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2 I LOCAL & NATIONAL NEWS Passion Islam I October 2008
the Passion
Zero tolerance of religious discrimination
Both Islamophobia
could be. Is it all to do with the threat of has openly argued that: We should be
terrorist attacks? I am not so sure. That positioning ourselves to take advantage
and antisemitism have would not explain, for example, why there for our own political ends of the growing
gone up in Europe.
is increasing anti-Jewish sentiment in wave of public hostility to Islam currently
Europe – we are not facing terror attacks being whipped up by the mass media.
by Jewish extremists. On a slightly more hopeful note, the
The media must shoulder I have written several pieces for Cif Pew report does the make the following
some of the blame
where I have given examples of what I two observations: Older people and those
believe are regular and quite deliberate with less education are more antisemitic
attempts on the part of some of our and anti-Muslim than are younger people
Last month publication of the annual Pew national newspapers to incite anti-Muslim or those with more education … Anti-
survey of global attitudes has found that prejudice. Muslim and anti-Jewish opinions are
both Islamophobia and antisemitism are I wrote about how Douglas Murray, most prevalent among Europeans on the
on the rise in Europe. director of the Centre for Social Cohesion political right.
Hostile attitudes towards Jews have and a regular interviewee on BBC TV and As a society it is noticeable we have
increased in all European countries, radio had in a 2006 speech entitled “What all moved quite some way in recent
except for one: Great Britain. The report are we to do with Islam?” demanded years towards regarding prejudice and
said: Great Britain stands out as the only that: discrimination based on gender, race or
European country included in the survey All immigration into Europe from sexual orientation as being unacceptable.
where there has not been a substantial Muslim countries must stop … Conditions The challenge now – for all of us, including
increase in antisemitic attitudes. for Muslims in Europe must be made British Muslims and Jews – must be to
As for attitudes towards Muslims, well: harder across the board: Europe must treat religious prejudice and discrimination
Opinions about Muslims in almost all of look like a less attractive proposition. as being equally abhorrent.
these countries are considerably more This campaign to vilify Muslims
negative than are views of Jews. has not gone unnoticed by the British By Inayat Bunglawala
The report does not look into why this National party, whose leader, Nick Griffin, is a well-known Muslim activist
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Man cleared over
Rasool & Co
‘terror library’ Solicitors
01924 439106
Specialists in: AGAINST
A man has been cleared of year-old said he did not own
possessing items of use to a the items found in his house
terrorist. and did not know how they got
Imad Shoubaki, of there.
Raynes Park, south London, Mr Shoubaki was cleared
was accused of seeking to of two counts under the OVER THE UK
amass a library about making Terrorism Act 2000, claiming he
For a FREE Consultation with a Solicitor
explosives possessed records “containing
contact Akbar Rasool or
They said he collected information likely to be of use Shahid Saleem on 01924 439106
“practical, step-by-step to terrorists”.
instructions” for anyone In January, charges against
interested in founding a Mr Shoubaki and Adam
“worldwide Islamic state” on Mohamed of Chessington - of
violence. conspiring to possess money
Head Office: 72 Daisy Hill, Dewsbury
Jurors at Southwark Crown for terrorist purposes - were
West Yorkshire, WF13 1LS
Rasool & Co Solicitors are not part of Rasool Solicitors of 70 Daisy Hill
Court cleared him after the 32- dropped.
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