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your prayers are accepted, than the he brings the following ahaadith in a hundred martyrs.”
most pious amongst should act as support of this Ijma: One Maulana has said, “Within a
your Imaam, for he is a messenger Translation: “Oppose the body there is nothing which we can
between you and your Lord.” Mushrikeen polytheists), trim the imitate the Holy Prophet sallallahu
It is apparent from these ahaadith moustache and lengthen the beard.” alaihe wasallam. Our hands, feet,
that an Imaam must grow a beard in (Muslim) chest, eyes, ears, nose etc. cannot
order to lead the prayers. According to Translation: “Whosoever does not imitate the Holy Prophet sallallahu
all four schools of thought (Madhabs), trim his moustache, he is not from alaihe wasallam. There is only one
it is compulsory upon a Muslim man amongst us.” (Ahmed Tirmidhi and thing and that is the beard, in which
to grow a beard and refrain from Nasai) we can imitate the Holy Prophet
shaving it, or trimming it to less than The following are some fatawas sallallahu alaihe wasallam. He had
the length of a fist. Given below are given, issued by some prominent a full, dense beard. We should try to
fatawas (religious verdicts) issued Muftis of the Arab world, in recent time imitate him in this matter.
by the four Madhabs and it’s leading regarding the necessity of keeping Acting upon the Sunnah of the Holy
scholars on the issue of growing the the beard. Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam
beard. Sheikh ibn Abdur Rahman Al brings the pleasure of Allah and in
Hanafi madhab: To trim the beard Banna writes in Fathur Rabbani, turn great rewards in the hereafter.
when it is less than a fist’s length, as “Shaving the beard is strictly haram. Similarly, opposing the Sunnah of
done by some modern people and This is the madhab of Hanbalis and the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihe
hermaphrodites is not permissible in Zahiriyyah. Sheikh Nasir Uddin Albani wasallam brings the displeasure of
the opinion of all the jurists. To shave writes, “Due to the above references, Allah. It is stated in a hadith,
the beard as done by unorthodox it is wajib to lengthen the beard and to Translation: The messenger of
Jews, Hindus and others is also not shave is haram.” Allah sallallahu alaihe wasallam has
permissible. Sheikh Abu Bakr Al Jazari writes, cursed those men who imitate women
“One should leave his beard until it fills and those women who imitate men.
(Durre Mukhtar) his face, because the Holy Prophet The beard is a distinctive sign of a
Maliki madhab: To shave the beard is sallallahu alaihe wasallam has man and removing it is like imitating a
haram and to trim it in such a manner ordered, shorten your moustaches woman and anyone who commits this
that it changes one’s natural and and lengthen your beards.” crime earns himself the displeasure
normal facial features is also haram. We can conclude from what has of the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihe
It is also quoted in Kitabul Ib’daa’, been said that to keep a beard is wasallam and to displease the Holy
that without doubt the four Madhabs compulsory and to trim it or shave it Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam is
are agreed that the beard should is haram. to displease Allah. May Allah save us
be lengthened and that shaving it is Keeping the beard has been the all from Allah’s displeasure and wrath.
haram. practice of the Holy Prophet sallallahu Ameen.
Shafe’ee madhab: It is quoted in Al alaihe wasallam, as it has also been Modern scientists and doctors
Ibaab’, that Imaam ibn Ar’rifaah says the practice of the earlier Prophets have realised the benefits of keeping
that Imaam Shafe’ee, in his book, before him. a beard.
Kitabul Umm, has categorically stated When Musa alaihis salaam One doctor writes, that by
that shaving the beard is haram. returned from his journey of Mount Tur continually shaving, the veins of the
Al Azraiy says that the correct and found the Israelites engrossed sight are affected, resulting in failing
position in the Shafe’ee madhab in idolatry, he became furious and eyesight. Another doctor writes that
is that to shave the beard without in severe anger he pulled the beard a lengthy beard stops harmful germs
a valid medical reason is haram. of his deputy (and brother) Haroon from reaching the throat and chest.
Similar verdict of prohibition has been alaihis salaam who said: Another goes so far as to say, “If men
issued by Zarakhshi, Baihaqi in his Translation: “O son of my mother, shaved for seven generations, the
book, Shu’ab Al Iman, and by his seize me not by my beard nor my hair.” men in the eighth generation will have
teacher Qa’ffal Shashi in Muhasin As In the books of ahaadith, numerous no beards. This means that the sperm
Shar’iyyah. hadith describe the Holy Prophet gets weaker in every generation, until
Hanbali madhab: It is narrated sallallahu alaihe wasallam as having in the eighth this quality is completely
in Shar’hul Muntahaa’ and Shar’hul a copious beard. destroyed.”
Manzoomatul Adaab, the most Translation: Umm Ma’bad Keeping the beard is the right of
accepted view is that it is haram to radiyallahu anhu says that the Holy every individual. Therefore, even
shave the beard. Some Ulama like the Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam parents cannot order their children to
author of ‘Insaf’, have categorically had a copious beard. shave the beard. The Holy Prophet
stated that it is haram. There is no At an age when moral and spiritual sallallahu alaihe wasallam said,
report from anyone to the contrary. decline is at its peak, acting upon a Translation: “There is no obedience
Sheikhul Islam ibn Taymiyyah single prophetic tradition could insure to any creation when the creator is
says, “Shaving the beard is haram.” success in the hereafter. It is narrated being disobeyed.”
Ibn Hazm has narrated Ijma in a hadith, In such situations where children
(consensus of the Muslims) regarding Translation: “One who is steadfast are forced to shave their beard by their
the obligation of trimming the upon my Sunnah at the decline of my parents, the children must oppose
moustache and keeping the beard, Ummah, for him there is the reward of them, for there is no obedience to
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