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Client disputes need
face to face meetings
Most disputes between pool suppliers BSPF new Managing Director Chris Hayes “Some preparatory work has been done
and their clients are just a problem of set out three main recommendations as by continuing to work closely with STA,
communication. Peter Lang, Chairman of part of his plan to give the federation clear who have a range of nationally accredited
the SPATA technical review committee, direction over the next two years. qualifications themselves, we intend to
said in most cases face to face meetings In his first major trade speech since he formalise the training offered within the
were able to sort out issues. took over as managing director in April he industry to ensure there are suitable
“Most SPATA members at some said it was essential to have clear goals opportunities for those that wish to study
stage, will have a dispute with one of and objectives. subjects such as swimming pool
their clients. During installation it is He said the BSPF plan had three main engineering and we are also looking at
usually over money and the standard of recommendations: other roles such as retailing and
work or perhaps the lack of it.” strategic planning and funding; supervisory roles.
If personal principles are allowed to quality of services; “Any qualification is unlikely to be ready
take over then the possibility of Court communication and consultation. to be validated and ready to be taught
action is raised. What we see in until at least September 2009, but there
disputes is that most cases are as a “In terms of the strategic planning and are a number of modules that we must
result of a breakdown of funding we are developing this plan for a develop over the next year to see if they
communication. The use of letters, e- five year period and by having an annual are fit for purpose. Once the first
mail and the telephone are to our action plan, we can be flexible in qualification is underway, we will turn our
minds simply shields to hide behind. changing short term goals to enable us to attention to identify the other suitable
“The most effective way of sorting shape our game to meet the changing roles that would benefit from qualifications
out a problem is to meet face to face to nature of our opponents. and the workforce survey previously
discuss the problem, or perceived “I am keen to drive forward effective undertaken will be a big help.
problem, and to come up with a actions that will make a difference to our “While much of this work has been
solution. Additionally going on site may industry and that is why we need to work aimed at SPATA it will be interesting to
reveal the extent of the problem of with partners to deliver meaningful discuss this matter with BISHTA to identify
which he or she was not aware. There industry statistics as we have had to rely on relevant training that might complement
are about 10 to 15 serious disputes each best estimates rather than facts. “The the existing opportunities such as water
year and only in a very small number of BISHTA committee has indicated it will be treatment and information on the
these a resolution is not found.” willing to send data confidentially to get transporting of dangerous goods.
an idea of how big the market is and by The third strand of the business plan is
collecting some historical data it will be communication and consultation.
possible to understand what direction the He said it was vital to get the message
trends are going in. out to members.
I’ll make training a priority
“Our planning has been solid but I think “Promotional work will continue through
says new President
we can improve it and we also need to PIP to spread the message about pool and
safeguard our income to ensure our plans spa ownership with aims to increase the
The new President of the British can be funded. Income sources continue value of coverage regionally and nationally.
Swimming Pool Federation Stephen to be largely from members and SPATEX We aim to expand this from direct
Booth said training in the industry profits and we must ensure the money is consumer promotion to include more
was an important objective for his used wisely.” commercial opportunities.
year of office. He said he was keen to focus on the “We will be taking our message out to
“My main objectives over the coming workforce development plan. members and potential members with
12 months are two fold. I am very keen “This development plan will be for the away fixtures in strategic parts of the
to see a lot of progress linked to training whole industry as training and qualification country rather than expecting companies
and qualifications for our industry.” opportunities will be developed to to make the journey down to Andover.
He said the federation had improve our performance levels across all BISHTA Road Shows and SPATA regional
benefited from the work of ISPE areas from our own back room staff to the meetings will hopefully encourage greater
(Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers) rest of the team comprising SPATA and involvement in the associations.
and the training by some member BISHTA members. “We must also continue to lobby on
companies and from people such as “As a former teacher, I am very aware behalf of the industry as legislation will
Howard Gosling. of the need to provide suitable education continue to impact on what we do both
“We must now take this training to a opportunities to ensure that people from within the UK and from Europe.
new level which we plan to achieve within the industry and those people “Europe is beckoning but it is not the
through a nationally recognised outside the industry can recognise the Champions League but rather the arrival
qualification. You will hear more about work that we can offer members in terms of the EUSA presidency from Spain to the
this from Chris later. of vocational qualifications and UK in 2010, where we will be responsible
“My second objective is to seek new formalised training. The government is for hosting meetings of nine European
members to join SPATA and BISHTA. committed to getting more people countries dedicated to sharing good
“Coming from Scotland I am aware qualified and the industry can really practice and working together to influence
of the need to reinforce the message enhance its reputation with an industry European decision makers about our
to companies located a long way from wide qualification. industry.” spn
Andover that they also need to be part
of the BSPF family.
“Together, we can safeguard our
industry from some of the poor
practice by some non-members as this
can tarnish us all.”
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