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Font Color and Font Highlight You can access additional spacing options by clicking on How to Set Backgrounds and Borders
You can use the Font Color and Font High- Line Spacing Options in the menu that appears when you To place a border around a block of select-
light buttons and menus to choose and ap- click the Line Spacing icon. For example, the At Least line ed text, or to change the shading behind
ply a new color or background to selected spacing setting makes sure that everything fits on a line it, go to Home > Paragraph and click either
text. Click the buttons to apply the current color or highlight even if you use different font sizes or inline images. The the Background tool or Border tool. Then select the border
to selected text, or click the down arrow next to each button Exactly setting lets you set an exact spacing even if that style or background color you’d like.
to select a new text or highlight color. means cutting off a larger font or image.
How to Format Paragraphs with Styles
How to Copy Formats Paragraph Indents in Word 2007 Word 2007 provides a variety of preset text and heading
To copy a format and then apply that format to other You can adjust paragraph indents precisely by using the styles at Home > Styles that let you quickly format a docu-
text, use the Format Painter , which is located on Paragraph dialog box, but it’s usually quicker to click on the ment. To apply these QuickStyles, put your cursor in the
the Home tab as part of the Clipboard group. To use the icons at Home > Paragraph or to use keyboard shortcuts. text you want to style and select the style to apply it.
Format Painter:
Command Icon Shortcut
1. Select the text whose format you want to emulate and
Increase indent Ctrl+M
click the Format Painter icon.
2. Click in the word or click and drag over the words or Style Sets
content you want to format.
Decrease indent Ctrl+Shift+M
Styles at Home > Styles are grouped into style sets
that are designed to go together. Word provides a
You can also use Ctrl+Shift+C to copy a format and number of different style sets—changing the style
Ctrl+Shift+V to paste the format onto other content. How to Set Indents Using the Ruler sets changes the available styles. To change style
If you’ve set the ruler to be first line indent sets, click the Change Styles button at Home > Styles.
How to Format Paragraphs
visible (see How to View a
Word Document), you can
The majority of commands for formatting paragraphs create indents by dragging
How to Format Word Documents
are on the Ribbon, in either Home > Paragraph or Page the indent markers to the left indent In Word 2007, all the tools you need in order to format docu-
Layout > Formatting. left or right. The top indent ments are located in the Page Layout > Page Setup and Page
marker on the left side of the ruler sets the first line indent, Layout > Page Background groups.
How to Create Lists whereas the bottom marker sets the left indent, or the
indent of all the lines beneath the first line. To move both Page Layout > Page Setup Commands
Command Icon Ribbon Location of these indents together, click and drag the little rectangle
Bulleted lists Home > Paragraph
at the bottom of the left indent. To move just one of the Command Icon Shortcut
indents, click and drag its triangle. You can also set the right
Margins A lt+ P, M
indent using the indent control at the right end of the ruler.
Numbered lists Home > Paragraph
How to Create a Hanging Indent
Page orientation A lt+ P, O
Multilevel lists Home > Paragraph
To create a hanging indent, in which paragraph text below
the first line is indented 0.5" further in than the first line,
Page size A lt+ P, SZ
You can view the different formatting options for each type position your cursor in a paragraph, and press Ctrl+T (press
of list by clicking on the down arrow next to the icon. Ctrl+T multiple times to indent text further). To undo the
Columns A lt+ P, J
indenting, press Ctrl+Shift+T.
Renumbering Lists
You can restart the numbering of a numbered list at any How to Work with Tabs in Word 2007
Line numbers A lt+ P, L N
point by right-clicking a number, selecting Bullets and Setting tabs lets you control how a paragraph gets format-
Numbering, and then choosing Restart Numbering on the ted when you hit the tab key. Word sets default tabs at 0.5".
dialog box that appears. You can set your own tabs in two ways: Page Layout > Page Background Commands
How to Align Text • Open the Paragraph dialog box and click the Tabs Command Icon Shortcut
The alignment buttons at Home > button. A Tab dialog box will open in which you can
Watermarks A lt+ P, P W
Paragraph let you align text to the enter your desired tabs.
left (Ctrl+L), center (Ctrl+C), or right (Ctrl+R), or to justify • Click on the ruler where you want to set the tabs.
the text (Ctrl+J). The selected option is highlighted.
Page color A lt+ P, PC
If your cursor is in a paragraph when you apply one of When you set a tab, it applies to the paragraph in which your
these commands, the full paragraph will take that format- cursor is currently located, or to the text you’ve selected.
Page borders A lt+ P, PB
ting. If you select multiple paragraphs, all of them will take
the formatting. Types of Tabs
You can set a number of different types of tabs. Left, cen- How to Insert Page and Section Breaks
How to Set Paragraph Spacing ter, and right tabs cause text that starts at that tab to be Though similar in some ways, page and section breaks actu-
The easiest way to control the formatted with left, center, or right alignment, respectively. ally serve different purposes:
spacing between paragraphs is Decimal alignment tabs are used when you’re creating a list
to use the Spacing commands at of numbers—this type of tab makes sure that the numbers • Page breaks: Page breaks are used to insert a
Page Layout > Paragraph, though align whether or not they have decimals. separation point between text. For instance, you might
you can also control paragraph spacing from the Paragraph insert a page break at the end of a chapter so that the
dialog box. To open it, click the launcher at Home > Para- How to Set Tab Leaders next chapter begins at the top of the following page.
graph, or Page Layout > Paragraph, or press Alt+H, PG. Tab leaders are solid or dotted lines that span the length • Section breaks: Though section breaks can be used
of a tabbed space. Tab leaders are often used in a table of like page breaks, they’re designed to demarcate
How to Set Line Spacing content to create a line connecting the chapter to the page sections of text to enable you to apply different
You can also use the Paragraph dialog box to change line number. You can set a tab leader to appear using the Tab formatting to each section. For instance, if you wanted
spacing, but it’s generally faster to click on the icon at Dialog box. to have some text on a page in one column and the
Home > Paragraph or to use keyboard shortcuts. text below it to be in two columns, you would use a
How to Set Line Breaks section break to mark the different text and then apply
Command Icon Shortcut You can prevent widows and orphans (single lines of text different columns to the two sections.
Line spacing • Ctrl+1 (single spaced)
stranded at tops or bottoms of pages), keep headings as-
• Ctrl+5 (1.5 spaced)
sociated with paragraphs, or stop paragraphs from break- To apply a page or section break, click the Breaks icon
• Ctrl+2 (double spaced)
ing by selecting Pagination options on the Line and Page at Page Layout > Page Setup, or press Alt+P, B. A menu will
Breaks tab of the Paragraph dialog box. appear that lists the available page and section breaks.
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