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18 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I December 2008
Please can I have
one more chance?
proving the oneness of Allah, but
you rejected each sign, one after
another. How is Allah going to give
you another chance? Chances were
given in the world. You continued
sinning but were not punished; now
you must face punishment for those
unpunished sins committed. Then,
the book (of deeds) is given to you in
your left hand. You may have passed
all the exams in school, but you now
have failed the most important one,
The Qur’an states:
“And We have fastened every mans
deeds to his neck, and on the Day of
Resurrection, We shall bring out for
him a book which he will find wide
open.” “(It will be said to him): “Read
your book.” (Surah 17, Verses 13,14)
Allah Taa’la states:
There you are standing before
more appealing. “And the Book (ones record) will
Allah Taa’la, the whole of mankind
You look down and wish that this be placed (in the right hand for a
in anticipation. Hell to your left and
silence continues forever and ever. believer in the Oneness of Allah, and
Paradise your right. From the first man
Then suddenly, very unexpectedly, in the left hand for a disbeliever in the
until the last, everybody is present.
your name is called. Abdullah! Son of oneness of Allah), and you will see
What is to be of them on this Day?
Adam, your heart begins to beat faster the ‘Mujrimun (sinners), fearful of that
Not a word is spoken. Everybody
and faster. You are now trembling. which is (recorded) therein. They will
is naked but unusually today, no one
Your turn has now come. say: Woe to us! What sort of Book is
actually cares about anybody else.
It is time for the truth; did you live this that leaves neither a small thing
There’s only one question running
in this world as a true believer? Did nor a big thing, but has recorded it
through everyone’s mind, what will be
you believe in the oneness of Allah with numbers!” And they will find all
their eternal abode?
and follow the teachings of our Holy that they did, placed before them, and
Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam? Your Lord treats no one with injustice.”
The Qur’an states:
If so, then there is no doubt that (Surah 18, Verse 49)
“And they will be set before your
Paradise is your eternal abode, but You bend down on your knees and
Lord in (lines as) rows, (and Allah will
for those who ascribed partners with beg for mercy. “Please Allah! Only
say): “Now indeed you have come to
Allah and neglected the teachings one more chance, only one more
us as We created you first. Nay, but
of our Holy Prophet , then, Hell is chance! You open the Book which
you thought that We had appointed
their only dwelling. There will be no had been placed in your left hand.
no meeting for you (with us).” (Surah
injustice on this day. You are shaking as you open the book
18, Verse 48)
Slowly, tears begin to role down knowing full well that it has recorded
You stand there very frightened.
your face. Even before you receive every single deed and every sin. You
As a Muslim, you hardly prayed your
the book of deeds, you know you know full well that no injustice has
Salaah. In Ramadhan, you didn’t feel
have no chance. You had so many been done by Allah.
like keeping fasts. Zakaat was never
chances to revive yourself in the You open the book and every detail
on your mind. Even though you had
world, but you continued to commit is inside. As soon as your eyes glance
enough money for Hajj, a trip to the
sins, one after another. Many signs upon the first sin on the page you
Caribbean always seemed much
were brought before you clearly have opened, you begin to cry. You
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