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Deaths Ask Jack
Vice-Admiral Sir Arthur Hezlet DSC, Alfred Reginald ‘Dickie’ Davis. Served Lt Cdr John Dennis. Shipwright. Served 899 NAS: Trying to track down an of-
DSO*. Joined the RN aged 13 in 1928; 1940-46 in Collingwood and Victorious (Arc- 1943-78 in Victorious, St Vincent, Triumph, fi cer, Lt Cdr Mike Broadwater, who served in
trained at Dartmouth and Greenwich; served tic convoys). October 31. Aged 89. Fearless, Phoenix, Thunderer, Forth and 899 NAS during the Falklands confl ict, and
in Regulus (China Station); passed Perisher Mike Cooper. LA AH2. Served 1956-68 Safeguard. Founder member Aquitaine wondered if anyone out there could put me
in 1940; sent as relief CO to the Fighting in Victorious, Bulwark and Hermes; Naval Air branch. November 4. Aged 79. in touch with him. Specifi cally, he was in-
NAVY NEWS looks back through its pages to
10th Submarine Flotilla at Malta where he Stations Lossiemouth, Brawdy and Culdrose Flt Lt Doug Mayo RAF. Associate mem- volved in action with Lt Alan Curtis (MIA May
took over Upholder from Lt David Wank- also with 849 squadron in Singapore. Air- ber Aquitaine branch. Served 1940-45 Af- 6 1982) on May 1 1982 against Argentine
recall some of the December headlines of past
lyn VC; temporary CO of Unique, sank the craft Handlers Association. September 17 in rica, Italy, France and Germany. October 24 Canberra bombers. I am keenly interested in
troopship Esperia and awarded DSC; stood Gibraltar. Aged 66. in Sigoules, Dordogne. Aged 87. aviation and military history, and would like
in for ‘Black’ Mackenzie as CO of Ursula; CO Cecil Bernard Thomas. PO Wireman. to talk to him more about this incident. I have
of Trident in the Arctic and mentioned in dis- Served 1940-45 in Tuscan and Queen Eliza- contacted both the FAA Offi cers Association,
patches for the protection of convoy PQ16; beth; British East Indies Fleet. September
who informed me he is not a member, and
in 1942 he began to work with midget sub- 13. Aged 88. the Royal Navy Historic Flight who do not
marines for which he devised the Hezlet Rail, have current details for him. The last known
to stop men being washed off casings; CO
record of him was that he piloted the RN
of Thresher taking part in Operation Source,
George H Lawley. Chief Electrical Artifi -
Historic Flight Sea Hawk in 1989. Contact
the attack by midget submarines on German
cer. Served in Seadevil, Scotsman, Telema-
Steven Beeny at
ships in Altenfjord and again mentioned in
chus, Thermopylae, Truncheon, Tactician,
DECEMBER 2007 or write to 14 Garrison Loop, Ladera Ranch,
dispatches. As CO of Trenchant in 1944 in
Spur, Odin, Subtle, Senechal and Alliance
M2 Submarine: Commemorative serv- CA 92694, USA.
the Straits of Malacca he intercepted U-859
guide. Gosport branch. October 11. Aged
ice for the lost crew of the M2 submarine at HMS Chevron: Looking for any pictures
taking ten prisoners from the water and was
St Andrew’s Avalanche Memorial Church, of my dad and his mates/crew as he lost all
awarded his fi rst DSO; also conducted the
Norman Eric Powlesland. POME. Served
Southwell, Portland on Sunday December his and is devastated. His 70th birthday is
last two-man submarine attack of the war
in Sanguine, Solent, Trenchant, Tiptoe and
9 at 3pm. Organised by the Nautical Arche- coming up and I would really like to surprise
on the Japanese heavy cruiser Ashigana,
Opossum. Gosport branch. October 13.
ology Society and the Dorset branch of the him with some photos. His name is Joseph
awarded a Bar to the DSO and the US Legion
Aged 77.
