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Parliament recess is a great opportunity to get around the constituency, says Sevenoaks
mP michael fallon. Here, he describes a typical Friday from his diary in early September
hat do mps do when parliament is “in
to protect the rights of the vast majority of law-abiding
Read all Michael
recess”? A lot of people ask me this. Do tenants: why should their lives be blighted by persistently
Fallon’s previous
I still go up to Westminster? Yes, I do, at
articles and post your
noisy neighbours? Barbara’s team is well aware of the
least twice a week. There’s always mail to
problem but often the law frustrates tougher action.
handle, research to be done.
Next stop was sevenoaks hospital where I visited
But the recess is a good opportunity to get around the the West Kent Neuro-rehabilitation Unit. I was at the
constituency. here was a typical Friday from my diary
I discussed
opening of Darenth house eight years ago, and the
early in september. neuro-rehabilitation unit has since grown over two
First I visited “especially health” in sevenoaks high with West floors. There’s more room for patients and the dedicated
street. I met the owner Wendy Kent and her staff. she
runs one of the best-known independent health food
Kent Housing
team looking after them. This is where you start back on
the road to recovery after a serious brain operation or a
shops in the country. Association the stroke, and it’s an inspiring place.
But there are problems: a recent eU directive is slowly
preventing her from selling certain types of supplement.
need to protect
What’s really impressive is that ex-patients keep
coming back, dropping in to talk to the current residents.
I’m taking this up again with the Department of health. the rights of They provide real life examples of how it’s possible
On to West Kent housing Association for a meeting
with chief executive Barbara Thorndick. We have a
to resume a job and get back as close as possible to a
normal life.
busy agenda – Barbara is promoting a new grouping of tenants: why After lunch with patients and staff, I headed off to
housing associations that have a particularly local focus,
to work more closely with local councils.
should their
Chaucer Business park in Kemsing. This was a private
meeting with a company unwittingly caught up in
she’s also campaigning for those tenants who rely on lives be blighted the drive by revenue and Customs against so-called
prepayment meters to get discounts on their fuel bills.
by persistently
“missing trader” fraud. Companies can be hard hit
Fuel costs are a big part of the household budget now, so financially while they’re under investigation, even when
discounts really matter. noisy they are given a clean bill of health in the end.
We also discuss some individual cases – housing is a
eU directives, social housing, neuro-surgery, tax – very
major part of my casework – and especially the need different subjects but each matters to somebody.
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