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How to Add Headers or Footers • Alignment: Here you can 3. When you’ve made a selection, the dialog box will
The tools for adding headers, footers, change text alignment in a then list all of the items of that sort that appear in your
and page numbers to a document are cell, modify cell margins, or document. Select the one you want to reference.
on the Ribbon at Insert > Header & set whether the text reads 4. Choose the text to use to introduce the reference.
Footer. Clicking on any of those icons horizontally or vertically. 5. Click Insert.
opens a menu in which you can • Data: Here you can sort
choose predesigned options, edit a header, or remove a the info in a table, add a
header or footer from a document. mathematical formula to
Collaboration in Word 2007
specific cells, or convert The Review tab on the Word 2007 Ribbon makes it easy to
Creating or Modifying a Header a table into regular Word text. collaborate with others to produce a Word document.
If you want to create your own header or modify a pre-
designed header, select the Edit Header option from the The Table Tools Design Tab How to Track Changes
header menu. When you do this, a Design tab filled with The Table Tools Design tab provides tools that allow you to The Track Changes feature marks all the changes you make
tools for editing the header appears. Write text into the change the color or borders of a table, or to choose prede- as you edit a document so that the next reviewer can see
header by clicking in the header and typing. When you’re signed table settings. all of your edits. To activate Track Changes, click the Track
finished editing the header, click the Close Header and Changes icon at Review > Tracking.
Footer button at the right of the Ribbon, and the Ribbon will
return to its normal layout.
Reference Features in Word 2007
How to Accept or Reject Changes
Word 2007’s References tab makes it simple to add foot- You can accept or reject tracked
How to Work with Themes notes or endnotes, a table of contents, an index, or cross- changes with the Accept and
New to Word 2007, Themes are predesigned design sets references to your documents. Reject buttons at Review >
that apply specific fonts, colors, and effects to the text, Changes. The previous and next
headings, tables, and other elements of a document. To How to Create Footnotes or Endnotes buttons let you skip a tracked
select a theme, go to Page Layout > Themes and click the 1. Place your cursor to the right of the text you want to change without accepting or rejecting it.
Themes icon or press Alt+P, TH. footnote or endnote.
2. In References > Footnotes, click Insert Footnote How to Compare Documents
How to Create Tables
(Alt+Ctrl+F) or Insert Endnote (Alt+Ctrl+D). If an editor did not use Track Changes when editing your
3. Your cursor will jump to the footnotes or endnotes document, you can still see the changes he or she made by
To create a table, go to Insert > Table and click the table window. Type in the new footnote or endnote. comparing the edited document with the new document:
icon or press Alt+N, T. When you click on the icon, a menu 4. Click Show Notes to exit.
appears that allows you to create a table by: 1. On the Review tab, click the Compare icon in the
How to Create a Table of Contents Compare group.
• Selecting the number of rows and columns on a grid Word 2007 can auto-generate a table of contents (TOC) if 2. In the Compare dialog box, select the original
• Opening the table dialog box by clicking Insert Table you use Heading Styles (Word’s own or styles you create document and the revised document. Click OK.
• Drawing a table using your mouse (if you want to create yourself) to style the headings in your document.
a table with irregular column and row sizes) How to Insert and Delete Comments
• Importing an Excel
Spreadsheet 1. Place your cursor where you want the TOC to go. To insert a comment into a document, place your cursor
• Choosing a Quick Table (a predesigned table style) 2. In the References > Table of Contents, click the Table where you want the comment to appear and click the New
of Contents icon . Comment icon . To delete a comment , select the com-
Once you’ve inserted a table into a Word document, you 3. A menu will appear with table of contents style ment and then click Delete Comment .
can move the table by clicking and dragging on its top left choices. Choose the style you want, and the TOC will
corner, resize the entire table by clicking and dragging its appear in your document. How to Password Protect a Document
bottom right corner, or resize individual cells by dragging The Protect icon at Review > Protect lets you set a
the row or column lines. Right-clicking in a cell or highlighted How to Update a Table of Contents password so that only you can open a particular document.
cells brings up a menu you can use to further format the To update a TOC after it’s been generated, place your cursor If you use this feature, make absolutely sure you remember
cell. within the TOC and press Alt+S, U. the password—there’s no way to open the file without the
password, and Word provides no way for you to recover a
The Table Tools Tabs How to Create an Index forgotten password.
Word 2007 makes it easier to format and design tables with Creating an index first involves marking the text that you
the Table Tools Layout tab and the Table Tools Design tab, want to appear in the index:
which appear on the Ribbon after you click within a table.
How to Insert Art and Graphics
1. Select text you want to mark for indexing. Most of the tools
The Table Tools Layout Tab 2. Click References > Index > Mark Entry or press for inserting art and
The Table Tools Layout tab contains the following groups: Alt+Shift+X. graphics into a Word
3. The Mark Index Entry dialog box will open. Select the document are on the
• Table: In this group, you can options you want and press the Mark button. Insert tab in the Illus-
turn gridlines on or off, open trations group. Use this group to insert a picture, clip art,
the Table Properties dialog box, Once you’ve marked all the text that you’d like to index: shapes, SmartArt (such as flowcharts), or charts.
or choose a selection tool that Once you’ve inserted art or graphics into your text, you
lets you select a single cell, a 1. Place your cursor where you want the index to appear. can select it by clicking on it. Once you’ve selected it, a new
complete row or column, or the entire table. 2. At References > Index, click Insert Index or press tab will appear that gives you options for formatting the art.
• Rows and Columns: In this Alt+S, X. The Index dialog box opens. For instance, you’ll be able to change the art’s size, orienta-
group, you can insert or 3. Select the Index format you prefer, then click OK. tion, location, or text wrap.
delete rows or columns, or
delete the entire table. How to Update an Index How to Add Text Boxes
• Merge: Here you can merge two To update an index after it’s been generated, insert your A text box is a graphical element you can add to a docu-
cells into one, split a cell into two cursor in the index and press Alt+S, D. ment that contains text, not images. For instance, a pull-out
separate cells, or split an entire table quote in an article can be created with a text box. To add a
at the location you want. How to Create Cross References text box to a document:
• Cell size: Here To create cross references to figures, tables, charts, and so
you can change on, click Insert > Links > Cross References . 1. Click on Insert > Text > Text Box , or press Alt+N, X.
the width or 2. Choose the text box style you want from the menu that
height of a cell, 1. The Cross Reference dialog box opens. appears.
make the cell automatically fit the size of its contents, 2. Select the type of item you want to insert a reference
or even out the size of all columns or rows. to, such as a figure, table, or chart. When you select a text box, a tab appears that provides
tools for formatting and modifying the text box.
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