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Playing for the
Aristocrat holds the
same prize:
Hyperlink heritage
Community slots
and Multi-Level
the progressive linked product. Train and now the newly released Bank
Other Hyperlinks, such as Jackpot Car- Buster. Boasting six bonus features,
nival, followed in quick succession Bank Buster offers the player a new
enabling Aristocrat to fill a new high level of excitement and the incorpora-
demand product category. With the intro- tion of the 3-D overhead signage sets
duction of the XCite cabinet, new innova- this Hyperlink apart.
tions and levels of player interactivity Commenting on the success of Hyper-
thefastandthefurious Cash Express, the train themissinglink were achieved via the use of bonus fea- links in Europe, Daniel Lindsay, Aristocrat
BY PHIL MARTIN themed Hyperlink which ARISTOCRAT tures, touch screen monitors and the Europe’s general manager of sales and
delivered jackpots at introduction of LCD displays in the top marketing, said: “Part of the reason behind
every stop, steamed The real success of MLP jackpots emerged box to show themed graphics and jackpot the success of Hyperlinks is their ability to
into Europe in in 1995 when Aristocrat launched the increments. Alongside Cash Express and bolster player participation, foster mutual
November 2002 and trademarked Hyperlink system on its Mk Jackpot Carnival, popular themes in encouragement and stimulate interest in
soon became a firm V platform. The debut Hyperlink theme, Europe included Jackpot Deluxe, Pelé fellow player’s activities. Jackpots also
favourite at Holland Born to be Wild, was first installed in Golden Goals and the licensed Zorro encourage repeat plays as players chase
Casinos before Queensland, Australia, but later became a Hyperlink. the major prize, with the smaller more fre-
journeying into success across the rest of the world. With the launch of the Viridian quent prizes often reinvested by players
Germany, Italy and Given its standing in introducing the first cabinet on the Gen 7 platform in 2008, to maintain the momentum.”
Greece. A new concept Multi-Level Progressives, Aristocrat claims the next generation of Hyperlinks have
Daniel Lindsay with Bank Buster, the
had been born and one of the deepest understandings of emerged in Thunderheart and Money latest MLP in Aristocrat’s armoury
soon MLPs would
become a staple dietary
requirement at casinos
wherever they were
WMS Gaming is arguably the first OEM to have hit on Community Gaming: Allon Englman, one of
permitted. The uptake
the company’s main architects of the concept, explained to Hugh Sorrill how the idea developed.
from pretty much every
slot manufacturer out
there was immediate
and soon all would be
developing their own Community spirit
Slot play has evolved to Recent
such an extent over the developments have
last decade that seen community propels the zeitgeist
community style gaming grow further.
gaming is now a WMS Gaming really
mainstay of game pushed the community gatheredtogether were pretty incredible. People were high-
design. slot experience further WMS GAMING fiving each other, whooping. It really did
Multi-Level with its Monopoly and change the dynamic.”
Progressives (MLPs) Reel ‘em In games Allon Englman, WMS’s VP of game design The first product out on the floor was
really paved the way for bringing a competitive and strategy, is at the vanguard of the Monopoly - Big Event, trading on one of
community gaming, edge to slot play. development of the community gaming WMS’s most successful licensed game
uniting players in their Community gaming concept. It was born, he says, out of a themes. With its straight community
quest for the same has also allowed desire to do something different. bonus that everyone participates in, it
prize and in many ways manufacturers to “Not long after I started here, about was an immediate success.
showing them what intensify the game eight years ago, we started talking about “But we wanted to develop the idea
they could have won. show experience of the what the slot machine experience was even further,” said Englman. “So we intro-
Whilst Wide Area slot machine whilst really like. We noticed that the playing on duced the Powerball bonus, which is trig-
Progressives were the allowing players to the machines was largely a solitary gered by players in turn, with graphics
glittering, life changing compete with each pastime and that people were likely to be bouncing around in real time, making
prize, the life enhancing other when bonus sitting next to someone who wasn’t everyone feel involved. Then there’s Reel
MLP jackpots were rounds are struck. playing the same game. That means very
Monopoly - Grand Hotel Big Event is the
‘Em In! Compete to Win! which adds a
more readily attainable. Concepts such as little interaction and therefore no sense
latest Community Gaming bonus product
competitive element to the mix as well.”
If a player didn’t win the Wheel of Fortune of community, like you get for example on
from WMS, played over a bank of three-
WMS’s Community Gaming concept
next jackpot, the Special edition from the craps or blackjack tables.” reel Transmissive Reel machines has spread over other areas of the product
chances were a player IGT and Deal Or No Englman continued: “We thought that if range, too, including on a three-reel Trans-
either side of them Deal The Experience people could have a sense of playing ing at different levels and at different rates missive Reels-based game, which com-
would. Aristocrat led from Atronic transport together, that would really change the to a point where they could all take part bines steppers with video, with Monopoly
this particular charge players in the shows dynamic on the gaming floor - a more in a bonus and all take rewards,” said - Grand Hotel Big Event.
developing the maths they have seen played sociable, more uplifting experience.” Englman. “It was interesting mathemati- The community gaming idea is one
to deliver fast and on television and have That line of thinking was the founda- cally. Our solution was an eligibility meter that is inspiring other gaming machine
furious jackpots in the revolutionised the look tion for what has become an important combined with a multiplier that takes manufacturers: “There was definitely a
mid 90s, a concept of slot floors and how strand in the revitalised WMS product into account how much you’re betting focus at the last G2e,” Englman added, “but
which has really taken a the games are played. lines: but simple as the concept appears and how long you’ve been playing.” as we were the first to bring it out, we’re
grip of the gaming No longer do slot to be, when it comes to the hard maths, He continued: “It took four or five years now on versions 2.0 and 3.0. What this
industry in the 2000s. players simply want to the maths is - well - hard. to develop the ideas and then get the reg- shows, however, is that Community
Following its success in play against the “The question we had to answer was ulators to understand the concept but Gaming has really captured the imagina-
Australia and Africa, machine. how to get players who might be spend- when we put it in the field, the results tion of both players and operators.”
28 April 2009 • communitygaming
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