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(Continued from page 16) leaf or feather? SMB3’s leaf turns Mario into a raccoon,
his tail can wack enemies in front of him and hit blocks that
rything is fine until Mario wakes up on the beach of Yoshi’s he cannot jump under. After running a short while his P
island only to be awoken by a giant black text box telling gauge will fill and once full Mario can fly into the air by
him that Bowser kidnapped the princess and it is up to him rapidly pressing the jump button until the gauge is
to save her. In the meantime, Yoshi is freed from a magi- empty. However you cannot slow or control your descent.
cal egg and tells Mario (in English mind you) that his kids In SMW you have the feather, which somehow turns Mario
were kidnapped by the Koopa Kids and imprisoned in a into a superhero with a cape. He can flail the cape to
castle, which somehow he can't enter. It is up to Mario to attack enemies in front of him or hit boxes he cannot jump
go and save them as well as the princess in a very mysteri- under. After running a short while he can fly up into the air
ous land. and with the jostling of the control pad, can glide through
This one looks like it is going to be a close one as Yoshi the stage with ease. Or you could press Y and Down to
has received a yellow shell and is about to stomp on slam into ground and cause damage in the vicinity of
Luigi…wait! He pulled out the tanooki suit and stoned where you land. You could also hold down the jump button
himself at the last minute, avoiding the attack. What an to slow your decent or rapidly hit the spin jump for a slow
evasive maneuver…now he is on Yoshi donkey punching aerial attack. If you get hit while in flight you will lose your
him in the head. SMB3 just takes barley takes the round. momentum, be temporally invincible and fall down to the
ground. Punch has the final accounts of the battle for us Score: SMB3 4/5 SMW 3.5/5
Round 5: Challenge “Things are really shaking up now. It appears Yoshi was
throwing eggs while Luigi was throwing hammers to break
Now we arrive at a closely contested category. In SMB3 the eggs. This was a standoff for a while until Luigi ran out
we have a variety of paths to choose from, some of which of hammers to throw and reverted back to normal. Yoshi is
are easier to get to the end then others, but all of which lining up the shot...he just fired a three deflector egg to the
required you to memorize maze like levels in order to find back of Luigi's head, making him disoriented. The crowd is
that one way out. In SMW there are also paths you can calling for Yoshi to finish off the match now, and it appears
take to get to the end, some easier than others, however he is going to do the smash move he is famous for, turning
the multiple endings in some levels would drive some the opponent into an egg by the edge of a stage.”
people crazy as they face the gauntlet in special world. It “Wait a minute it appears that Daisy from Sarasaland Land
appears that both of these games are easily…we have an just threw a flower into the hand of Luigi while the tongue
update from Punch. was wrapping around his torso. This is going to
“Evenly matched is right, after the barrage of Donkey be….WOW! That was unbelievable we need to see that
Punches to the head Yoshi flipped Luigi off of him and again on replay. Overlord walk though that with us.”
back onto the floor of the thunderdome. He grabbed the Yes it appears that the flower thrown in by the princess
hammer suit nearby and is charging him with it in hand, but woke Luigi up and right before he could enter the mouth of
wait…what’s this? It appears a goomba in a Kuribo's shoe Yoshi, gave him a fire punch sending the green dino into
just threw a red shell over to Yoshi, and it does not look the lava. We have a winner.
like Luigi saw it either. Pow, a fire breath right into the face
of Luigi, SMW takes the round with some evasive help Final Judgment?
from the crowd, which I can say is going nuts while watch-
ing this.” Final Score: SMB3 28 points out of 30, SMW 27 points
Score: SMB3 4/5 SMW 4.5/5 out of 30.
This was a nail biter! I wonder what will be the next battle Round 6: Controls
to come. Wait for a final statement from Luigi as he ap-
Do extra buttons help? In the case of SMB3 extra buttons proaches the podium.
would not help. SMB3 allows the precision needed to
evade enemies with ease as the controls felt just right. “Mama Mia! Thank you hunny for the help there.”
Howeveer, SMW’s button use allowed every button to be Wow the crowd is going nuts at the sight of these two
utilized with a greater effectiveness. SMW takes the round. sidekicks locking lips.
Score: SMB3 3/5 SMW 4/5 Wow…I guess that explains where Baby Mario and Luigi
came from then. Until next time, keep those suggestions
Round 7: Leaf or Feather? coming, because next time it could be you in the next
Here we are folks the wildcard is up for grabs and it is Game Battle!
worth 3 points for the victor. Which power up is better, the
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