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Fusing for
(with a probability propor-
tional to the bet level). The
player then enters an addi-
This little piggie
tional bonus screen and
plays to win one of the four
levels. The bonus screen
went bank busting
shows 30 parchment rolls,
covering lead, bronze, PRODUCT NAME: Bank Buster
silver or gold metal bars. FORMAT: 4 level MLP and six bonus
The player reveals them jackpot feature
one by one until he collects MANUFACTURER: Aristocrat
four matching pieces, CABINET: Viridian
winning the respective PLATFORM: Gen 7
jackpot. In either mode, CONCEPT: Bank Buster, Aristocrat’s third
Mystery or Mystery-Pro- Gen 7-dedicated Hyperlink boasting six bonus
gressive jackpot, there are features and a four-level jackpot, follows the
two different contribution antics of a cartoon pig, dressed in comical
modes: through base burglars get-up, intent on robbing the bank. the appearance of a policeman which results
values or through a His attempts land him in all sorts of comical in the arrest of our little piggy friend ends the
‘Hidden’ jackpot. criminal bother leading to six cute bonus fea- feature. The Hot Cash bonus awards 10 Hot
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: tures. These are triggered at random and Cash Free Games whilst 3 Jackpot Symbols
PRODUCT NAME: domly chosen by the The operator can inde- pitch player luck against one of the four jack-
awards 1 of the 4 jackpots. The Line Up feature
Alchemic Fusion jackpot server with a win pendently configure the pots, free games or bonus credits. The fast
takes the player down to the station for an ID
FORMAT: 4 level MPL probability directly propor- parameters of the 4 jackpot paced action of the frequent jackpot wins
parade. Two suspects are picked at a time
MANUFACTURER: tional to the bet level on the levels, including: credit means this link is ideal at low denomination.
each revealing a prize which the player wins
Casino Technology winning machine. The contribution, base value of With three top performing base games; King
of the prize matches. If 2 Jackpot cards are
CONCEPT: Alchemic system allows connects to each level (if the system is of Asia, Ladies Day and Tigress coupled with
revealed, 1 of the 4 jackpots is awarded.
Fusion is a 4-level jackpot slot machines from any in base values mode), the a strong graphics package makes Bank Buster
The fifth bonus Money Grab sees the porkie
system. Each level is hit manufacturer, as long as prize limits and contribu- an entertainer’s delight.
thief attempt three jumps at a bank vault with
within preset limits. The they support mechanical tion percentage for the SIX BONUS FEATURES: The first of these
safety deposit boxes stuffed with money. He
system can be configured ‘Bet’ meters. ‘hidden’ jackpot. After Pop Gun awards one of four jackpots or a
either grabs a note to reveal a credit prize, grabs
as a Mystery or a Mystery- When the system is set to each change in settings the random credit prize. Cop Out asks players to
a note to reveal a jackpot, grabs a note to reveal
Progressive Jackpot. work as Mystery-Progres- system automatically simulate the piggie thief approaching
more ‘jumps’ or misses the notes all together.
As a Mystery jackpot, the sive jackpot, the jackpot recalculates the total windows to climb through by touching
Multiple jackpots can be won in this feature
winning slot machine and server randomly chooses percent of each level and windows to reveal either a Bonus Credit prize,
THE FINAL BONUS Safe Cracker sees
the jackpot level are ran- the winning slot machine its hit frequency. the opportunity to climb the prize ladder or
him attempt to crack 1 of 15 safes.
Top prize
flexibility with
for buffalo
Power Strike
PRODUCT NAME: Power Strike
Golden 8s
PRODUCT TYPE: Five-reel 30
PRODUCT NAME: Jackpot Thunder
line video slot with progressive
PRODUCT TYPE: Multi-Level Jackpot
PLATFORM: Flexi-Link Jackpot
PLATFORM: Alpha Elite V20
FEATURES: This latest addition
FEATURES: With the heads of mighty
to the Power Strike series is a
buffalo snorting steam out into the air,
five-reel, 30-line game with a 150
the signage alone will serve to attract
credit maximum bet that can be
players to the Jackpot Thunder
configured to all denominations
machine bank. Jackpot Thunder,
and areas of the slot floor, from
powered by Independent Gaming’s
the penny players to the high
Flexi-Link system on which it is based,
rollers. It comes with a free-
is a four-level mystery jackpot that
games bonus feature and a built-
attracts and keeps players by showing
in five-level internal or external
the maximum trigger value of the jack-
progressive jackpot.
pots: the closer the prize meter to the
displayed figure, the more likely the
PROGRESSIVE: This is a new
jackpot is to fall. The parameters are
concept that allows the top-level
flexible and easy to configure.
jackpot to be configured by the
operator either as a currency
in Novomatic’s Coolfire range will
value or to build in the retail cost
mate flexibility. For a complete themed
operate seamlessly with Jackpot
of a luxury item, be that a car,
package, operators could choose the
Thunder, including the Gaminator
motorbike, truck, boat or even a
new Buffalo Thunder game on the
series of multi-game machines, for ulti-
fabulous holiday.
Coolfire II platform.
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