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refractometer will cost Light
about £70 but will last a
lifetime and accurately Light has a similar effect to
measures the water content heat and increases the HMF
of your honey. level. Do not keep jars of
honey in daylight and if you C. WC. WYNNE JOE JONENES
With it, it is possible to store honey in jars keep
ensure all your honey meets them in a dark place, eg, a
the legal requirements (for cupboard or box.
sale) in terms of water
Next attack on Varroa end of content, ie no more than Air
December with: 20%, except for heather Honey is hygroscopic (it
Oxalic Acid Liquid with sugar honey where the maximum absorbs water from the
500ml & 1Lt Packs is 23%. It allows you to atmosphere). If the water
Oxalic Acid Crystals grade your honey so that content goes much above
500g & 1Kg packs you can store the honey 20% then osmophylic
Inexpensive Syringes for Application with the lowest water yeasts in the honey will
content longest. start to convert the sugars it
Fumigate empty hives with SPOILT HONEY contains to alcohol and
Acetic Acid 1Lt & 2½ Lt packs produce carbon dioxide. The
There are several influences honey becomes frothy and,
on honey that spoil it and in the worst case, will crack
Please contact us for Prices & Offers make it unsuitable for use. the jar or burst the lid off a
These are: storage tub.
Heat Foreign Bodies
If honey is over-heated the Honey does not look good if
natural enzymes are there are bits of wax or
destroyed. Diastase activity other debris in it. The early
PROTECTIVE CLOTHING (difficult for an amateur filtration when storing in
FOR ALL BEEKEEPERS beekeeper to measure) is bulk is normally not
used by Trading Standards sufficient to produce a nice
to assess if honey has been clean jar of honey. Any small
overheated. objects dispersed in the
Heat also converts the honey will also encourage
simple sugars into crystallisation in the jar and,
undesirable compounds. unless the honey is naturally
going to crystallise quickly, In particular, a chemical
it might end up halfcalled HMF (hydroxy
crystallised and half liquidmethyl furfuraldehyde) is
(not a nice sight!). Theproduced and, although it
crystals may be coarseis quite harmless, it gives
giving a gritty texture.honey a bitter toffee taste.
£74.95 £67.95 If the HMF level reaches In conclusion, pleaseBB1 FULL SUIT BB101 FULL SUIT
£89.95 £99.95 BB9 TROUSERS BB9a TROUSERS more than 40 ppm then remember that the honey
(basic) £28.00 (deluxe) £35.00 the product cannot be produced in this country is a
SEND FOR FREE CATALOGUE called honey by law. high quality product and
commands a premium price.
l Made to Measure Service at No Extra Cost. Again this is difficult to
l Prices apply to all sizes and include P&P It can remain a premium
BB4 VEST measure so the advice is(UK only)
£37.95 product so long as we
l Available in a range of colours keep honey cold and, if it is beekeepers take care of it,
necessary to heat it (toBBwear, 1Glyn Way, Threemilestone, store it to retain its good
Truro, Cornwall, TR3 6DT make it liquid or filter it), qualities and present it as
Tel/Fax: 01872 273 693 then use only low heat an attractive product.
email: (lower then 45 °C) and only for a short time. Happy beekeeping! z
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