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30 I CORRESPONDENCE Passion Islam I October 2008

end them through to
The Carpenter
if he could build just one more The carpenter was in a shock!
house as a personal favor. The What a shame! If he had only
carpenter agreed to this proposal known that he was building his
but made sure that this will be own house, he would have made
his last project. Being in a mood it better than any other house that
to retire, the carpenter was not he ever built!
paying much attention to building Our situation can be compared
this house. His heart was not to this carpenter. Allah Ta’la has
in his work. He resorted to poor sent us to this world to build our
workmanship and used inferior homes in paradise by obeying
materials. It was an unfortunate His commands. Now, we have to
A highly skilled carpenter who had
way to end his career. decide how well we wish to build
grown old was ready to retire. He
When the job was done, the the homes where we will live
told his employer-contractor of his
carpenter called his employer and forever.
plans to leave the house building
showed him the house.
business and live a more leisurely
The employer handed We charge per project
life with his family. He would miss
over some papers and
not per hour
the paycheck, but he needed to
the front door key to the
carpenter and said “This
The employer was sorry to see
is your house, my gift to
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w re WF17 7 HOILDAebsite PACk AA
TeOpen: l: (01924) 444444
Mon-Thu: 9.
30 am - 6.30
pm, Fri: 2pm 2- 92 B
6.3 r0 pmadfor, S d Ra oad
t: 10 , Bam a- 5 tlp ey.
For further information
Haj and Umrah
or quotes for complete
Business Marketing
service now open
materials, just
send us an email
Last month Al-Nakheel travel and Yusuf will now be in charge of the
tours opened up its doors to a new day to day running of the office all
Travel & Tours
office at Al-Hikmah Centre. has experience of Umrah, Hajj and
only Tel & Fax: 01924 485 005
Mobile: 07976 786 678
The official opening had around Al-Aqsa Ziyarah group.
Al-Nakheel Travel & Tours, Al-Hikmah Centre,The Coach House, 28 Track Road, Batley. WF17 7AA
200 people invited. Yusuf Chothia Al Nakheel are also offering a Haj
Travel & Tours
Travel & Tours
Tel & Fax: 01924 485 005 Mobile: 07976 786
Al-Nakheel Travel & Tours, Al-Hikmah Centre, The Coach House, 28 Track Road, Batley. WF17 7AA
(Director) said “The turnout was Draft service which is available at the
Al-Nakheel Travel & ToursAl-Hikmah CentreThe Coach House
Professionally Designed and Printed
28 Track RoadBatley. UKTravel & Tours WF17 7AA
Yusuf Chothia UK: 07976 266 638Saudi: 0507 817 261
Tel & Fax: 01924 485 005
excellent and I would like to thank office in Batley
everyone for attending and making it
a success”. Contact Yusuf directly on
We now have a new Head of 07976 786 678 for exclusive
w. Business Cards
Operations Manager Haji Yusuf Umrah offers by qouting
Compliment Slips
0787 212 9762 or 07971 691 543
Kayat who has now joined our team. Passion Islam.
Design and print solutions
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