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Editorial Welcome to the new Bee Craft format! You have received
this because you have given us your e-mail address or4 Smokers in Whitehall
have visited the Bee Craft website. We want to share thisTim Lovett
exciting new venture with you.
5 For Beginners: November Bee Craft Digital is essentially the same as the printed copy
Ivor Davis, PhD, NDB that arrives by post but with some important differences.
7 WB Tegetmeier Honoured You won't have to find storage space for the digital issues.
John Williams They will be held on a central computer and you can
11 Famous Bees access them at any time using the link given in the e-mail.
Libby Culshaw There are similarities. You can turn the pages by clicking in
13 The Physic Garden, Chelsea, and its the bottom corner with the mouse and zoom into the text
beekeeper, Peter James to make it easier to read. If you want to read a specificarticle away from your computer, you can print it out.
Sue Jakeman
15 Knowledge of a Swarm Then there are differences. Bee Craft Digital will bedelivered instantly to your computer. You can use digital
Margaret Edge 'post-it' notes to bookmark specific pages. The digital
16 The Chivers Hive issues can be searched by keyword. Simply key the term of
Chris Evans interest in the box at the top right of the screen and press
19 Essays in Beekeeping History: 'enter'. You will then get a list of all occurrences of that
Who was Charles Pillet? word and can go straight to the relevant page(s). Finally, all the e-mail or website addresses are 'active'. To send a
Karl Showler and Claire Waring message or visit a website, simply hover the mouse over
20 Trees and Timber the address and then click. What could be simpler?
Michael Badger, MBE, MA Please forward your e-mail notification or the hyperlink to
24 An Open Letter to All Beekeepers all your beekeeping friends and colleagues. We are so
Paul Mann excited about this brand new format that we want to share
25 Obituaries it with everyone!
John Douglas Wilson, MBE; Ian Beaty; Claire Waring
Alan Sunman; Gladys Mundy
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