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Rates: 60p per word, min i mum £6.00 Classifieds and Calendar items are on a remittance with
Ex tras: Bor der sur round £6.00; order basis ONLY. Cheques payable to 'Bee Craft Limited' mustreach Pauline Aslin, 34 Cambridge Road, Wimpole, Royston
Logo £4.00; Box num ber £7.00 SG8 5QE (e-mail: classifieds@bee– one month before
Cal en dar: £6.00 for 40 words publication (eg, 1 November for the December edition).
Charges in clude VAT. Re ceipt only with SAE Ring 01223 208552 to pay by credit card.
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ASSOCIATION ANNUAL CONVENTION “Bee Role”for sale. Send sae for list 138 to
Speakers include Dr Francis Ratnieks, An in-depth documentary about Bees,BBNO, The Weaven, Little Dewchurch,
Norman Carreck and Richard Ball. £20 Beekeepers and CCD… Hereford HR2 6PP. Tel: 01432 840529.
per delegate including lunch. Details at Interviews with US Expert ApiaristsVisa/Access cards welcome. or from Harold Dennis vanEngelsdorp, Jim Bobb,
Cloutt 01424 838302. Bill Mondjack…
C ARDEN (BOOKSELLER) NOVEMBER 21–23 – CENTRAL £19 free shipping. Order Now!
Our new website now lists about 350 ASSOCIATION OF BEEKEEPERS, Online at:
new, second-hand and antiquarian STRATFORD CONFERENCE
bee books. We’re always interested in Falcon Hotel, Speakers – Mathilde
purchasing large or small collections Briens (Sniffer Bees), Norman Carreck Bee Craft
and will travel. (Charles Darwin – Cats, Mice, Bumble
Website: Bees, Old Maids and Clover), Ivor goes Digital
Tel: 01497 820471 (Hay-on-Wye); Davis (Living with Pyrethroid-resistantVarroa), Michael Keith-Lucas (The
e-mail: Development of Sociality in Bees), Julia
HONEY FOR SALE Pigott (Hive Defence and the
£2.20/lb in 36 lb buckets. Details from Composition and Properties of
Lucy Moore. Tel: 07961 744074 Propolis), Brian Ripley (Adventures in Digital Edition
(Oxfordshire). Beekeeping), Jim Ryan (The Samples will be available in the autumn
Contribution of Digges to Beekeeping). P Instantly available – no printing or postal delaysBEE EQUIPMENT
P Active links to websites/e-mails – instant connectionContact John Chapple: Tel: 020 8749
P Produces a searchable archive – find that elusive articleExtractor; foundation maker; steam
7773 or e-mail: P Add your own bookmarks and notes – your own selectionP Save paper and storage space – environmentally friendly
wax extractor; two ripeners; etc. £250. and greenP Print specific articles of interest – only those required
Tel: 01422 375166 (West Yorkshire). Bees for Development P Zoom text to any size – sharp vector text for easy reading
You will receive a hyperlink by e-mail. Click on this to view Strengthening the digital issue. A click of the mouse turns the pages.
Wanted livelihoods by means To receive your FREE SAMPLE send your name and e-mail address to
of beekeeping –
YORKSHIRE HONEY An introduction Tell your friends – we want them to be involved too!
Any quantity. Good price paid. Cash Interested in beekeeping
on collection, buckets replaced. as a means to reduce Advertisers index
Tel: 01274 835490. poverty in developing countries? BBwear 6Looking to learn more?
Bee Basic 31Join our next
Beekeeping Holidays Bee Craft 2, 25One Day Training Programme
Bickerstaffs 23Friday 21 November 2008,
BJ Engineering 31EXMOOR NATIONAL PARK, SOMERSET Monmouth, Wales
BJ Sherriff International 15for an interesting and peaceful holiday Further information:
British Beekeepers' Association 9on farm, check out
Brunel Microscopes or phone Tel: 016007 13648
C Wynne Jones 601643 841555.
EH Thorne Ltd 10
Fragile Planet 17Great care is taken to ensure that advertisements are correct, but no liability is taken for
Maisemore Apiaries 12errors or omissions. Anyone wishing to offer queens and bees for sale must sign a
Modern Beekeeping 16declaration that they have not been imported into the British Isles. A declaration form is
available from Pauline Aslin. Display advertisement rates on request from Pauline at the National Bee Supplies 32
above address. Vita (Europe) 18
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