Submariners Association. Telephone Mark Frank Spencer Hill (known as Joe). He was
of Merit. After the war he was CO of the de-
E ‘Red’ Skelton. POME. Served 1948-
Beattie-Edwards for more information: 023 originally from Reading but settled in Swan-
stroyer Scorpion, was captain of the 6th De-
62 in Telemachus, Finwhale, Thorough,
9281 8419. sea. He mainly served on Chevron but I think
stroyer Squadron, and captain of the cruiser
Scorcher and Springer. North East branch.
did a brief spell on another couple of ships
Newfoundland; Flag Offi cer Submarines from
Aged 80.
Fishery Protection? Cod War? Were you
(Maidenhead). I know he spent quite a bit of
1959-61; became Flag Offi cer Scotland and
A E ‘Alex’ D’Auriol. CPO Stoker. Served
involved in these? Would you like to meet
time on the archipelago islands. He would
Northern Ireland; promoted vice-admiral in
1940-43 in Thunderbolt and Seawolf. Bir-
your old shipmates? The warmth and cama-
have enlisted around 1953 or 54. Contact
1964. The RN’s youngest captain at 36 and
mingham branch. Aged 94.
raderie of a reunion and social weekend in the
Malcolm Hill at malcolmws.hill@btinternet.
its youngest admiral at 45. Retiring shortly
C J ‘Colin’ Mears. M(E)1. Served 1963-
coldest part of the winter, has been designed
com or write to 118 Siloh Road, Swansea,
afterwards he wrote several books including
66 in Astute (1963-65) and Artful (1965-66).
for those ex shipmates who don’t have their
SA1 2PJ.
The Submarine and Sea Power, Aircraft and
Lincoln branch. Aged 64.
Sea Power and the two-volume World War 2
O T ‘Owen’ Hodgetts. LRO(T). Served own reunion to attend. Those involved with
WW2 British Convoy Escorts: Off Star
History of British and Allied Submarine Op-
1954-63 in Seneschal, Artemis, Thule and Fishery Protection especially during the
Point, Devon on July 2 1940, during part of
erations. November 7. Aged 93.
Token. Teeside branch. Aged 69. Cod War are invited to attend and have a
Convoy OA176 from London to Glasgow, my
Capt Spencer Drummond DSC. Entered
F ‘Fred’ Aze. CERA. Served 1952-71 in display. What do you have to put on show?
dad’s ship Aeneas (Blue Funnel Line) being
RN 1936 and served in Glasgow, Hereward,
Sirdar, Seascout, Subtle, Seadevil, Trench- February 8–11 2008. Mill Rythe Holiday Vil-
the largest vessel and second ship in line
● Actress Louise Jameson with mechanical mutts K9 and K39
Belvoir, Farndale, Caprice, Cossack, Ceylon,
ant, Artemis, Acheron and Otter. Plymouth lage on Hayling Island, well known for Naval
ahead of the convoy she was singled out
40 years ago Ark Royal, Cassandra and Tiger. Promoted
branch. Aged 81. reunions and therefore booking fast. Coach
for a machine gun and bomb attack. The
trip Saturday, followed by an Up Spirits and
captain ordered the boats to be lowered
AN exchange of Victoria Crosses took place between the RN
captain 1966; fi nal post as Commodore FISGARD ASSOCIATION
gala dinner. Remembrance Service Sunday,
as she heeled over and sank. The survivors
HMS Warrior, Northwood. Awarded DSC for R C ‘Bob’ Flay. Joined Fisgard 1951 as were picked up by HMS Worthington. Ap-
Barracks in Portsmouth and Province House of Nova Scotia, his work in the Aegean Campaign 1943, also
Series 143. September 28.
another Up Spirits. Then coach trip or Sod’s
Opera. Further details from Mike Crowe, RN
proximately 360 miles West of Achill Head,
Canada. The medal of William Hall returned to his Nova Scotian
a Defence Fellow. 1765 and 1785 Club and Graham ‘Tad’ Thomas. Fisgard 1955 Se-
Shipmates, 7 Heath Road, Sandown, Isle of
Ireland, on September 25 1940, during part
home, and the medal won by John Sullivan of HMS Rodney in
participated in old comrades associations ries 25. October 12.
