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Time to celebrate
the unseen heroes
of the Royal Navy ’s
‘silent service’
S. E. Wells
Case 37mm
● Suits you, sir... Prince Harry wears a dry suit for his spell with the RN divers on Horsea Island
Picture: LA(Phot) Emz Tucker, FRPU Whale Island
It’s back
5 days
When Harry
for a
limited period
met Jack
he Royal Navy’s Submarine Service is today the
most powerful branch of the Senior Service,
Former submarine Commanding Officer,
an unseen shield against potential aggression,
Flag Officer Submarines,
PRINCE Harry suited-up with Naval divers
With the royal aboard, the River-class vessel
silently contributing to keeping world peace.
Commander in Chief Naval
when the soldier Royal paid his fi rst visit
became the first ship in the Royal Navy to fl y Prince
To celebrate a Centenary of gallantry and heroism,
Home Command and
Commander of the South Atlantic Task
to Portsmouth as the Commodore-in-
Harry’s standard.
The Prince joined several members of the ship’s S E Wells, have commissioned a Special Centenary
Force during the Falklands Conflict.
Chief Small Ships and Diving. company for a fi rst-rate lunch, then, after witnessing
The prince – offi cially 2nd Lt William Wales, Blues a light-line transfer with HMS Shoreham, he took the
Edition timepiece that stands apart from all others. 'My Submariners
and Royals – was treated to an action-packed day by helm for a high-speed breakaway, guided by navigator
Chronograph is superb
the Solent with the Senior Service. Lt Kate Gillard.
Last year, the Queen and the First Sea Lord, “Prince Harry was intrigued by the fi shery
Deep Blue dial with tachymetric scale and raised gold in all respects; its
Admiral Sir Jonathon Band, decided to forge stronger protection role of the ship and has asked to join
insignia of HM Submarine Service
performance combines
links between the monarchy and the Senior Service us on patrol. We look forward to seeing him again
by making a number of honorary appointments. in the near future so that he can experience the
3 subsidiary chronograph dials measure elapsed time
form with function
And so in line with those appointments, Prince unique delights of a fi shing vessel’s fi sh hold,” said
for all occasions.'
Harry headed to Pompey for about as varied a day as Lt Andrew Ainsley, Severn’s XO – temporarily in
in hours, minutes and seconds
you could possibly fi nd with the RN. command of the ship.
Admiral Sir 'Sandy' Woodward,
First up was the Fleet Diving Squadron at Horsea Next stop was Shoreham, not via line transfer but
Luminous hands and dial numerals GBE, KCB.
Island; he was briefed on its role by the Commanding by a very short but extremely damp seaboat transfer.
High precision quartz movement Limited
Offi cer, Cdr Peter Greenwood, and then given the After a demonstration of the manoeuvrability
chance to drive one of the unit’s Improvised Explosive of the Sandown-class warship and its mine warfare Water resistant to 50 metres
Device (or ‘bomb’ in common parlance) disposal capabilities, the prince was invited to perform an
vehicles, fi ring an explosive disrupter to blow open important offi cial function that he described as one
Deep Blue ‘sharkskin’ leather strap
the boot of a car. CPO Dan Archer, who took the of the highlights of his day: switching on the junior
for Chri
S. E. Wells
Prince through the exercise, was impressed with how rates’ mess Christmas lights (they obviously celebrate
Presentation box
A watch to wear with pride
quickly he got the hang of it. the festive season early aboard Shoreham as it was
The prince then donned a dry suit at the Defence October 31).
Diving School and clambered into the training tank It fell to yet another class of small ship with an
wearing RN diving apparatus, under the watchful eye entirely different role to carry the young offi cer back
of WO(D) Andy Brunton. to Portsmouth Naval Base.
In the tank he met other divers, who invited him to That task was performed by P2000 patrol boat HMS
To order your Submariners Chronograph watch
complete an underwater engineering task. Ranger. Her CO Lt Jim Blythe and Cdr Ben Carroll,
Suitably dried off after his underwater experience, Commander of the First Patrol Boat Squadron,
the prince bade farewell to Horsea and jumped into a outlined the squadron’s role and introduced the
RIB with Fleet Diving Unit 1 – the specialist Maritime Prince to the small ship’s company, plus students
Counter Terrorism unit in the Fleet Diving Squadron from Sussex University Royal Naval Unit.
0151 222 4825 2 YEAR MOVEMENT
– and confi dently boarded HMS Severn under way, And still the prince’s visit was not yet over. For
Lines open Mon - Fri 8.00am - 5.00pm and Saturdays/Sundays 10.00am - 4.00pm
courtesy of the unit’s insertion ladder. once ashore in Portsmouth, he met members of the
(during busy periods). Answerphone outside these hours
And here began the second part. public, talked to Southern Area Sea Cadets and
Small ships may be small and, er, ships, but (a) ATC youngsters from Portsmouth and Gosport, and Or complete and post the coupon below.
there are a lot of them and (b) they perform roles as attended a short reception on HMS Victory before
diverse as the locations in which you will find them. fi nally departing.
S. E. Wells, PO BOX 112, Liverpool L9 0WX
Severn had just returned to Pompey after a “We have kicked the affi liation off in style today,”
particularly successful spell enforcing fishing said Capt Peter Lambourn, Captain Mine Warfare
I wish to order my Submariners Chronograph.
regulations (she detained four trawlers in little over and Patrol Vessels, Diving and Fishery Protection,
a week). who hosted the prince throughout the day.
I wish to pay by credit/debit card. I will be invoiced £175 plus £5 delivery
on acceptance of my order. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY
Payment can be made by cheque/postal order payable to S. E. Wells.
___________________________ Postcode ___________________________
To help us facilitate delivery please ensure that you enter your telephone number
daytime__________________ evening ______________________________
● We know what you mean, Harry... The prince shares a joke with the junior rates mess of HMS
Shoreham Picture: LA(Phot) Gregg Macready, FRPU Whale Island
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