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think of any off the top of my head that have disappointed
me. So I figured this game would be solid.
Kill The Attacking Aliens is a very good time. It plays like a
cross between your basic single screen shooters and
Missile Command. The bottom of the screen is an envi-
ronment you are charged with protecting, like a forest or
something. Your ship can fly all over the screen, firing
directly in front of you. The alien crafts appear and drop
bombs on the ground targets. If they eliminate them all,
the game ends. You have only one life (it IS an Odyssey 2
game, after all), but you're not a one hit wonder. You can
take a bit of abuse before your ship goes boom. You have
to fly around and blow up the alien ships and any bombs
they drop.
Pressing the joystick in any direction except down makes it
face that direction. Down does not change your orienta-
Kill the Attacking Aliens tion. This actually works pretty nice. The ship glides pretty easily but it's very easy to vertically overshoot your
by Soren Gust (Xype) (Odyssey 2) mark. Pulling down happens quite often, but thankfully it
keeps you facing in the general direction of your target if Available for $18.95 from

Players: 1; Cartridge Size: 12K; Released: 2003

In Soren Gust's new Odyssey 2 homebrew, Kill the Attack-
ing Aliens, you have been selected to defend planet Earth
and its moon colony against alien invaders. Your ship is
equipped with a powerful quantum cannon and a strong
defensive shield. Your mission is to destroy all of the
aliens and prevent the objects on earth from being

Odyssey 2 homebrews are few and far between, and it's you are aiming for the sides. There's plenty of activity, too.
rare that one as good as KTAA comes along. Soren has The ships tend to bunch themselves or their shots. So you
programmed the game to play on the Odyssey 2 system will either eat up time going after the bomb clusters
and the Videopac G7400+, which supports beautiful high- (enabling them to release others from a better position) or
resolution background graphics. Both versions offer great you will be hip deep in aliens and praying none are close
game play, making this a must-have for every O2 collector. enough to touch you. And that's just the first level, before
aliens with speed and two dimensional thinking show up to
Comes with cartridge and full-color ruin your day.
Shooting the aliens isn't all that is to it. They sometimes
leave power ups like, bonus points, shield restore and shot
speed increase. At the end of the wave, you get bonus The e-mail I received was short, direct, and to the point.
points for targets saved and then it's on to the next envi-
“You say Amok! is the only Odyssey 2 homebrew out ronment. The areas are pretty varied and look nice, even
there. Wrong bongos, buddy.” if you are playing on an O2 like I am. As I mentioned before, there are enhanced graphics for the O3/Videopac+
I was then pointed to Pack Rat Video Games. There are but I don't have one of those, so I can't say how enhance
several hacks there along with a couple of titles I have they are.
seen since Randy at Hozer Video Games went under-
ground (he's still out there). There were also a few original The results are real fun. Learning to master the controls is
titles to be found as well. vital, but it never feels sloppy. In short, any mistakes are your fault, not the game's. After seven levels, it loops back
Looking around the site I found a section to the beginning with faster aliens and bombs and slower shots for you. This from a game that already keeps you
for homebrew games for the Odyssey 2. In- hopping. Games like this are the reason my O2 never
trigued, I selected one, Kill The Attacking Aliens. goes into my closet. - Peter G
This guy is apparently affiliated with Xype, which does a
ton of Atari 2600 stuff. They know what they are doing
when it comes to games as they are usually fun – I can't
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