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AloAloha Mo uth
MIKE GRAY joins the Black Duk
A VISIT to Hawaii by a
taken a leading role in a high-profile Fo
British warship is an
multinational exercise off Japan, have
uncommon thing these
participation in which had led to Mart
changes in the frigate’s programme. ship’
days. The Proliferation Security Brist
But that is not to say that the Initiative exercise Pacific Shield the d
British flag is an uncommon
07 saw 11 warships from seven sleev
countries gather to plan and carry work
In fact, the Union Jack is to be
out interdiction operations and their
seen everywhere – as part of the
compliant boardings under the M
state flag, it is a permanent reminder
scrutiny of large press corps. Waik
of the historic links between Great
As the only ship that can
and n
Britain and Hawaii (or Hawai‘i, for
conduct rapid-roping
the purists).
insertions by helicopter,
The latest Royal Navy ship to Monmouth took centre
Cdr T
visit these palm-fringed shores stage, putting boarding
had a
was HMS Monmouth, which
teams on to the huge
of D
called into Pearl Harbor in
American cargo ship 1st Lt
the latter stages of her global
Harry L Martin, which acted
as a suspect vessel.
his c
Following nearly eight months
Coverage of the event was took
of high-profile port visits and
broadcast nationwide in Japan, with morn
multinational exercises, the three- several international news agencies bega
day sojourn in the Aloha State granting it airtime as well. Pearl
allowed the men of Monmouth The exercise concluded with Us
– and the sole female officer – to further demonstrations from US N
unwind. Monmouth’s boarding teams in office
The fact that the pound was at a front of senior military officers and cross
high against the dollar helped, as did the Japanese press. to B
the promise of balmy weather – the On arrival in Pearl Harbor, a Islan
trade winds which blow through the short taxi ride from the fabled were
islands prevent the energy-sapping Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, some Dece
high humidity endured by the frigate of Monmouth’s sailors were quickly Th
in many part of the Far East. ashore to hunt out local hotspots had s
So there may have been some and book surfing lessons and in th
disappointment as the frigate headed snorkelling trips. the s
towards her berth in weather that Others took it easy, picking up disco
was more Hamoaze than Honolulu some bargains at the huge NEX or No
– as she slipped past the historic Navy Exchange store on the base empt
USS Missouri rain fell from the or just grabbing a burger at the force● HMS Monmouth arrives in
Pearl Harbor in the rain (above) threatening grey clouds.
McDonald’s which was a stone’s- early
Picture: MC1 James Foehl (USN) But the shower quickly passed, and
throw from the jetty. wave
as Monmouth berthed, within sight But there were official duties to Pearl
of the revered Arizona Memorial, be carried out as well. Th● Sailors gather for a ‘Ship’s
Company Photograph’ (left) the sun broke through again. The ship hosted the signing of up in
Picture: LA(Phot) Brian Douglas The visit to Hawaii followed a a Memorandum of Agreement parke
long sea passage of more than ten between the Royal Navy and the US again
● Monmouth comes alongside
days, some hampered by a heavy Navy (see page 24), while a low-key mad
in Pearl Harbor (below)
swell broadside on. cocktail party attracted dozens of bomb
Picture: MC1 James Foehl (USN)
Prior to that Monmouth had US Navy officers. Hi
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