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Letters to the Editor
A selection of your personal comments and questions on published items and areas of concern
MR WADEY’S BEES discussing predators of
beehives in winter, he
I live within 400 yards of follows the vast majority of
where Jim Wadey lived and beekeeping books and fails
kept his bees. When in to mention possible
1976 a Mr Hooper supplied predation by rats.
me with my first nucleus, he
remarked that the bees I suffered damage to two of
were coming back home, as my hives a few years ago
Mr Wadey had originally almost certainly caused by na
msupplied him with a colony, rats. The damage was very re
years before. extensive and one colony tra
was totally consumed and utSSo, I’d like to think that my
all the frames trashed. In The thriving honey market in Chisinau, Moldova18 colonies are descended
subsequent discussion with from Mr Wadey’s!
our Regional Bee Inspector were getting warning family. It has larvae that eat
David Peacock, it transpired that this evidence of gnawing. out the centre of Narcissus,
Crowborough problem is far from
unknown, but for some Mike Rowbottom, Harrogate Hippeastrum andMOLDOVA HONEY snowdrops bulbs,
reason it never gets into the MARKET NOT DRONE FLIES destroying the developing
books or articles for flower buds and often
beginners. The flies that TraceyPrivate enterprise is still not killing the bulbs.
England photographedwidespread in the old The warning signs are
mating in her garden Andrew Halstead, PrincipalRussian republics but gnawing of the top corner of
(October, page 44) are of Entomologist, RHS Garden,Saturday's honey market in the floor. Clearly open mesh
the hoverfly family but are Wisleythe Moldova's capital,
floors have a distinct not drone flies, Eristalis spp. [Ed: Many thanks to Andrew
Chisinau, attracts over 50 advantage here with their They are the large narcissus for putting me right!]
producers with a wide range metal mesh top. bulb fly, Merodon equestris.
of honey and honey comb. CORK SUPPLYI have found subsequently This is an interesting
Honey sells at £2–2.25 per that ‘U’-shaped rat guards sighting but not a welcome During the Gardeners’
kilo. made from the steel mesh one if Tracey grows daffodils Weekend and our Honey
Stuart Alderman, angles sold for plastering in her garden. Many Show, one of our
Chorleywood, Herts corners placed over the hoverfly species are beekeepers was heard
RAT PROBLEMS front of the floor, with the beneficial garden insects as to say that he could not buy weight of the hive retaining they have larvae that prey the white flanged corks
required for exhibitingI am writing in connection it, appear to keep the rats on aphids; Merodon
mead.with Ivor Davis’ article at bay. Well they did for us equestris, however, is one
(October, page 12). In last year on a site where we of the bad boys in the These are available, by post
if required, from:
Rats can be a big problem The Hamstead Brewing
causing significant damage Centre, 37 Newton Road,
(left) Great Barr, Birmingham B43
6AD. Tel: 0121 358 3232;
info@hamstead-brewing-; website:
www.hamstead-brewing-Steel mesh plastering can afford
protection (right) John Gale (by e-mail)
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