versatile ships we need to be able rank and rate terms ‘top heavy’, platforms and establishments.
to receive between £30 and £243
to switch them from one tasking ships are considered carefully now, “Project Fisher is looking to the
per month in childcare vouchers
to another very quickly to get the the Navy could have significant whole Navy for views, and now is
instead of cash salary from the
best out of them. problems in the future. our opportunity.”
“Programmes are likely to The project also recognises Issues which courses have been
● As the only British vessel alongside in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, it
Savings in tax and National
become more volatile, so we the value of Naval personnel as invited to wrestle with so far have
was fi tting that HMS Monmouth played host to a signing ceremony
Insurance contributions are made
must ensure that our people can highly-motivated, highly-trained included:
between the USA and the UK which authorised the role for a
because they are only paid on the
respond with similar flexibility and highly-skilled people who How can personnel be advanced
British liaison offi cer in the US Pacifi c Command (PACOM) HQ. The
reduced cash salary.
whilst still preserving harmony must be employed to the best of to Leading Rate more quickly to
signatories were Maj Gen Peter Gilchrist, the UK Defence Attaché
Total savings will depend
and individual stability. their ability and potential, both for ensure Branch sustainability?
to the US, and Maj Gen Thomas L Conant, US PACOM Director for
on the individual and family
“We are looking at a whole their own career satisfaction and How can training to AB1 be
Strategic Planning and Policy. On completion, in usual Monmouth
circumstances but can be as much
variety of options, ranging from for the benefit of the Navy. made more effective?
style, Commanding Offi cer Cdr Tim Peacock hosted a lunch for the
as £1,000 to £1,200 per year.
extending squadding and/or Cdre Steve Kirby, the How can more flexible, and
signatories and other guests Picture: LA(Phot) Brian Douglas
The service will include a
help desk to provide advice
and guidance, including
online information. Maritime
Simple tips
In addition, international
freephone contact numbers
are being set up and will be
to keep your
publicised through the normal
MOD communication channels,
including the MOD website,
HIVE, Families Federations and
in focus
baby safe
the chains of command. A POTENTIALLY life-saving awareness
Until the scheme goes live on THE Fleet Air Arm Museum campaign has been launched in the
10th December, you can pre- in Somerset is to host a Portsmouth area aimed at the staff and
register your interest in using maritime air warfare their families of major employers – and the
the scheme by providing contact conference at the end of Royal Navy is amongst those to benefit.
details to Sodexho Pass by email January. ‘Safer Portsmouth Babies’ is reminding
on As home to Europe’s parents that while they may be relaxing
An application pack will be sent largest collection of Naval over the Christmas holiday, their babies are
to you when they are available. aircraft, the museum – on still relying on them to keep them safe.
From December 10, when the the Yeovilton naval air Simple tips which campaigners are
scheme is in operation, you will be station base – provides an hoping to pass on to all mums and dads
able to contact the Sodexho Pass ideal backdrop to the event. with babies include:
Armed Forces Childcare Voucher Rear Admiral Terry Don’t sleep with your baby. The safest marina
Scheme help desk using the same Loughran is to chair the place for your baby to sleep is in a cot in
email address, via the website www. conference, which will the room with you; or by writing to include a gala dinner staged Beware when drinking alcohol or using marina
Armed Forces Childcare Voucher beneath the fuselage of drugs as you will still need to be able to
Scheme, Sodexho Pass Ltd, 5 Concorde 002, one of the respond to your babies needs;
Albany Court, Albany Business exhibits in the museum.
● Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral Adrian Johns (right) joins campaign co-ordinator WO1 Don
Park, Frimley Road, Camberley,
Shaw at the launch of the Christmas ‘Travel Safe’ initiative
marina Alcohol or drug use can make you do
The conference, which things you would not normally do, such
GU16 7QR. is supported by the Royal
There is no time limit on
applying to join the scheme.
Campaign aimed at tired drivers
as falling asleep with your baby in bed or
Navy, the Royal Air Force on a sofa which can lead to overheating or
and the Joint Helicopter suffocation and Sudden Infant Death;
For those who opt into the Command, takes place on The safest way for your baby to sleep is marina
scheme, any changes to pay on January 31 and February 1.
THE NAVY has launched its ‘Safe Journey’ Reaction time devices are of little practical use marina
on their back, not front or side;
JPA will be notified direct to the For more details, contact
campaign to highlight the dangers of driving in detecting driver tiredness.
The recommended room temperature marina
MOD by Sodexho Pass when Javi at DefenceIQ on 0207
while tired. Tips for drivers include:
for your baby is 16 to 20˚C;
they get each correctly-completed 368 9300 or email Javi.
Government research indicates that 18-30- Plan your journey to include a 15-minute marina
Duvets and pillows are not recommended marina
application., or see the
year-old males are more likely to fall asleep at the break every two hours of driving;
for babies under a year. Use a cotton sheet
Spouses or civil partners can website www.defenceiq.
wheel, and are at a higher risk because they use Drinking two cups of coffee or other high marina
and light layers of cotton blankets;
only use the scheme if they are a com/uk/maw
the roads more at night. caffeine drinks and resting to allow the caffeine to
Parents should avoid over heating their marina
Service person – the scheme works Keynote speakers
They are also more likely to press on with a kick in are methods of combating tiredness;
babies by overdressing them, particularly
by changing your “pay”, and if the pencilled in for the
journey when tired. Have a good night’s sleep before setting out;marina when moving from outdoors to a heated
MOD don’t pay someone, they conference include Second
The Department for Transport report states If you start to feel sleepy find a safe place to marina area, eg shopping centre, family home;
can’t be in the MOD scheme. Sea Lord Vice Admiral
that some 300 people a year are killed in accidents stop – not the hard shoulder of the motorway; marina Don’t let anyone smoke in the same
Any Service person with an Adrian Johns, who is also
where a driver has fallen asleep at the wheel. Remember the risks if you have to get up very marina room as your baby. Smoking significantly
eligible child can join the scheme. Rear Admiral Fleet Air
The research also concludes: early to start a trip, or have a long drive home. increases the risk of Sudden Infant death.
Arm, Commodore Mark
Driving between midnight and 6am presents Share the driving if possible.marina Sleeping with a baby on a sofa or marina marina
Sloan, Director Maritime,
a particular risk as this is when your body clock Line managers can play a major role by armchair is particularly dangerous
Development, Doctrine
is in a natural trough. There is another trough knowing their people and managing them in a The year-long Safer Portsmouth Babies
and Concepts Centre, and
between about 2pm and 4pm; way that will help them achieve a safe journey campaign is run by Portsmouth’s Local
Commodore Jerry Stanford,
marina All sleepy drivers are aware of their tiredness, – for example, taking into account where they Safeguarding Children Board, supported
Assistant Chief of Staff
particularly when they start to ‘fight sleep’, such live, or spotting if they are driving home and by Hampshire Constabulary, Portsmouth
(Carrier Strike and Aviation)
as opening the window to stay awake; looking jaded. Hospitals NHS Trust, Portsmouth
at Fleet HQ.
Opening the window for cold air or turning up The campaign also reiterates the dangers of City teaching Primary Care Trust and marina
the radio are of very limited benefit; drinking and driving. Surestart.
News and information for serving personnel
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