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The Chivers Hive
Chris Evans
Helping to sort out some unused equipment brought some unusual hives to light
AFTER A gap of 35 years, I stored his equipment in an
took up beekeeping again old barn. He made the offer that if I took my trailer
by taking a beginners' around he would sort it all
course with Cambridge out and give me a hive or
Beekeepers’ Association two.
(CBKA) in January 2006. A hive or two! When we got
CBKA offers a ‘try-a-hive’ there his barn must have
scheme to successful been full of equipment. We
graduates and I joined the stacked the trailer six-foot
scheme, making a high and filled the back of
National hive and later my wife’s Jeep. When we
arrived home we off-loadedstocking it with a swarm s
nonto the front lawn and a
vEfrom another beekeeper in
sistarted the giant jigsaw of r
hCthe village.
trying to sort it all out. The Chivers hives just look the part!
I got the bug and my wife The National equipment
bought me a second hive was easy. I recognised that remainder were about five
for my birthday and repaint them white. Theyand, putting it to one side, Smiths or other smaller
arranged to obtain a swarm were the right size for athere was a complete hive hives that were very rotten.
from a workmate from north standard National frame. and some spares. As it was bonfire night that
of Peterborough. I managed night, all the rotten In the spring, I placed two
to build up the colonies The WBC outer sections equipment was loaded back that I had completed in an
sufficiently to crop enough were also easy and the in the trailer and donated to orchard in the nearby village
honey to enter a couple of inner boxes soon followed. I the scouts’ bonfire. of Holywell. When my
shows and won the novices had a complete WBC, a colonies in National hives
cup at the end of that first little tatty and in need of a Sid told me that these started to swarm I stocked
year. lick of paint, but I had the sledge type hives had the new hives and brought
hive that would be the originally come from Chivers A HIVE OR TWO! them back into use.
badge of office and later Fruit Farm at Histon where
live on my front lawn. I was boasting about the the CBKA has one of its THE CHIVERS
cup to some friends when SORT BY COLOUR apiaries. BEEKEEPER
one of them, Sid Gage, said
that he used to be a That still left a lot on the RENOVATE AND Soon after that I had a visit
beekeeper a few years ago. lawn. The next strategy was RESTOCK from the bee inspector. One
Sid had given up to sort by colour. It soon of my original swarms had
beekeeping when most of emerged that there were Over the winter I scorched been near a colony with
his colonies had died off four hives on sledge-type the inside of three of these American Foul Brood and he
one winter. He lives a stands of a type that I had hives, rubbed down the was checking to ensure my
couple of villages away never seen described in any various blue and green bees had not contracted it.
across the fens and had of the books I had read. The paints and started to As soon as we walked into
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