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Passion Islam I December 2008 SPECIAL FEATURE I 19
close the book and start to regret. But How deceiving Shaytaan was? be of no avail on that day. The Prophet
this is no time to regret. Your chance How powerful were his whispers and mentions in one Hadith:
has now gone. You shout once more, how weak was your Imaan? “The one who repents from sin is
“ALLAH! CAN I HAVE ONE MORE Whatever he whispered into your like one who has no sin.” (Ibn Majah)
CHANCE!!!??” ears, you immediately followed him. There is an extremely wretched
You disobeyed Allah and followed place for those who disobey Allah
The Qur’an states regarding the what you thought was the right path, and the Prophet . However, those
misguided: but you were truly on the wrong path, who are pious and are on the Sirat-
When those who were followed will treading upon the path that would e-Mustaqeem (right path) will be the
disown those who were following and lead you to inevitable destruction, the ones that will be triumphant on that
they will see the punishment and all path that will lead you into Hell fire day and these are the people that
ties with them will be cut and those on this day. You thought arrogantly will earn a great reward. Allah Taa’la
people who were following will say and lived as though you would live states in the Qur’an:
if only there was a returning for us in the world forever. You ignored the “Verily, the Muttaqun (pious and
we would disown them just as they fact that everybody to enter the world righteous persons) who fear Allah
disowned us in this way Allah will would eventually die one day and be much (abstain from all kinds of
show them their actions as a source judged. sins and evil deeds which He has
of remorse against themselves and Allah Taa’la states in the Qur’an: forbidden), and love Allah much
they will not be coming out of the fire “Everyone is going to taste death.” (perform all kinds of good deeds which
of hell. (Surah 2, Verse 166-167) (Surah 21, Verse 33) He has ordained) will be in the midst
The heat of the fire of Hell is Only seconds remain. The Hell fire of Gardens and Rivers (Paradise).”
burning in your mind. How will you is waiting. Your time has now come, (Surah 54, Verse 54)
be punished? How long will you be but all you think of is that one more From all the hard work that you do
punished for? Every time you wanted chance. With that one more chance, in this world dear readers, Allah Taa’la
to do good in the world, Shaytaan you would go back in the world and will never let that work go to waste.
took you away from the straight path never commit another sin again. Instead, gardens and rivers will be
and you were deceived very easily. Chances, many chances were only awaiting that person and the book of
You can blame no one but yourself. given in the world but now it’s too late. deeds will be placed in the believer’s
You are thrown into the scorching right hand. As for those who do not
Allah Taa’la states: fire. believe, Allah Taa’la says:
And Satan will say when the matter My dear respected readers, do you “The Day they will be dragged in
has been decided: “Verily, Allah want to end up like brother Abdullah? the Fire on their faces (it will be said
promised you a promise of Truth. And Does his life sound familiar compared to them): “Taste you the touch of Hell.”
I too promised you, but I betrayed you. to yours? Is obeying Allah, Praying (Surah 54, Verse 48)
I had no authority over you except Salaah and pleasing Him not in our May Allah Taa’la give us all the
that I called you, so you responded daily schedule? Here in this life is ability to avoid or discard the path of
to me. So blame me not, but blame our only chance and time to change. the Shaytaan and follow the right path
yourselves. I cannot help you, nor can Remember, no chance will be given shown by our Holy Prophet . Ameen
you help me.” (Surah 14, Verse 22) once you pass away. Repenting will
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