Wight. PO36 8PG or
of Convoy OB217 from Liverpool to Java
concerning Belvoir, Cassandra and Cossack. John ‘Pat’ Ennis. Joined Fisgard 1955 via Cape Town, dad’s ship Eurymedon (Blue
charge of a landing party in the Crimea came to Portsmouth. October 12. Aged 85.
Series 25. October 17. MARCH 2008 Funnel) was hit by two torpedoes from U29
30 years ago
Capt Christopher Smith RFA QGM. Edu- Graham ‘Ted’ Heath. Joined Fisgard RN Engineroom Association: 32nd annu- Kapitan Leutenant Otto Schuhart. The fi rst
cated at Repton and the merchant seamen’s 1952 Series 15. October 20. al dinner/dance on March 15 at the Nautical torpedo hit the engine-room on the port side
school HMS Conway. From Conway he Club, Birmingham. Details from Bob Styants
‘IT’S Dogtor Who’ was the punny headline when actress Louise served with a Dutch shipping line and then
and the second blew a hole on the starboard
at or tel: 0121
Jameson introduced co-star K9 to HMS Naiad’s mechanical dog
in the Merchant Navy before joining the RFA
E Griffi ths. Served LCI(H) 275. June 24.
side of the engine-room, wrecking a lifeboat
422 4115.
K39, who was built on board during Exercise Ocean Safari in
in 1961. He obtained his master’s ticket in
R G Black. Served with LCM Flotilla 601.
and killing the passengers and crew in it.
HMS Illustrious Association (Northern
1965 and subsequently became chief of-
August 6 in New Zealand.
Eurymedon sank two days later. The survi-
Branch): Reunion at Hacketts York House
response to the ban on warship pets. fi cer of Engadine; awarded the Queen’s Gal-
W R Jones. Served LBW 12. September
vors were picked up by HMCS Ottawa (H60).
Hotel, Blackpool, March 28-31. Open to
20 years ago
lantry Medal for the decisive role he played
Does anyone have any information as to the
anyone who is interested. Gala dinner on the
in the salvage of the stricken merchantman
F W Allen DSM. Served LCF 9, LCG(M)
other escort vessels, that accompanied these
Saturday night. For more information and
THE 18th-Century offices of Captain Hydrographic Surveying
Melpol ablaze and drifting in the Channel
101 and 178. September 22.
two convoys? Contact Terry Day at terry@
booking form contact Ron ‘Dixie’ Dean on
in December 1981. Four months later he
A W F Weston. Served LCAs and LSI Ben or write to
01204 300162 or 37 Chetwyn Avenue, Brom-
Flotilla in South Yard at Devonport were reported haunted, with sailed as second-in-command of Engadine
My Chree. September 23.
Abbey Weald, Priory Road, Spalding, Lincs,
ley Cross, Bolton, Lancashire, BL7 9BN.
disembodied footsteps pacing the upper floor, a sudden chilly
to the Falklands with four Wessex helicop-
F A Collins DSM. Served LCA Flotilla 125,
PE11 2XA.
848 NAS, Malaya Association: Reunion
drop in temperature and a spirit who was apparently so irritated
ters to provide maintenance and accom-
LCTs, LSI(S) Prinses Josephine Charlotte.
MTB 647: The late John Kirby (known as
on March 29. Any former members of the
modation for ground crew and was berthed
September 24.
