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● Delta force... Delta Company 40 Commando scour the Helmand
steppe near Now Zad as the sun rises
patrols before a sniffer dog is brought “Our presence is not only about further progress.”
up to check whether the person has taking the fi ght to the enemy but also Some 25 miles to the northwest of
been in contact with explosives. about building relationships with the Sangin, Delta Company are setting
During the sweep around Sangin, locals that will see us counter any their stall out in the town of Now
one motorcyclist and a local were attempts by the Taleban to disrupt Zad.
allowed to go on their way, but after reconstruction.” While much of Britain’s efforts have
the dog became suspicious of a Side-by-side with combat been focused on Sangin, Now Zad has
third man, tests revealed sweeps comes the ‘hearts been somewhat neglected.
he had been working with and minds’ aspect of Like Sangin, it’s part of the Taleban’s
explosives as there was the British presence in drugs and illegal arms network and
residue on his skin. Helmand. despite a compound built for Allied
Such patrols are being Several commandos forces 12 months ago, the insurgents
pushed further and further are attached to CIMIC – a have attempted to reassert their
into the Sangin countryside. CIvilian and MIlitary Co-operation infl uence on Now Zad.
Intelligence reports suggest that team – which works on a number of It is Delta Company’s task to
the further the Royals push, the community projects, most notably put a stop to any possible Taleban
more the enemy falls back – after building the fi rst school in Sangin renaissance, beginning with regular
last winter’s deployment by 3 in years. patrols and sweeps through the town
Commando Brigade, the Taleban
have decided not to grapple the
“Sangin is seen as a template
almost identical to the missions
Royals face-to-face.
for what we aim to achieve
conducted in Sangin.
“At times it can be frustrating for
in Helmand. The improved
“We’ve laid down our cards from
the lads as the enemy are not willing to
security situation is only the
the start,” said Lt Col Birrell.
get too near us,” said Capt Tom Quinn
fi rst step,” said Lt Col Stuart
“We’re here to make a difference.
RM, in charge of 5 Troop.
Birrell, 40 Cdo’s CO.
Our achievements will be measured by
how we improve the lives of ordinary
“But in Sangin this is a sign of how “We must now begin to focus on Afghans.”
far we have come. It would be wrong how we can help the Afghan authorities marina Naval wings over Afghanistan,
to take the current threat lightly. establish sound rule. That’s the key to page 3
● Convoy duties... (Right) Delta Company to Now Zad after a patrol and (below) eternal vigilance... A Delta Company
green beret keeps watch in a ‘sanger’ bunker
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