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Passion Islam I December 2008 LOCAL & NATIONAL NEWS I 9
‘End of Israel
“If you
siege of Gaza’
me six things
on your
part I shall
you Paradise
: Speak the
truth when you
talk, keep a
A UK-based Palestinian academic what can only be seen as another
promise when
questioned why Israel had suddenly attempt to press the population to
reinvaded Gaza in the first week turn on Hamas,” he said.
you make it,
of November to end five months Tamimi said such tactics have been
of unprecedented peace produced tried before, but like targeted killings
by the hudna or truce agreed with and the two-and-a-half year old siege
when you are
Hamas. to collective punish the Palestinians,
“Despite the continuation of the the strategy has “backfired” and only
trusted with
siege that denied the population of strengthen the popularity of Hamas.
Gaza much of what other people As a media adviser to Hamas, he
around the world may consider life said that the Islamic movement has
necessities, men, women and children made its position clear is willing to
fulfill your
could walk the streets of the Strip abide by the hudna if Israel shows a
without fear,” Azzam Tamimi said. similar commitment.
“On the other side of the divide, “It would be in the interest of both
trust, avoid
Israel saw tourism flourish,” said parties to renew the truce, which
Tamimi, the director of the London- is expected to expire next month. sexual
based Institute of Islamic Political However, it should this time put an
Thought. end to the siege,” Tamimi said.
In an article for the Guardian He also said that a prisoner-
newspaper, he challenged why Israel exchange deal before the year end
suddenly decided to invade Gaza would be a great boost for peace and
lower your
when ordering its army to again under stability, with Hamas asking for the
the pretext of acting against perceived release of 1,000 of its captive men,
gaze (in
threats on November 4, leading to a plus all the women and children, and
series of incursions since. the parliamentarians and ministers
modesty), and
“Why did Israeli politicians feel the kidnapped out of more than 11,000
need to end the peace despite the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli
benefits reaped? Though they blamed detention.
restrain your
Hamas for starting the violence, not a “Hamas is not asking for much.
single rocket had been fired from the Israeli decision-makers should take
hands from
inception of the hudna to the raid on seriously the warning by Hamas
Gaza,” the academic asked. leaders that should Israel opt to go to
“The Israeli military escalation war they are fully prepared to engage
has been accompanied by a further it; instead, they should grasp a chance
tightening of the siege of Gaza in to build peace,” the adviser said.
Al Tirmidhi

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