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First Organic Blackjack install in Caribbean
After a few years of running Roulette and Dice games on Interblock's 3rd
generation of gaming machines, the management of Hotel Terra Nova in
Kingston decided to pursue the latest developments in multi-player
gaming and install G4 Organic BlackJack. “This is our fifth gaming device
by Interblock and at the same time the first we have been expecting with
such great excitement and enthusiasm,” said Andrew Hussey, company
NEWS director. “We are proud to be the first Caribbean gaming lounge to offer
the players BlackJack. The players are extremely excited too.”
The corporate
philosophy of
precision and
creativity led MEI to
installs first
invite Casinos Austria
to participate in a
VAT (value-added
slot into
trial) of the MEI
Cashflow SC note
acceptor. The result atyourservice
was another
European operator
Service Gaming Europe
specifying MEI. Limited (SGE) and Konami
Gaming have announced the
startingtoflow first placement into Europe of
MEI Konami’s award-winning 5 reel
product, Advantage5. The first
Having taken part in one of location is the Hilton Hotel and
MEI’s Value Added Trials, Casino in the Isle of Man.
CasinosAustria is now spec- Advantage5 was first intro-
ifying Cashflow SC for all duced in the United States in
of its new slot machine pur- 2007, and now SGE is begin-
chases. ning to offer the machines to
During the VAT process, the European market. Initially,
Casinos Austria compared three games titles are being
the MEI Cashflow SC to the offered at Hilton International
note validators fitted in their Casino in the Isle of Man;
slots. The day-to-day experi- Dragon Crystal, Pele Hawaiian
ence with the product has Goddess, and Thunder Warrior.
allowed the Casinos Austria SGE plans to introduce two new
management to assess its titles, Vibrant 7s and Diamond
quality. This experience
underlines the management
decision to specify MEI on
Casinos Austria signs
Spinner which feature four-
level, stand alone progressives.
Adrian Brockhouse, director
all future slots purchases.
Ewald Kirschenmann,
head of procurement of
up for better Cashflow
of the group, and slots manager
Noel McAteer were instrumen-
tal in bringing the new machines
gaming equipment at to the International Casino in
Casinos Austria, explained: the Isle of Man. Both Brock-
“Our daily experience house and McAteer are very
proves that the MEI bill val- Customer service is of trouble with the authori- chases. Today, Casinos pleased with player acceptance
idator is by far the top per- utmost importance to the ties? They then tend to hesi- the number of Austria of the Advantage5 machines.
former in its class in the casino management, as tate in continuing their slots with MEI who McAteer said: “The installa-
marketplace in terms of Kirschenman pointed out. game. Therefore our top pri- fitted has grown embraced tion, operation and connectivity
acceptance rates, validation, “Today the bill validator is ority in this area is to offer to over two the MEI trial of the Advantage5 machines to
the ease of maintenance and one of the most important the most reliable and the hundred. and saw this our system went very smoothly,
total costs. We have player interfaces on slot most accurate equipment Mark Greenawalt, through and our players are delighted
reviewed all of the products machines,” he said.“Rejected possible.” MEI’s vice president MEI’s with the games.”
available to us at the banknotes always generate It was precisely this of gaming and retail increased Brockhouse added: “The
moment, and MEI is defi- bad feelings amongst our reason that Casinos Austria in Europe and Africa, acceptance Casino on the Isle of Man is
nitely our first choice. There- visitors. This can disturb our embraced the VAT trial with said: “The true value and security. committed to bringing the very
fore, we will be clearly guests, causing them to ask MEI. The trial continued over of a note validator lies We are very latest technology and games
specifying MEI on all our themselves questions like: several months and the pos- in its ability to make proud to be speci- to our customers to ensure
future machine purchases. Did I do something wrong? itive results encouraged the operator more money. fied in Austria which is our casino maintains cus-
Our slot machine suppliers Do I have a counterfeit? or Casinos Austria to specify Our sincere thanks go to the such an important country tomer loyalty and game expe-
have been informed of this". Am I going to run into MEI on new machine pur- management team at for the gaming industry.” rience. Part of that initiative
includes introducing great
new products like Konami’s
Joa goes TITO with help from TransAct and Eurocoin
SGE plans to introduce
Advantage5 into other Euro-
pean markets over the next year.
timetoact 2008 after the French 950 printers are now in
EUROCOIN Gaming Ministry operation in all slot
sanctioned its approval in manufacturers’ machines
The Joa Groupe, partially the casinos of Antibes, across these casino slot
owned by Quebec Lotto Uriage and Saint-Aubin. floors and Eurocoin
and operating more than After careful evaluation, anticipate more Epic 950’s
20 casinos with nearly Joa Groupe elected to to deliver in the near
2,000 slot machines in implement TransAct’s Epic future.
France, has announced 950 printer for 100 per “It has been a great
their decision to deploy cent of its machines. pleasure working with Joa
the Epic 950 thermal “We are delighted with Groupe on this exciting
printer across their gaming the performance of the TITO development. Once
floors. Epic 950 printers across again, Epic 950 has been
Eurocoin worked closely our casino slot floors. The selected as the first choice
with Joa Groupe in the roll Eurocoin team's support of leading European
out of the initial upgrade and training has been first gaming operators,” said
of 250 machines across class,” said Laurent Nathalie Redon, casino
three casino floors. The Jourdain, director of division sales manager at
Noel McAteer delighted with
TITO operations went live operations at Joa Groupe. Eurocoin.
the installation of the games
in October and November 250 of Eurocoins’ Epic in early January
40 April 2009 • suppliernews
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