Jack) was a crew member of MTB 647. His
early Gosport Heli units (2MU 705NAS) of
by the noise of a vacuum cleaner that he would flick the switch in San Carlos Water throughout the period
H A Streeting. Served LCT 1058. Sep-
daughter believes there is a reunion organ-
1951 are invited. Still seeking personnel of
off at the wall.
of the intense Argentine air attacks. He was
tember 25.
ised each year for the remaining crew mem-
the 1950s squadron. Contact the secretary,
promoted to captain, seeing further service
L C Dore. Served LST 3516 HMS Striker.
bers in Croatia. Unfortunately John wasn’t
Les Smith on 01584 711910 or Ray Gilder on
in many theatres of international confl ict in-
September 26.
well enough to go to the reunion when he
02476 445913.
cluding the Gulf, Malaysia and Lebanon and
J Simpson. Served LCAs and LCMs.
was alive. His daughter would like to make
retired in 1997 after a 36-year career in the
September 28. APRIL 2008
that reunion on his behalf. She also believes
Where are you now?
RFA. October 7. Aged 70.
G H Armson. Served LCT’s 712 and 2191. HMS Collingwood Association: Tenth
there is a plaque commemorating the MTBs
Cdr Harold Graham Spriggs. Joined Dart-
September 30. anniversary reunion at the Grand Hotel,
endeavours in Croatia. If anyone can provide
mouth aged almost 13 in 1925 (the smallest ALGERINES ASSOCIATION
Scarborough, April 11-14. All members and
any details could they contact Mrs Rachel
cadet since Admiral Jellicoe). Specialis- Ron Laing. Ldg/Sto Mec. Served in Pick-
partners welcome. Programme includes
Vann at, tel:
ing in Engineering he joined Exeter (South le. August 16. Aged 83
coach trip with buffet lunch, dinner followed
07961 652353 or write to 8 Parvian Road,
America) as S/Lt in 1933. At the outbreak of Ray Simmonds. AB. Associate member.
by live entertainment on two evenings, re-
Leicester, LE2 6TS.
HMS Challenger 1949-52: We would Kessell at or war he was sent to assist the Norwegian Re- Served in Lidd-Sutton. October 27. Aged
membrance service. Visit our website at
HMS Raleigh: As an Eng S/Lt Keith
like to hear from former shipmates of HMS website: sistance; new recruits in converted trawlers; 83. or
served as Jellicoe Divisional Offi cer in HMS
Challenger’s World Oceangraphical Survey HMS Kenya: Searching for Philip Adrian then to supervise the building of ship on the Sid Rolfe. AB. Served in Espiegle. No-
contact our secretary Bill Gee at 123 Roman
Raleigh from 1967 to 1968, during which
1950-52. Contact: Henry ‘Brummie’ Pick- Young, born March 12 1936, long lost broth- Clyde (Unicorn); next RNAS Anthorn where vember 2. Aged 81.
Road, Jarrow, Tyne & Wear, NE32 4SJ
time he often performed the duties of the
ering on 0121 474 2718, henrypickering@ er of Robert Young. Nickname within the he became Commander AE then Daedalus,
HMS Decoy Association: Reunion in
Guard Offi cer for the passing out class pa- or Don ‘Doc’ Livesy on Navy was Chung. He served onboard HMS
Halfar (Malta for two years), Ocean and fi -
Blackpool, April 18-20. New faces from all
rade. Each guard had its photo taken of
01788 890394. Kenya, HMS Lowestoft and HMS Alacrity
Lt Cdr P Aylwin. Served: Jervis, Pelican,
nally the Admiralty before retirement in 1960.
commissions welcome. Contact Malcolm
which he had many copies. Unfortunately
Fast Motor Boat 43957 in Diadem or before changing to a TAS rating between
Corinthian, Contest, Victorious, Mars, Cen-
HMS Unicorn Association. October 11. Aged
‘Dobbo’ Dobson at dobbo.exrn@btinternet.
since then all the photos he had have been
Ark Royal: The British Military Powerboat approximately 1955-67. Also played for
taur and Royal Prince.
com, tel 01502 677395 or write to 1 The Vil-
lost. Keith is composing a scrap book for his
Trust have FRM 43957 which started life on the RN football team. Last known living in
Lt E Bristow DSM. Served: Glasgow,
Geoffrey ‘Bruce’ Woodcock. Trainee
las, Rectory Road, Aldeby, Nr Beccles. Suf-
grandchildren entitled What did grandad do
cruiser HMS Diadem, 1944-47, then served the Porsmouth area. Contact Wendy Oliver
Mercury, Ricasoli, Eagle, Forest Moor and
Stoker whilst on board Unicorn 1947 whilst
folk. NR34 0BJ.
in which he would like to put one of those
on HMS Ark Royal in the early 1950s. The at, tel: 07779
she was in the Reserve Fleet, Plymouth.
