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The Show/Hide Group Insert and Overtype Modes in Word 2007 How to Delete Text in Word
The Show/Hide group lets Insert mode means that when you type text in, the already You can use any of the following methods to delete text:
you choose which tools Word existing text to its right just gets pushed further over. Over-
displays. type mode means that when you type new text in, it erases • Position your cursor to the left of the text you want to
(writes over) the previous text. Word 2007 is in Insert Mode delete. Press Delete. You can delete an entire word to
• Ruler: A helpful tool for setting margins and tabs, the by default. If you want to set it to Overwrite mode: the right of the cursor by pressing Ctrl+Delete.
ruler spans the top of your document. • Position your cursor to the right of text you want to
• Gridlines: Gridlines are helpful if you’re placing images, 1. Go to the Office button Menu and select Word Options. delete. Press Backspace. You can delete an entire word
but not if you’re working with text only. 2. In the Word Options dialog box, select Advanced. to the right of the cursor by pressing Ctrl+Backspace.
• Message Bar: This is an alert bar that appears only 3. In Editing Options, select Use overtype mode or • Select text and press Delete or Backspace.
when a document poses a potential security risk. In Use the Insert Key to control overtype mode. The • Select text, right-click, and choose Delete or Cut.
such cases, uncheck its box to make it disappear. latter lets you toggle between the modes using your
• Document Map: This shows an outline of your keyboard’s Insert key. How to Cut, Copy, and Paste in Word 2007
document’s headings on the left of the Word 2007 The copy, cut, and paste commands allow you to copy or
window. It also helps you visualize a document’s remove an item from one place and put it into another. To
structure and lets you jump through the document by
How to Select Text in Word
cut or copy, select the item(s) and execute a cut or copy
clicking the headings listed in the Map’s outline. To modify text or content in your document, you must first command. To paste, position the cursor where you want
• Thumbnails: Displays a small thumbnail of each select it. There are a variety of ways to select text in Word the text to be inserted, and execute a paste command—the
page of your document. Helpful for jumping from one 2007 by using keyboard shortcuts or your mouse: item you cut or copied most recently will be pasted.
document page to another without having to scroll.
To select . . . Action Command Icon Location Shortcut
To show or hide invisibles, the marks that show formatting
Characters Click and drag with the mouse, or Cut Home > Clipboard Ctrl+X
in a document (such as paragraph signs), go to Home >
Shift+Left or Right arrow.
Paragraph and click .
Single word Double click the word, or
Copy Home > Clipboard Ctrl+C
The Zoom Group
Ctrl+Shift+Left or Right arrow.
Paste Home > Clipboard Ctrl+V
The Zoom group lets you increase
Line of text Click the left margin, or Shift+End
or decrease the size of your view
(to the end of the line) or
without changing the size of your
Shift+Home (to the beginning).
Moving Content with Your Mouse
fonts or the rest of your document. Rather than cut and paste an item, you can also just move it.
Zoom in or out by using the buttons on the Zoom tab, or
Sentence Press Ctrl and click in the sentence.
Select the content with your mouse, then click and hold on
get more zoom options by clicking on the magnifying glass Multiple lines Click and drag in the left margin, or the selected content and move your mouse to wherever you
in the tab. Shift+Up or Down arrow. want to drop the content. Then let go of the mouse button.
You can also zoom by
Multiple Select the first item, hold Ctrl, and
percentage using a sliding
noncontiguous then select additional text
How to Work with the Clipboard in Word 2007
bar located at the bottom right of the Word 2007 window.
elements elsewhere in the document.
The clipboard allows you to cut
Click on the + or – or drag the slider to zoom in or out. or copy multiple items and then
Paragraph Triple-click in the paragraph, or
select which items to paste. To
The Windows Group
Ctrl+Shift+Up or Down arrow.
open the clipboard, click on the
The Windows group helps you work with, arrange, and
Block of text Click at the start of the selection
launcher in the Clipboard group on
coordinate multiple windows at the same time.
and scroll to the end while holding
the Ribbon. Once opened, every
Shift. In Page Layout, you can use
time you cut or copy content it will
Shift+Page Down or Shift+Page Up
appear in the clipboard. Just click
to select to the end or beginning
on the content to paste it wherever
of a page. In any view, you can use your cursor is on the screen.
• New Window: This opens a new window that also Ctrl+Shift+End to select to the end If you like using the clipboard,
shows the document you’re currently working in, of a document, or Ctrl+Shift+Home you can use the Options menu at
allowing you to view two parts of the same document to select to the beginning. the bottom of the Clipboard window to set it so it opens
at once. Any change you make in one window will apply
Arbitrary block Click and drag while holding Alt, or
automatically when you start Word.
to the other.
of text press Ctrl+Shift+F8 with cursor at
• Arrange All: This arranges multiple windows so you
insertion point and use arrow keys.
Paste Special
can view them at the same time.
Press Esc to end.
Paste Special lets you paste content while preserving or
• Split: This does the same thing as New Window, but changing its formatting. For instance, if you copy a link from
fits the two views of your document into one window.
Entire Triple-click in the left margin, press
a web page into a Word document, you can use Paste Spe-
• View Side-By-Side: This arranges two windows next
document Ctrl and click in the left margin, or
cial to either paste the text as a hyperlink or as plain text. To
to each other. It also engages Synchronous Scrolling
press Ctrl+A.
use the Paste Special dialog box, click the arrow under the
so that when you scroll in one window in side-by-side Paste icon at Home > Clipboard and select Paste Special.
view, the other window scrolls the same amount, The Mini Toolbar
making it easy to compare two documents. When you select text,
Word 2007 displays a
How to Undo and Redo
How to Add Text to a Document
small toolbar of for- The Undo feature allows you to undo any change you make
matting options. If you find the toolbar annoying, you can to a Word document. If you change your mind after you
The simplest way to add text to a Word document is to type stop it from appearing: Undo, you can click Redo.
it in. To make adding text to your document easier, Word
provides two time-saving features: 1. Go to the Office button menu. Select Word Options. Command Icon Location Shortcut
2. On the left of the Word Options window, click Popular.
Undo Quick Access Ctrl+Z
• Click and Type: To quickly position text on a page, 3. Uncheck “Show Mini Toolbar” and click OK.
view your page in Print Layout and double-click on the
page where you’d like to insert text. Word automatically
Redo Quick Access Ctrl+Y
inserts the returns and tabs necessary to position your
How to Delete, Cut, Copy, and Toolbar
cursor in the selected location.
Paste Text and Other Content
• Drag and Drop: You can move text between Word You can also click the Undo button’s drop-down
docs and applications by selecting text in one window Word 2007 provides a variety of ways to move and edit your arrow and undo more than 100 of your most recent
and dragging it to another. For example, you could text and other content, such as images. consecutive actions.
select a paragraph on a web page in a web browser
and drag the selected text to your Word document.
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