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Investing in the
amount multiplied by the
number of active players.
CR: Would you agree that
MLPs paved the way for
some of the community
style games that Atronic is
manufacturing today?
SD: Tree of Riches is the SD: I guess you could say
latest addition to Atronic’s that, even though they are
Community Bonus Series and very different gaming con-
gives players the fun of shared cepts. Atronic’s well-known
wins. With money that actually Cash Fever has enjoyed
does grow on trees, Tree of tremendous success all over
Riches provides a true commu- the world with over 500 links
nity gaming experience as installed in international terri-
players interact with cute birds tories. Players love the Dr.
which will help them shake the Cash character, the great
tree to win big. In order to variety of games and the four
qualify for the bonus, players levels of jackpot. Following the
have to play max lines and terrific success of the multi-
have to build up their qualifica- level progressive link, Atronic
tion time. As soon as the Tree has also launched a Wide Area
of Riches has been triggered Progressive (WAP) version of
the birds will take off and shake Cash Fever as well as a stand-
How spinning the
linkedgaming the tree with bills falling down alone progressive game.
ATRONIC on the players’ screens award-
ing them with credit wins. CR: Atronic has also been
wheel kick-started
Casino Review: Atronic Golden bills offer the chance to keen to develop tournament
has invested heavily in the participate in the next bonus concepts with Tournamania and
development of community round for even higher win Dragon Boat. Does this also fit
Group Play
games and multi level pro- amounts. Complemented by a into the community category?
gressives in the last year. How unique signage package with a SD: It does in a way as
integral are community games massive central screen Tree of players are aware of what other
to the overall slot offering? Riches offers community players are doing via overhead
Once in a while a slot so unique comes along that it has the
Sylvia Dietz: Atronic has a gaming at its best. screens. They are certainly not
long and highly successful history playing in isolation but rather
potential to kick start a whole new generation of game. IGT’s
in the development of linked CR: Cascading Cash also compete with other players.
Wheel of Fortune Special Edition did precisely that, sitting slant gaming concepts. Our multi-level fits into this category. Does Tournament concepts such as
tops around a central game show-esque wheel paving the way
progressives Cash Fever and King it follow a similar ethos? Tournamania and Dragonboat
for one of the most community slot games the industry has ever
Kong Cash are being enjoyed by SD: Cascading Cash conjures send players into an excited
players all over the world and are pure excitement and the joy of frenzy and offer the perfect
seen. Phil Martin reports. continuously outperforming other shared wins with mystery jack- marketing tool to operators.
concepts in the market. At the pots. Players are encouraged Both are slot tournaments with
grouphug games feature several player stations sur- recent IGE show we launched our to bring their friends to the a very competitive element that
INTERNATIONAL GAME TECHNOLOGY rounding a bonus device or offer a group new multi-bonus progressive link bank to share an interactive can be run at random or preset
bonus game that allows multiple players Stargate SG-1, based on the gaming experience. Created times for a pre-defined period.
Short of hiring the services of American TV to get in on the excitement of the bonus popular movie and TV show. From for casinos with the input of a There are several ways of
show hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White and play at the same time. Each bonus-eligible its Community Bonus Series to casino operator, Cascading setting up a tournament which
allowing players to spin the famous Wheel player wins a unique amount when the multi-level progressive, bonus Cash offers two levels of makes these concepts highly
of Fortune themselves, IGT’s awe inspiring bonus is complete.” links and mystery jackpots, jackpot awards - in the first flexible marketing tools. For
Wheel of Fortune Special Edition repli- Since the first Group Play game, Wheel Atronic is offering the broadest jackpot the triggering player example, operators can set up
cated the excitement of the quiz show like of Fortune Special Edition Super Spin, IGT range of linked gaming con- wins the amount shown on the a “special event” tournament
never before. Perhaps more importantly for has continued to produce numerous cepts in the industry. Players domino. In the second jackpot, with pre-loaded credits or have
the slot sector it showed what could be player-favourite community play themes. enjoy the diversity of bonus fea- all active players receive the fixed tournament times during
achieved in terms of uniting slot players Themes such as Ancient Chinese Secret tures, different levels of jackpots domino amount while the trig- the week to offer extra excite-
around a common prize. Video Slots, Indiana Jones Multi-Level Pro- as well as the fun of shared wins gering player wins that same ment during quieter times.
Boris Hallerbach, IGT product manager gressives and Star Wars Multi-Level Pro- and excitement of competition
for MegaJackpots, said: “In 2006, IGT really gressives are just a few of the successful among players.
broke new ground in the gaming industry group play games IGT has created.
with the release of the Wheel of Fortune IGT’s Star Wars Multi-Level Progressive CR: Quiz shows such as
Special Edition Super Spin game. We part- (MLP) is unique in that it offers IGT’s one-of- Deal or No Deal lend them-
nered the most popular slot theme of all a-kind group play bonus, which according selves particularly well to the
time with a giant, multi-player bonus wheel to Hallerbach is the first competitive group community slot experience.
to create a one-of-a-kind gaming experi- play bonus in the market. “This feature How pleased are you with the
ence. The large bonus wheel is unlike any- allows more than one player to enter the latest game in this range Deal
thing ever seen on a casino floor. Nine bonus at the same time,” he said. “All eligible Or No Deal The Experience?
separate player stations surround the players are awarded with participation in a SD: This is more than just
wheel, so multiple players can participate thrilling race in the Speeder Chase bonus. game play as it brings to life the
in the same bonus game. The results are dif- The winning racer moves on to the action- popular game show and offers
ferent for each player because each player packed, multi-level progressives rounds, a dual-level progressive on top
station has its own wheel pointer that lands which include destroying enemy space- of three interactive bonus
on a bonus total.” craft and the Death Star. The bonus event rounds and the exciting side
The excitement really builds as the triggers every eight minutes for constant bet feature which quadruples
bonus-eligible players have a 10-second bank anticipation and excitement.” the chances of reaching the
countdown to participate in a wheel The Indiana Jones MLP has the USP of Deal Or No Deal bonus. With
spin, once another player has pressed the offering a shared bonus.“This f eature allows the side bet, players can influ-
Spin button whilst the status of each more than one player to enter the bonus at ence the volatility of the game,
player station is displayed on a giant the same time,” Hallerbach explained. “Up giving them the feeling of being
plasma screen that is part of the overhead to four progressive jackpots may be in charge and providing a richer
signage. With players having to watch awarded to an individual player or distrib- gaming experience.
others spinning the wheel and chalking uted among several players. Players enjoy
up the prize, this really is community the interaction and competitive spirit that CR: Tree of Riches also
gaming in its truest slot format. can only be found in the group play gaming unites players, sitting them
“This game was just the start of a hot experience. When all eligible players are together around a large
new trend in the industry, Group Play pulled in to a bonus round together, excite- screen, playing for a
games,” Hallerbach explained. “These ment and anticipation multiplies.” common prize.
30 April 2009 • communitygaming
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