HMS Peacock (P329): Annual reunion at
photos. If anyone has a copy of such a photo
Trust are looking for anyone who served in 122615 or write to 84 Berwyn View, Elles-
Cdr C A Brown. Served: Calcutta, Colos-
HMS Unicorn Association. October 8. Aged
the Wroxton House Hotel, Wroxton St Mary,
he would appreciate a copy, any expense
either ship, in whatever capacity, who may mere, Shropshire, SY12 0DX.
sus, Hornbill, Fulmar, Sanderling, Goldcrest
Banbury, Oxfordshire, April 25-27. Contact
will be refunded. Contact Keith Miller at
have recollections of the fast motor boats or HMS Modeste (F42): A frigate of the Far
and Albion.
Graham ‘Tad’ Thomas. Fleet CPO WEA.
Ted Collier, 8 Aston Lane, Rememham Hill,, tel: 01752
any photographs that will help build a his- East Fleet 1957-59. Seeking any shipmates.
Cdr C E Emerson DSC. Served: Weston,
Served 1955-84. After passing out from Fis-
Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 3EL or
318443 or write to 115 Stanborough Road,
toric collection covering the boat’s service. Please contact Terry Pound, 25 Howard Ol-
Vernon, Sheffi eld, Marlborough, Liverpool,
gard he served in Victorious, Dundas, Lon-
tel: 01491 574241.
Plymstock, Plymouth, Devon, PL9 8PJ.
Newcastle, Osprey, Vigilant and Vernon.
HMS Saracen: Researching World War
Any costs will be covered. Contact: Richard iver House, Harvey Gardens, Hythe, South- donderry (Borneo crisis), Blake and Birming-
Lt Cdr F J Hackney. Served:
MAY 2008 2 servicemen who came from the village
Hellyer, 22 The Warren, Holbury, Southamp- ampton, Hants, SO45 3LS or tel: 023 8084 ham and shore establishments Collingwood,
Unicorn,Victorious, Raleigh, Gambia, Hart-
LST & Landing Craft Association: 21st of Pelsall, near Walsall: Able Seaman
ton SO45 2QB, tel: 023 8089 0900 or email 3914. Vernon, Excellent and Osprey, where as part
land Point, Sea Eagle, Obdurate, Paladin
annual reunion at the Royal Court Hotel, James Dowen, served in submarine
pathfi Northwood: I used to work as a Ger- of FOST at Ascension in 1982 he prepared
and Victory.
Keresley, Coventry, May 23-27. All wel- Saracen. He was killed on August 20
HMS Fisgard 1956: We are trying to man Petty Offi cer in Northwood, Middlesex ships heading south. Aged 68.
Lt R C Hill. Served: Devonshire, Cossack,
come. Details from Mike Cresswell at mike@ 1943, six days after the Saracen had
trace an old classmate of ours and would be at CINCHAN/CINCEASTLANT HQ 1980 Cdr Les Inman. Served 1943-47 in Foley,
Dolphin, Agincourt, Vernon and Diligence., tel: 07717 been scuttled by its crew following a
grateful for any information as to his present to 1983 and became a very good friend of Stevenstone (L16) and LCT 239. 1st De-
Surg Lt Cdr A McEwen-Smith VRD RNR
038300 or write to 1 Gamrudding, Green depth-charge attack by two Italian
location. He is Malcolm Alistair Veale from Sarah Jane Holden who worked as a Lead- stroyer Flotilla Association. September 27.
S/Lt N E Vale RNVR
Lane, North Duffi eld, Selby, YO8 5RR. corvettes, Minerva and Eutepe, on
the St Judes area of Plymouth. Joined Fis- ing Wren for NATO then. I left the German Aged 82.
