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in BRiEF
A village remembered
BNI networking
open day
Sevenoaks historian Monty Parkin publishes a new book
Business Network
about the changing landscape and way of life in Kemsing
International (BNI) Knole
park is the sevenoaks
branch of the world’s
most successful business
networking organisation.
n a new book just published by Kemsing
Last year local
heritage Centre, local historian monty
members passed over
parkin depicts the changing landscape and
£1m of business to each
way of life in Kemsing from the 1880s to the
other and the group
present day.
is well on the way to
For centuries Kemsing was just a tiny farming village.
surpassing this figure for
In fact the pattern of life in the 1880s could be traced
right back to the middle Ages, with everything still
A special visitor’s day is
governed by the farming year, following the seasons.
being held on Wednesday
This photograph (right), showing the hills above the
October 8, over breakfast
pilgrims’ Way, gives a good idea of the landscape at the
at st Julian’s Club. The
turn of the century. As one villager said, “It was all fields
group is unique in that
everywhere in those days.” most people still worked
only one member per
on the land. many men were farm labourers and the
profession can join, so
women did jobs like hoeing, swede pulling and fruit
Village life was normally very quiet and uneventful,
all business leads for that
picking. Children would be taken out of school to work
but in 1910 something really exciting happened. The
profession are received by
in the fields, as earning money was often more important
aviation pioneer, John moisant, crashed on the hills
that one member. There
than going to school. They would go ‘rook-minding’,
above Kemsing. Moisant made an epic flight that
are currently openings for
scaring the birds off by waving a wooden clapper,
summer from paris to London – in three
a number of industries
‘cadlock pulling’, pulling the yellow weed
weeks. It took so long because he kept
including solicitor,
out of the growing corn, and stone picking, v Extensive Sevenoaks
crashing all over Kent and having to repair
builder, florist, web
which they did with their mothers.
historical coverage
the plane.
designer and computer
each year the stones were picked off the
with pictures, articles
The story of the flight was in all the
maintenance, among
fields. It was thought to help the crops. It
and nostalgia...
newspapers and the plane on the hills
others. For enquiries
didn’t really, but the farmer could use those
attracted thousands of sightseers. Local
please contact Jane Owen
stones to make up his cart tracks and also
builder harry reeves was quick to take
on 07747036050
sell them to the local highways Board to be
advantage – he covered the plane with his builder’s
used on the roads, which were just flintstone lanes like
sheet and charged everyone two pence a time to have a
Childsbridge Lane, the one in the picture. piles of stones
UK’s leading craft
look. maybe country people weren’t as simple as people
would be left by the roadside and the local lengthsman,
event returns to
or roadman, would break them up and fill in any holes.
This particular lane originally continued directly over
the hills to Dartford. Today, as it crosses the hills, it is just Village life was normally very
regularly listed as the
a bridle path. people could remember in the early 1900s
quiet and uneventful but in best events of their kind
the ox-carts from Knole travelling this route on their way
to the flour mills at Dartford.
1910 something really exciting
by the national media,
Craft In Focus is staging
Oxen were still in use in the early 20th century,
happened. The aviation pioneer,
an event at sevenoaks
especially down in the Weald where they were used for
ploughing the heavy clay. Oxen were considered steadier
John Moisant, crashed on the hills
school from 31 October
than horses, and when at work the ploughman would above Kemsing. The plane
– 2 November providing
an opportunity to buy
sing to the oxen. he had three or four songs he repeated,
on the hills attracted thousands unique products of a
but if he ever stopped singing, the oxen would stop
of sightseers
quality that is rarely
seen amongst the mass
produced items on the
high street. For more
A Village information, visit www.
National news:
Remembered has 71
When aviation pioneer
photographs and many
John Moisant crashed
stories and is published
over the hills in Kemsing
to help raise money for
Borograds return
in August 1910, local
a permanent Heritage
builder Harry Reeves was
Centre at the village An amateur dramatics
quick to take advantage,
hall. it costs £10 and company from Borough
covering the plane with his
is available from both
Green are staging a
builder’s sheet and charging
Kemsing post offices
production of music,
everyone two pence to
or from Heritage
mirth and mayhem
have a look. (above) The
Centre chairman Erica
hills at Kemsing in the early
Cole MBE: Call 01732
later this month. The
761772 or email info@
show runs from 23
– 26 October at Borough
Green Village hall.
Tickets: 01732 884305 October 2008 vine 
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