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Bring your documents up to date.
Word 2007 is the biggest upgrade to Microsoft’s time-tested word-processing
software in more than a decade. Create dynamic documents effortlessly and
effectively by learning to:
• Navigate Word 2007’s new interface quickly and easily
• Create, format, and print Word documents and add tables, charts, and graphics
• Ensure that your new Word documents are compatible with older versions
The Word 2007 Interface
Quick Access Toolbar 3. Click the Customize... button next to the words
The Quick Access Toolbar is a customizable toolbar that “Keyboard shortcuts“ in the Customize dialog box. The
Microsoft Word
2007 replaces the menus and toolbars of spans the top of the Word window. It’s visible no matter dialog box for creating or modifying keyboard shortcuts
previous versions of Word with a more intuitive and easier- which tab you’ve selected. Change the commands on the will open.
to-use interface. The new interface has four main parts: toolbar by using the menu that appears when you click on 4. After writing in the new or modified shortcut, click
the down arrow to the right of the toolbar. Assign before closing the dialog box.
• Office button
• Ribbon The Help Button How to Control Word Using the Keyboard
• Quick Access Toolbar To access Word’s built-in help docs and support features, In addition to keyboard shortcuts, Word 2007 provides a
• Help button click the blue Help button at the top-right corner of the way for you to use the program without touching a mouse
Ribbon, or press the F1 key on your keyboard. at all. To use this feature, press the Alt key. Little letters and
The Office Button numbers will appear next to the various commands on the
The Office button is a round button with the screen. Hit the appropriate key (or keys) to use the com-
Microsoft Office
insignia on it. Clicking it reveals
Keyboard Shortcuts in Word 2007
mand. For instance, to get to the Ribbon’s Home tab, you’d
commands that resided in the File menu in earlier A keyboard shortcut is a combination of two or three type Alt+H. Once there, a new set of letters and numbers
versions of Word. key strokes that allows you to activate a command much appear that mark the Home tab commands. Press those
quicker than you could by clicking with a mouse. Word 2007 keys to enact those commands. Hit the Alt key again to
The Ribbon preserves the keyboard shortcuts from older versions of make the shortcut numbers and letters disappear.
The Ribbon is the core of the new Word interface. It replaces Word, such as Ctrl+S to save and Ctrl+B to bold text. This Traditional keyboard shortcuts and Alt-key commands
the drop-down menus and toolbars of previous versions of guide lists the keyboard shortcuts associated with any com- may sometimes overlap. For instance, you can save a file
Word and organizes and displays the various functions that mand it covers, but Word 2007 has literally hundreds more using Ctrl+S or Alt+F, S.
Word provides. It’s made up of tabs and groups: esoteric keyboard shortcuts that this guide does not cover.
For a list of all of the keyboard shortcuts in Word 2007, see
• Tabs: Tabs are the main organizational categories for the Quamut guide to Word 2007 Keyboard Shortcuts, avail-
How to Create New Documents
Word functions. When you click on a tab, the functions able in Barnes and Noble bookstores and online at www.
and Open Existing Documents
within that tab appear on the Ribbon.
• Groups: The commands displayed within each tab are To work on a file in Word, you first must create or open it.
further organized into groups. For instance, the Home How to Customize Keyboard Shortcuts
tab has the groups Clipboard, Font, Paragraph, Styles, You can create new shortcuts or modify existing shortcuts: How to Create New Files in Word
and Editing. Some groups also have a little square at There are three main ways to create a document in Word:
their bottom right, called a launcher, that you press to 1. On the Office button menu, click the Word Options tab
launch a dialog box that provides more commands in at the bottom. • From a blank document
the category that the group covers. 2. In the Word Options dialog box, click Customize. • From a template
quick access toolbar
• From an existing document
Office button tabs launcher help button
How to Create a Blank Document
1. Click the Office Button and select New (or Ctrl+N).
2. The New Document dialog box opens. Select
Blank Document.
3. Click Create, at the bottom of the dialog box.
How to Create a Document from a Template
Word 2007 comes with a wide variety of predesigned,
professional-looking templates. Load up a template that fits
your needs, and you can type right into it.
1. Click the Office button and select New (Ctrl+N).
2. The New Document dialog box opens. On the left side
of the dialog box there’s a list of template categories.
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