Capt G R Villar DSC. Served: Glasgow,
September 2008 August 14 1943. Reports suggest that
gard in May 1956 as an Artifi cer Apprentice. Navy end of 1983 to work as a shipbroker Robert Moses. PO Buffer. Served in Se-
Active, Excellent, Chequers, St Angelo, Gos-
HMS Ark Royal Communications Branch four crew died and the rest were
Completed training in 1960 and joined the and unfortunately I lost touch in the early rene 1944-47. Chairman and founder of HMS
samer, Saker and Excellent.
(1973-77): Seventh reunion takes place in taken prisoner by the Italians. If anyone
fi shery protection squadron based in Rosyth 80s. She got married to a Royal Navy offi cer, Serene Association. September 8. Aged 87. September 2008. All sparkers/buntings/gol-
can shed any light on the circumstanc-
as a 5th class Electrical Artifi cer, possibly but I do not know her present surname. She Edwin Nicholls. Stoker. Served in Illustri- ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION lies from that period are welcome. For fur-
es surrounding James Dowen’s death I
on HMS Malcolm. Contact Lew Williams at must be in the mid 40s now. Contact Volker ous. Resident of the Royal Alfred Seafarers Charles ‘Happy’ Day. Leading Airman Pi- ther details please contact Jeremy Smith at
would be most grateful. Did he die of or write to 24 Cher- Milde at or Society, Banstead. October 7. Aged 77. lot’s Mate, 812 and 805 Naval Air Squadrons, tel: 020 7412
wounds? Did any of the crew escape
ry Close, Exmouth, Devon EX8 5PR. write to Gretenstrasse 3a, D-28279 Bremen, David ‘Steve’ Logan. WOC. Served Glory and Ocean (Korea 1951-53) also St 3411 or visit the website at www.groups.
their Italian captors? Is his date of death
HMS Ganges 1965, 76-77 Recruitment, Germany. 1966-87 in Maidstone, Victorious, Sheffi eld, George, Gamecock. Wetherby branch; also
incorrect and he actually died as a
Blake Division Mess 5-6: Looking for any NPFS: Seeking Lt Maggie Knox for- Illustrious and Nelson. October 14. Aged 60. 14th Carrier Air Group Association. August Friends of HMS Vidal: 2008 reunion Sep-
result of the corvette attack? What
lads from these messes for a reunion. We merly of NPFS, believed to be residing in the Albert ‘Bill’ Thompson. Chief O/A. 17. Aged 77. tember 6 at the Burlington Palm Hotel, Great
happened in the days following the attack?
are looking for Bill Taylor, John Batey, Norm Portsmouth area. Please contact Father Served in Atherstone 1941-45. Veteran St Les Haynes. King’s Shropshire Light In- Yarmouth. Contact David Parker on 020
Where were the crew taken? Contact Scott
Foster, Robbins, Cant, Cantwell, Pete Mark Jackson MA RFA at maundycottage@ Nazair, North Africa, Italy, Greece and Yugo- fantry. Associate member Ludlow and Dis- 8648 0160 or david@parker1938.freeserve.
Derry at or tel: 01902
Comley, and the rest of both classes from or tel 07785 713997. slavia. October 17. Aged 85. trict branch. September 28. Aged 73. for more details. All commissions, and
5 Mess, people waiting to hear are: Richard HMS Peacock (P329): Seeking new Les ‘Bungy’ Williams RM. Served with 40 Neville Garlick. Air Fitter FAA. Served all ranks, welcome.
