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table. Could the images Each month we give you
Pen the letter of the month and
be downloadable for my
the chance to win a £25
win a bottle of bubbly!
Lindsey Clark, Sevenoaks
prize as we ask...
Dear vine, Dear vine,
re: sevenoaks nostalgia re: fitness coverage is this you?
Following your publication of a sevenoaks post-
It was with
card last month, I wonder if you’re interested in
disappointment that I
this one. It shows e. rayley & son’s cakeshop on
read the article written by
the corner of six Bells Lane and the adjoining
Jason Crow [health and
Tinley house Café, which were established and
fitness, page 21, issue 15]
run by ethel Tinley rayley and her son Albert
regarding his belief that
‘Bertie’, from 1930 for over twenty years. Among
running is ineffective for
their many customers was Lady sackville, at Knole.
weight loss.
While taking tea on a visit to Knole, Queen mary
This is extremely
complimented Lady sackville on the meringues and
misleading. Whilst there
was informed that they had been supplied by mrs
is evidence to support
raley. some days later a request arrived at Tinley
that running at a high
house, from Buckingham palace, for a regular
intensity (at an anaerobic
supply of meringues! Ian Stupples, Sevenoaks
level) is not as effective
Send us your memories and pictures of Sevenoaks:
as a fat burner, there is
plenty of evidence to
support that exercise at
a lower intensity such
as jogging, is one of the
most effective forms of fat
burning exercise.
Jogging with others in
beautiful surroundings
on a regular basis can be
very successful both for
weight loss and weight
control, is cheaper than
the gym and you can do
if this is you, outside the slug and
it any time you like.
lettuce on Wednesday 24 september, simply
There is no secret to
send us a copy of some form of photo identification
weight loss. You need to
and we’ll send you a luxury retro sweet hamper worth
Dear vine, and Kemsing/seal area. burn more calories than
over £25 thanks to our friends at
re: Where are they now?
The last time that I saw you consume!
Simple. And if you know who it is, make sure you tell
and spoke with them was
them so they don’t miss out!
You are to be Sam Palmer and Shona
in 1990, but have always
congratulated on a Campbell, Sevenoaks Ladies
Prize available until 25 October 2008.
wondered how they
well formatted and Joggers Coaches
were. I now live in the
informative magazine.
UsA, but would be very
From a reader’s
pleased to hear how they
Dear vine,
standpoint I would like to
in our latest online poll we asked...
are. I am sure there are
re: What’s on listings
see a “Where are
others who would like to
Would more cycle lanes in
they now column” based
my husband and I
find friends from the past
upon the following.
absolutely love your
sevenoaks encourage you to
that that they have lost
Citizens of the UK
magazine, and we look get on your bike?
contact with
have always been great
forward to it every
travellers, but never more
Michael H Baker, USA
month. Glad we took out
so than in the last 10 to
If you’re the family Michael’s
a subscription!
15 years, not only moving
looking for, drop us an email
With best wishes for a
within the UK but also
and we’ll put you in touch
long and happy future
overseas, through – Ed.
Sally Haggarty, Pinewood
employment and
retirement. As a result of
Dear vine,
this, we often lose re: Cover photography
maybe, if it
was sunny
touch with our friends.
Have you got
Thank you for producing
I am trying to find a
such a good read for
a news story?
family called Dahlia
sevenoaks. Your front
Email interesting and
with two children m & V
cover photos are the
exciting stories to...
no chance
who lived in the Otford
highlight of my coffee
*Source: Online Vine website poll October 2008 vine 
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