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Déjà Vu Grade: A
- Agent J to enter. With a
limited number of
In 1989 Kemco released the spooky Shadowgate, a point-and- options, you will
click mystery that first appeared as part of the MacVenture figure out what
series for computers. The game received a lot of fanfare and you have to do
was a modest hit. The following year Kemco released their 2nd pretty quickly.
MacVenture title, Déjà Vu.
Graphics and The entire game is done with a point-and-click interface, PC-
Sound: Solid style. You have to click on “examine” if you want to search a
body or a desk. You have to click on “hit” if you want to punch The music is very
someone or press a button. You also must scroll through a catchy and myste-
long list of items if you want to use one or reread a vital clue. rious, perfect for
While this can get very monotonous it also provides the game this kind of game.
with a unique feel that is only shared by the two other The graphics are
MacVenture titles on the NES. nothing special but
everything is very easy to distinguish, which is all you need in Déjà Vu is one of the few titles on the NES to have a genuine
a point-and-click style game. adult theme and throws in a ton of humor to boot. In the game
you will have to knock out a prostitute, drug a 400 pound Gameplay and Controls: A Little Clunky
woman, dig up the goods on an illicit relationship and search
the inside of a toilet! You also have the ability to shoot your- While the clunky controls will not result in any deaths, it will
self with a gun (among the many ways to die), which results in slow you down. The point-and-click style works a lot better
your game ending. with a mouse. The gameplay is very fun because you can
examine lots of items that you wouldn’t normally get to look at Positives: This is one original game. I can’t believe how
in a typical NES game. much this game got away with! I don’t know of any other
game that actually allows you to go through with suicide via Features: Battery
a .38 magnum. I also can’t believe that searching the inside of
the toilet is an option. One key element to Déjà Vu is humor. Déjà Vu has a battery and allows for three different files to be
The game is full of sarcastic wisecracks to any weird com- saved on to it.
mand you try. When you examine a lady that is knocked out
you get a stern reprimand and when you examine the dead Fun?: Definitely
body of your partner it says that he’s lacking in the life depart- Déjà Vu is funny, challenging and very beatable. It is almost
ment. as much fun discovering all the ways you can die as it is to
Déjà Vu also has music that really sets the stage as well as beat the game.
decent graphics for a point-and-click game. It also comes with
a battery that allows you to save your game and actually Challenge: Decently Tough
presents a mystery that is pretty tough to solve but is a lot of While not nearly as difficult as Shadowgate, Déjà Vu will chal-
fun along the way. What sets this game apart from Shadow- lenge you at first until you get the hang of it. The key will be in
gate and The Uninvited is that Déjà Vu has no mystical quali- figuring out how to destroy evidence…
ties to it. This makes it much easier to figure out what to do
next because there is no placing the mysterious sphere onto Replay: A Little
the cracked ledge nonsense of Shadowgate. In fact there
aren’t really any riddles to solve along the way, you just have There are lots of things you can do that aren’t necessary to
to gather evidence to build your case and destroy any evi- win the game that are fun to go back and try after you’ve
dence that links you to the crime. beaten it. It is also fun to discover all of the ways to die and
the different bad endings that you can get depending on how Glaring Negatives:
First off, the point-and-click style of guilty the judge decides you are.
the game can get very frustrating. When you have to scroll
through three screens of items every time you need to pay a 2 Player: No
cabbie it can really wear on your nerves. Another negative is
that it can be tough to find the spot to dump information that Online Manual?: Yes
incriminates you in the murder. If you try and go to the police
to present your case and you haven’t destroyed this evidence, Check out for all NES manuals.
you will always lose. The most frustrating aspect is that if you
get too many Game Over screens due to improper evidence, Bottom Line: Extremely Entertaining and Original
the game will reset your entire save file. One final negative is Déjà Vu is one of the best RPG style games on the NES. It is
that although the game is intimidating at first, it is actually a similar to Shadowgate and The Uninvited but since it is rooted
very short game that can be easily solved in under 30 minutes in the real world it is a lot easier to solve. If you like humor,
once you know what to do. There are only five buildings to violence and RPGs then you need to go out and pick this
visit and only a couple rooms per building that you are allowed game up immediately.
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