HMS Triumph: Alan would like to contact
Evans, Andy Beaney, Bryan Pace, Bill Hol- members from this fast patrol boat from the Commando formerly A Commando 1942-46 1944-46 in South Atlantic and Indian Ocean Friends of HMS Crane 1943-62 will
David Coombs who served in the aircraft
lis. Last reunion was in October so please Hong Kong Flotilla with a view for a reunion in Sicily, Italy, Corfu, Albania and Yugoslavia repairing aircraft (mainly ‘stringbags’ and hold their tenth reunion at the Royal Mari-
carrier Eagle. David contacted Alan regarding
don’t miss the next one, lads. Please contact in May 2008. Contact Ted Collier, 8 Aston and a member of 1942-46 40 Cdo RM As- ‘hellcats’) on carriers. Vice chairman Kendal time Club, Portsmouth, September 12-13.
his brother who died in an aircraft accident in
Bill Hollis at or write to 4 Lane, Rememham Hill, Henley on Thames, sociation. November 2. Aged 86. branch. October 2. Aged 81. Contact Nobby Hall on 01797 364633 for
1948 and would like some more information.
Florian Street, Christie Downs, South Aus- Oxfordshire, RG9 3EL or tel: 01491 574241. John ‘Pedlar’ Palmer. L/SM(E). Served Richard ‘Dick’ Henry King. Served 1940- details.
Contact Alan Thorpe at alan.thorpe2@virgin.
tralia, 5164. HMS Vernon & LSTs: Billy served in Ver- 1952-64. HMS Wizard and HMS Cadiz Asso- 46 as Seaman in the Patrol Service on mine- HMS Invincible Communications As-
net or tel: 01603 412466.
HMS Invincible: Trying to contact any non before embarking to the Mediterranean ciation, HMS Warrior Association (Christmas sweepers (MMS and BYMS); his last ship sociation (Falklands 82): Second reunion
HMS Zulu: Trying to fi nd any survivors or
members of the Communications Depart- on Warrior and then into Messina, Reggio Island) and HMS Saintes Association. Other was BYMS 2007. Standard bearer for Thet- will be held on September 27 2008 in Port-
information about HMS Zulu sunk off Tobruk
ment of Invincible who served during the and Striker. This was in the early 1950s, so if ships Vanguard, Forth, Brighton and RNZN ford branch for the last 15 years. September smouth. Contact Tim Jenkins at gonzo_
on September 14 1942. My uncle Robert An-
Falklands 82 to contact me or to join the anyone else from that period who served on Rotohiti. October 10. Aged 76. 23. Aged 86. or Mick Kessell
derson (Jock) was killed during this action.
association, especially trying to contact RO these LSTs would like to get in touch, please Richard ‘Dicky’ Wincup. RS. Served Norman Vaisey RM. Served 1943-47. at or website
Contact Robert Godwin at crana.crana@
W. Jones who attended my wedding. Con- contact Billy Duncan, Chestnut Cottage, 1 1971-93 in Rhyl, Norfolk, Intrepid, Androme- Dursley and District branch. September 14. or tel: 01243 370001.
tact Tim Jenkins at 07753 766875 or email Beechgrove, Moffat, Dumfriesshire, DG10 da and Invincible, Commcen Northwood, The Rev David Parker. Life member on or Mick 9RS. Cyprus and Mercury. Joined Commcen Fort HQ Roll and Padre to Dursley and District
Southwick 1996 as a civil servant where he
branch. September 18.
remained through to its current manifestation
George ‘Ginger’ Quinn. Served 1937-46 Sports lottery Swap drafts
DESISS Commcen Portsmouth. October 22.
in Ark Royal, Kimberley and Tobruk. Founder
Aged 54.
member of Windsor branch 1957. October 8.
Roy Mengham. CMEM. Served in
Aged 88.
Comus, Forth, Maidstone, Bulwark. Chief
Rose Kirk. Associate member Thurrock
■ Notices for this page should be brief, clearly written or typed and
Instructor, Fireground Phoenix. July 5 in New
branch. Widow of Charles Kirk DSM. Octo- October 20: £5,000 – Lt Cdr J Milsom, POMEM(M) Swift. Draft: HMS Campbel-
addressed to – The Editor, Navy News, HMS Nelson, Portsmouth. PO1 Zealand. Aged 73. ber 22. CTS RAF Cottesmore; £1,500 – LALOMMW town (current). Will swap for: any Plymouth
3HH or email: If you are sending your notice in via
William ‘Bill’ Tart. LS. Served in Redpole
Lt Cdr Ronald ‘Ron’ James Gee VRD L Untulis, FASFLOT WMO; £500 – Sgt D R based ship, deploying or not. Contact:
email, please include your full address and telephone number.
