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Passion Islam I October 2008 ORLD NEWSW I 17
Quran contains scientific
truths about universe
Muslims should not only recite the Holy Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai’s
Quran on a regular basis, but also deeply Culture & Arts Authority, and Ibrahim Bu
reflect over its verses, observed the Melha, Chairman of DIHQA organizing
renowned Egyptian scholar and professor committee.
Dr. Zaghloul El Naggar. “Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon
The scientific discoveries mentioned in him) said the sun and the moon will be
the Holy Quran more than 1429 years ago, rolled on the doomsday. It has been
and the miraculous aspects of the Holy proven recently that the moon is moving
Book reflect its credibility and uniqueness, away from the earth 3-4cm every year,”
stressed Dr. El Naggar, Earth Sciences he said. “This means there will be no
Professor, Fellow and Head of Scientific more gravity to keep the moon orbiting
Miracles in the Holy Quran Section in the globe, and the sun will fully swallow
the Islamic Academy of Sciences. The it. They shall then become one unit like a
stars die or become dim, it means the end
professor was speaking at the cultural ball, and this means the end of the world.”
of the world,” he said. “Who taught the
program of the Dubai International Holy “Modern science has proved that all stars
Holy Prophet these recently-discovered,
Quran Award. Present at the lecture have a life cycle. They first lose their shine
fascinating and scientific facts? He is the
were Sheikh Majid bin Mohammed bin and then become totally dim. When all
One, God Almighty,” he said.
King Fahd Qur’an Complex
King Fahd Qur’an Complex in
Madinah has won this year’s Islamic
Dubai International Holy Qur’an
wins Dubai Holy Quran Award
award. It was announced at a
ceremony held at the cultural
and scientific association in
Mamzar last month.
opens in
Gulf News reported. The
1 million Dirham award is
given for contributions and
achievements in the Islamic
The Dubai International
Holy Qur’an award is now
in its 12th year and is held
under the patronage of Sheikh
Mohammad bin Rashid Al-
Maktoum, Vice President
and Prime Minister of the
UAE and ruler of Dubai.
This is the second time that
an organization has been
The Islamic Center of
awarded this honor. Earlier, Al
Azhar won it in the sixth year.
Stockholm in Sweden has
established an Islamic Studies
Jordan’s mufti issues fatwa against
The growing trend of
conversion to Islam among
the Swedes has made
electronic currency trading
the establishment of such
research centers necessary.
Amman- Jordan’s top trading of money, which is recently enacted a new law
A number of other Islamic
religious official issued a not seen as an asset under regulating the trading of
institutes in the country are
fatwa (judgement) that bans most interpretations of Islamic currencies on the internet
also planning to launch Islamic
electronic trading of currencies law, is frowned upon by many after scores of citizens went
colleges. Currently, there
owing to the ‘financial risks’ Muslim religious scholars. bankrupt, suffering big losses
are some 120000 Muslims
involved in such a type of ‘Such transactions are in currency trading with foreign
residing in Sweden, making
business. tantamount to gambling,’ markets.
Islam the second-largest
‘Trading of currencies is Salman said, alluding to a However, Jordan, which
religion in the country after
a taboo and illegal from a large number of Jordanians follows an open-market
religious viewpoint, given the who reportedly have incurred economic policy, is not
Islam is a recognized
financial risks involved in such severe losses and been expected to adopt the mufti’s
religion in the Scandinavian
transactions,’ Grand Mufti obliged to sell their real estate recommendations in this
country and students in public
Nouh Salman said. and their wives’ jewellery. respect, financial analysts
schools learn about Islamic
Earning profits from the The Jordanian government said.
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