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The transformed garden
bumblebee nests and the WBC was between a screen and
higher fence as requested. A raised brick pond was set in
the middle of the garden and gaps were left between some
of the bricks where solitary bees could nest. There are four
permanent cameras in the garden to film the wildlife over
the summer.
The project will end in September and be broadcast in the
autumn on a week-night and also in the Antiques
Roadshow spot on a Sunday. Hopefully it will be a
wonderful advertisement for our Association, the BBKA,
beekeeping and bee health.
Saturday morning turned out to be bright and sunny.
Andrew and his mum came to me for another session on
manipulating my hives. They were so fascinated and
enthusiastic they stayed for another two and a half hours.
The whole family is hooked on beekeeping!
Andrew has been out working with members of NBBKA at
their apiaries and is gaining varied and valuable experience.
He and his family have already attended the Association’s
monthly meeting. It won’t be long before he gets his first
colony to put in that new WBC! Look out for us in the
autumn to see what has happened to Andrew and his
bees. z
I think I might design a honey label entitled ‘Famous Bees’.
A couple of years ago a young photographer from Getty
Images came and photographed me leaning against a WBC
hive. Not very extraordinary you may think – but at some
time in history I had dyed my beesuit PINK. Well, why be
normal? Imagine my surprise one Friday evening when I
saw the pink beesuit and my WBC whizzing round on ‘Have
I got News for You?'!
In January this year, BBC Three Counties Radio adopted my
Number 3 hive. They come every month and do a live
broadcast from the hive at 2.15, 2.45 and 3.15. So if grouse
can be famous, my bees are also famous!
Any suggestions for the label?
Wild About Your Garden
Starts Thursday 13 November at 20.30 on BBC1. These will
be 30 minute versions with 45-minute ones due for
transmission in the New Year. The Bletchley/bee/insect
one is on 11 December but check the programme listings.
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