(1943-44), Atlantic and Gibraltar convoys,
RNR. FAA Observer. Enlisted 1939; served Claridge, RM Band Portsmouth.
D-Day landings (Gold Beach), Beachy Head,
Harrier, Daedalus, Boxer and Blackcap.
October 27: £5,000 – Lt A M Claridge,
Pacifi c Fleet (1945-46). Aged 83.
Later TS Blackcap (Birkenhead Sea Cadets).
MDHU Portsmouth; £1,500 – Mne2 A W ■ Reunions appear in date order, and requests to place an entry in a
particular edition cannot be guaranteed.
Harry Dennerly. Signalman. HMS Loch
Vice president of Birkenhead RNA. Septem-
Heywood, 40 Cdo RM; £500 – Mne R J
Fada Association. September 21.
ber 13. Aged 86.
Greenhalgh, 42 Cdo RM.
Navy News on tape
Lt Cdr Francis John Bloom. Joined as
Gordon ‘Tommy’ Tucker. Writer. Served
■ Please send in Reunions at least three months (preferably four) before November 3: £5,000 – LA(SE) B
the month of the event.
Boy Seaman at 16 in 1942 and served for 35
1942-46 in Royal Arthur, Pembroke, Rajah
C Roberts, RNAS Yeovilton; £1,500
Navy News is available free of charge
years. Commanded the Inshore minesweeper
(Atlantic and Pacifi c), President and Baldur.
– CPOMEM(M) A M Churchill, MOD
on tape from Portsmouth Area Talking
Dittisham then 1st Lt Ganges. Also served at
Founder member of Kingston branch com- News for those with difficulty reading ■ There may be a delay before items appear, due to the volume of
Abbeywood; £500 – CPO(UW) A M Dennis,
St George, Anson, Pembroke, Forth, Ilming-
missioned in 1984, secretary for 23 years normal type. Contact 023 9269 0851
HMS Montrose.
ton, Tumult, Wildfi re, Malcolm, Dryad, Green-
and lately chairman. Member of many other and leave a message with a contact
ee to non-commercial organisations. Items pertaining to wich, Reclaim, Cavington, Monkton, Nurton, associations. October 28. Aged 83.
November 10: £5,000 – Lt Cdr C J
number. No special equipment is
■ Entries are fr
Triumph, Fearless and Intrepid. Harbourmas-
Ronald ‘Tug’ Wilson. Served in Whis-
Barber, JSCSC; £1,500 – Lt S Chatterjee,
commercial work, books and publications for profit can only appear as
needed to play the standard 90-minute
ter at Whitstable. Staunch supporter of the
tlewind, Osprey, Pembroke, Pelican and De-
FDS HQ Portsmouth; £500 – CPOMA J R
paid-for advertising.
Lifeboats, King Georges Fund for Sailors and
fender. Previous minutes secretary Colches-
Cook, HMS Rooke.
the Association of Retired Offi cers. October
ter branch. October 9. Aged 75.
■ The Editor reserves the right to edit or refuse publication of submitted
23. Aged 81.
Kenneth Savidge. Beccles branch. Sep-
Reginald Bennett. CPO RE. Served in
tember 22. Aged 69.
Entries for the Deaths’ column and Swap Drafts
■ Space does not allow us to accept more than one free insert. Any Cochrane, Collingwood, Mermaid, Vernon,
Edwin Ball. Beccles branch. October 7.
subsequent notice will have to be paid for at advertising rates.
Newfoundland, Eagle, Excellent, Terror, Gur-
Aged 89. in January’s Noticeboard must be received by
kha and St Angelo. HMS Comus Comrades
Alan Oreilly. Beccles branch. October 26.
Association. November 5. Aged 73.
Aged 71.
December 6
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