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22 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I December 2008
anyone when the rules of Shari’ah natural beauty of a man. To shave it
“We will
are asked to be violated. is a unnatural act. Also, shaving the
A Muslim should strive hard to beard is imitating the Kuffar, which is
imitate the blessed Prophet sallallahu forbidden in Islam.
have to
alaihe wasallam in all aspects of their Translation: Ibn Al Jawzy narrates
life. in Al Wafa Bi Ahwal Al Mustafa from
There are numerous ahaadith in Ali ibn Abi Talib that the Holy Prophet
many books of hadith which describe sallallahu alaihe wasallam had a full
the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihe beard.
wasallam as having a full beard. Translation: Tirmidhi narrates in
in this
Given below are some ahaadith his Shamaail from Abu Hala, who
regarding this: used to describe the Holy Prophet
Translation: Ali radiyallahu anhu sallallahu alaihe wasallam. He says
narrates that the Holy Prophet that the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihe
sallallahu alaihe wasallam was wasallam had a copious beard.
neither too tall nor too short. He had Translation: Muslim narrates
long hair and beard. from Ibn Umar that the Holy Prophet
not merely
Translation: Bukhari and Abu sallallahu alaihe wasallam said,
Dawood narrate from Abu Ma’mar, “Oppose the Mushrikeen (polytheists),
who says, “We asked Khabbab shorten the moustache and lengthen
for the
radiyallahu anhu, did the Holy Prophet the beard.”
sallallahu alaihe wasallam recite the In another hadith, the Holy Prophet
Qur’an in Zuhr and Asar prayers?” sallallahu alaihe wasallam warns the
He replied, “Yes.” We asked him how Muslims not to imitate the Kuffar. It is
he knew this. He said, “From the stated in the hadith:
movement of his beard.” Translation: The Holy Prophet
words and
Translation: Muslim narrates from sallallahu alaihe wasallam said, “One
Jabir ibn Samura radiyallahu anhu, who imitates another nation, he is
who says, “The front part of the Holy from amongst them.” This is a severe
actions of
Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam’s warning to those Muslims who wish to
hair and beard had become grey. imitate the non Muslims in their dress
When he used to apply oil, it was and appearance.
the bad
not apparent but when the hair was Translation: Anas radiyallahu
unkempt it use to become apparent. anhu narrates that the Holy Prophet
The Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihe sallallahu alaihe wasallam, most of
wasallam had a dense beard.” the time used to oil his hair and comb
Translation: At’a ibn Yasir his beard.
radiyallahu anhu says, “The Holy The Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihe
Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam wasallam used to take care of his
but for the
was in the mosque, when a man beard and hair. In one of the hadith
entered who’s hair and beard were that has been previously mentioned,
unkempt. The Holy Prophet sallallahu the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihe
alaihe wasallam indicated towards wasallam told a man to comb his hair
him with his hand as though he was and beard. He also given the similarity
ordering him to adjust his hair and of a man who has unkempt hair and
silence of
beard. The Holy Prophet sallallahu beard with the devil.
alaihe wasallam said, ‘Is this not To conclude, the Holy Prophet
better than coming with unkempt hair sallallahu alaihe wasallam has
the good
like shaitan.’” emphatically commanded the
Translation: Aisha radiyallahu Muslims to grow a beard. He also
anha relates that the Messenger gave a severe warning to those who
of Allah sallallahu alaihe wasallam oppose this command, especially
said, “Ten things are of nature in those people who openly oppose it.
which shortening the moustache and In a hadith it is mentioned:
growing a full beard are mentioned.” Translation: “All the sinners of my
Translation: Amongst the fitraat Ummah are forgiven except those
(Deen) of Islam is the cutting of the who commit sins openly.”
moustache and the lengthening of This is a warning to those people
the beard, for surely the Majoos who openly shave their beards and
Martin Luther
(Fire worshippers) lengthen their have no shame in doing this act. May
moustaches and cut their beards. Allah give us all the ability to act upon
King, Jr
In these two hadith, it has been the commands of the Shari’ah.
mentioned that the beard is the Darul Uloom, Bury
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