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I’ll buy you a diamond ring,
just sign this pre-nup first
Romantic they are not, but
pounds held in offshore accounts.
premarital agreements may soon
The house of Lords upheld the
be the must-have of prospective
decision of the lower court, citing
husbands and wives. popularly
the premarital agreement as a
known as ‘pre-nups’, they set out
“factor of magnetic importance”
the way in which a couple will
in the case, principally because
deal with their finances in the
it was a short childless marriage,
event that their marriage breaks
where both had had the benefit
of legal advice.
Until recently, pre-nups were
sir paul mcCartney famously
given very little, if any weight,
rejected the advice given to him
in dividing matrimonial assets in
prior to his marriage to heather
the english courts. The attitude
to enter into a pre-nup. had
of the english courts is that they
there been one, the payout to ms
are not enforceable. This does not
mills may well have been smaller,
mean they cannot be relevant,
and the fact of its existence may
and in some cases, highly
have shortened the legal process
and costs for both. perhaps most
A recent shift has prompted
importantly, a confidentiality
clockwise from top left:
the law commission to announce
clause in a pre-nup could have
pretty ribbon streamers add
that they are going to consider
avoided the facts of the case
a point of interest; coffee,
when and in what circumstances
being paraded before the public
cream and pale pink roses;
pre-nups should be upheld by the
in the media and so reduced the
a classic ring of roses with
courts. This means that we could
emotional cost for both.
glossy foliage – see our
soon see parliament legislating to
It is not just celebrities who
online suppler guide to local
make pre-nups legally binding.
should consider sound financial
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The landmark ruling of the
planning before entering into
Court of Appeal last December
marriage. All couples can benefit
in Crossley v Crossley has also
from deciding together how they
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significantly boosted the status
want their finances dealt with
of pre-nups in english law,
should the marriage fail, to avoid
establishing them as highly
the uncertainty of going to court,
influential in decisions on the
not to mention the financial and
division of matrimonial assets.
often emotional cost. pre-nups
susan Crossley had signed an
might not be romantic, but the
agreement prior to her marriage
stark reality is that about half of
to her fourth husband stuart, that
all marriages now end in divorce.
neither of them would claim a
In the future, pre-nups will no
penny of the other’s wealth if the
longer be the preserve of the
marriage broke down. however,
rich and famous. rather, they
the woman described by her
look set to become commonplace
husband as a “career divorcee”
for ordinary, financially astute
(she had netted £18 million from
couples, keen to make sensible
her previous three marriages),
provision in the event of a
changed her mind when the
marriage of 18 months fell apart,
amanda andrews is a family
claiming that the agreement
lawyer from Cripps Harries Hall
was invalid, on the basis that he / 01892
had failed to disclose millions of 506159
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