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Passion Islam I October 2008 SPECIAL FEATURE I 23
their severity has been categorised in the “Behold, alcoholic drinks (intoxicants) containers and jars were smashed to
same level as idol worshipping (shirk) in have been made haraam.” the ground and the wine thrown onto
It’s not worth
the sense that they all are links of a single It was the cry of the caller or perhaps a the streets of Madinah. After performing
chain.” lightning which immediately changed their wudhu and ghusl we proceeded towards
After mentioning that these all are ‘rijs’ habits and feelings. the Masjid where upon our arrival we
(impure), Allah Ta’ala orders: Intoxicants were very popular among found the blessed Prophet sallallahu
“Keep away from them.” the Arabs. They were manufactured and alaihe wasallam reciting the aforesaid
Allah Ta’ala does not terminate imbedded almost in every home and to verse.
the subject here, but He carries on drink had, so to speak, become a mark Hazrat Buraidah radiyallahu anhu
mentioning their religious and worldly of advancement in culture. As soon as also narrates a similar account wherein a
the gamble
harm in the following aayah. Allah, the announcement was made, the people group of Sahaabah were busy consuming
the Almighty states conclusively that who were greatly addicted to it and who liquor when the announcement was
shaytaan wants to ruin our worldly life and regarded it a virtue and sign of social and made. The words no sooner reached
the life of the Hereafter. These forbidden cultural eminence and who would spend their ears that the cups were thrown to
things, (alcohol and gambling), lay the lavishly in the state of drunkenness from the ground. Others who were about to
seeds of hatred and hostility between which the poor and needy profited. These swallow the alcohol immediately spat
human beings. These evil outcomes are very same people now in a short span it out, numerous barrels were also
innumerable. Their habit distracts a man of time were ready to forsake and sever destroyed in the process. (Ibn Kathir vol2
from obligatory duties such as salaah and any ties they may have had in regards p95)
the remembrance of Allah. to alcohol which had, for years played This is not the occasion for a lengthy
May Allah protect all the Muslims from a major role in their lives. Those who discussion regarding the prohibition of
their evil. held goblets in their hands immediately alcohol, nonetheless, due to the fact
threw them on the ground. Many others that the prohibition was revealed at the
THE NOBLE SAHAABAH’S SPIRIT OF who were in the act of drinking, spat the same time to that of gambling, it was
OBEDIENCE AFTER THE ORDER OF contents out. Sounds of pitchers and jars necessary to give an example of the
PROHIBITION being smashed up were soon audible Sahaabah’s habitual obedience, courage
from neighbouring houses. Wine was and passion. From these incidents it
Generally, habits and old customs that running to such an extent that the streets can be imagined just how difficult the
become part of a person’s temperament of Madinah were overflowing. situation had become for the Sahaabah.
are almost second to human nature. Hazrat Anas radiyallahu anhu, an Likewise it can be conceived as to how
This was a time of great trial when, up to eminent companion of the Prophet much hardship they must have endured
now, these sinful acts were part of their sallallahu alaihe wasallam narrates that when the prohibition of gambling was
life and nobility, but today, they became some friends including Abu Ubayda ibn also revealed. Therefore, history itself
expressly prohibited. This period is of a Jarrah, Abu Dujahna, Mu’az ibn Jabal is a witness that after the revelation of
great importance for the Muslim Ummah and Sahl ibn Bayzah radiyallahu anhum the aayah, the Companions refrained
in Islamic history. had gathered at the house of Abu Talha. from associating with anything that was
It is amazing that, on one hand, Alcohol was flowing and I was acting as even minutely related to gambling. In an
there was the concern of human feelings the cup-bearer when suddenly the cry of authentic hadith of Bukhari the Prophet
and habits in the Shari’ah, and on the the announcer reached our ears. None sallallahu alaihe wasallam is reported
other hand, there was a great desire of us considered it necessary to go out to have said, “If one person says to
in the Ummah to obey the revealed and investigate the matter. another, ‘Come lets gamble.’ (regardless
commandments. Instead, the of whether he acts upon it or not) then he
After the revelation of the above shall be liable of committing a sin; and the
mentioned verse, Rasoolullah sallallahu compensation for that sin will be to give
alaihe wasallam sent Sadaqah.”
out a caller to It is a disgrace that today’s Muslims,
proclaim: despite the fact that severe and grave
warnings have been given in the
Qur’aan and Ahaadith relating to
gambling and alcohol, lead a life of
complete ignorance and unconcern. It
seems that they no longer have faith in
the Qur’aan and Ahaadith, Allah save
us! It is not only the illiterate who are
involved, but the sad fact is that
those who hold lofty positions
in society and who are
regarded as religious,
because they perform
their fasts and salaah,
have also fallen prey to
its evil clutches. Hence
for the benefit of those
who are unaware or
not acquainted, a few
forms of gambling are
being mentioned that
are currently prevalent.
Darul Uloom Bury
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