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Passion Islam I October 2008 CORRESPONDENCE I 31
Whatever the
conditions, just pray
the salaat
Sent in by
Nadeem Khan
I would like to congratulate your guest editor on a very
good editorial in the September issue on Eid as One, I
think we as Muslims forget our own beliefs in Islam and
There is no word as For nobody knows the
get caught up with the society as a whole and draw from
beautiful as Allah. power of prayer
no example as
the bad point of our community rather than the good
beautiful as Rasulallah “Gift” of “SALAM”-
no lesson as beautiful wrapped with
I completely agree with the article and I am very
as Islam no song “AFFECTION” tied with
please with what’s been happening in Batley, I have
as melodious as “CARE” & sealed with myself been told by many people of the criteria of
Adhaan . No charity as “DUA” 2 keep u safe & the Moon sighting committee and it really does make
meaningful as Zakat. happy today & always
No book as Zarah, Batley
perfect as Al Quran .
Ilyas Mohammed
No exercise as Falling in love with the
perfect as Namaz . No Lord is the greatest
West Yorkshire
diet as perfect as romance; searching
fasting and No journey HIM, is the greatest
I regularly read your magazine and I found the front
as perfect as Hajj adventure;Finding
page spot on, very creative, may Allah reward everyone
Mariam - Blackburn HIM, the greatest at Passion Islam for the hard work.
achievement; and
When earthly help s no being with HIM... The
Muniza Kala
avail, There s 1 friend greatest source of
who will never fail. happiness.
Just lift your eyes,
The answer is there, Hind - Saudi Arabia
Great issue found it very interesting, should have
marriage service within it.
Ibrahim Norman
Superb issue guys, keep up the good work
A good friend from Batley
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us form on our website
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