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18 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I October 2008
NAME AND BIRTH there. His last visit to Baghdad was two ever use vulgar words.
His name was Abul-Hussain Muslim- years before his death.
bin-Habaj al Nishapuri. He was born in MASLAK
a distinguished family of Arab Muslims IMAAM MUSLIM’S TEACHERS Sheikh Abdul Latief says Imaam Tirmidhi
in Khorasan which. was a famous town Imaam Muslim (R.A.) apart from attending and Imaam Muslim were followers of the
of Russia. Imaam Muslim was born in the lessons of Imaam Bukhari regularly, Shafee school of thought, although they
817 A.D. corresponding to the Islamic also attended the lectures of lmaam were both Mujtahids. Moulana Abdur-
year 204 A.H. His forefathers occupied Ahmad bin Hambal, Abdullah al Qarri, Rashid says that Imaam Muslim was
prominent positions during the time of Qutaiba bin Said, Abdullah bin Maslama a Maliki. The fact is what was said by
the four Caliphs. He travelled to many and other great Muhadith. Sheikh Tahir Jazari that Imaam Muslim is
places with the object of learning Hadith, not a Maliki nor a Hanifi nor a Shafi, but
and after completing his studies in the IMAAM MUSLIM’S STUDENTS his compilation of the sahih Muslim shows
various centres of learning, he settled at Imaam Muslim (R.A.’s) most noted that he was more inclined towards the
Nishapur. He spend the rest of his life students are Hatim Razi, Ahrnad bin Shafee 000school of thought.
teaching Hadith. Salmah, Abu Isa Tinnizi, Abubaker bin
Khuzaima and other great scholars. SAHIH MUSLIM
EDUCATION Allamah Nabawi (R.A.) says that the
Imaam Muslim started his studies at CHARACTER AND KNOWLEDGE Ummat have accepted the Bukhari Shareef
the very early age of fourteen years. In Imaam Muslim R.A. adhered strictly to and Muslim Shareef as the Kitabs, which
the year 218 A.H. the atmosphere in the path of righteousness. He was in fact follow the Quraan, in authenicity although
Nishapur, his birthplace, was of a religious a great saint of a very high calibre. His the Bukhari is regarded as holding a
and knowledge type. Nishapur had great excellent character can be well judged higher position than the Sahih Muslim for
personalities in this period such as lmaam from the simple fact that he never ever specific reasons, the sequence applied
Rahiwe and lmaam Zohri. After travelling indulged in backbiting, a very common in the Muslim is much better than that of
widely in search of Hadith, he settled in human failing. He had a remarkable Bukhari. It is known as Al-Jamah as Sahih
Nishapur as mentioned above. Imaam memory. Ishaq bin Rahwi said of Imaam because it contains the eight different
Muslim was much impressed by the vast Muslim; “ I wonder what this person is subjects on Hadis.
knowledge of Imaam Bukhari (R.A.), in going to be?” This was said in his youth.
the field of Hadith and the deep insight he Ishaq Kausar once addressed lmaam AL-JAMAH AS SAHIH MUSLIM
possessed on this subject. He therefore Muslim (R.A.) and said; “Your presence Imaam Bukhari (R.A.) concentrated his
attached himself to Imaam Bukhari (R.A.) in the Muslim community will always efforts on compilation of authentic hadith
up to the end of his life. Imaam Muslim keep it in the good. “ Abu Saimah who as well as deduction of Laws from Hadith.
was also an admirer of another great was a colleague of lmaam Muslim was so This is the most difficult part to understand
teacher of Hadith, Muhammed bin Yahya attached to him that while lmaam Sahib in the Bukhari. How he deduced Laws from
al Dhuli. He attended his lectures regularly. was busy compiling the Sahih Muslim, he the Hadis, Imam Muslim concentrated his
He visited Baghdad several times and remained in lmaam Sahib’s company for efforts only on compilation of authentic
had the opportunity of delivering lessons fifteen years. He never told a lie nor did he Hadith. - Darul-Uloom Bury
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