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- Pat “Coldguy” ground and simplistic animations were quickly outdone
when SMW2 came out years later. Looks like Luigi starts
the match with an early strike over the reptilian one.
Score: SMB3 5/5 & SMW 4/5
Round 2: Gameplay
We are talking about Mario games, the grade A of Run and
Jumps. Both of these titles perfect the simple run, grab the
power-up, explore and finish the level style of game. What
could separate these two? The item reserve, that’s what.
In SMB3 the little menu can be accessed where you can
use various items that can power you up to the desired
ability before the level begins, thus giving you an advan-
tage. In SMW, the in level item box is displayed on the top For those who are unfamiliar with game battles, here are
of the screen and the item automatically comes down when the basic rules: two games that are somewhat linked to
you are reduced to being one hit away from death for you one another are chosen. These games then enter into
to save yourself from the brink. You could also summon it combat, Thunder-done style, to determine which one is
at your leisure by hitting the select button. Which of these better. There are 7 different criteria that these games go
improves gameplay to the fullest? Well it looks like Yoshi through: Graphics/Animation, Gameplay, Sound/Music,
grabbed Luigi’s leg with his tongue and is slamming him to Story, Challenge, Controls, and a final wildcard category
the sides of the ring at the moment so SMW takes the that could be anything. All decisions are final. Don’t com-
round. plain to me that your game lost, suck it up! This is a Game
Battle! Score: SMB3 4/5 SMW 4.5/5
Here we are, this is the match to surpass every other Round 3: Sound/Music
match up to this point, and this is what you have selected.
This is the match you wanted to see. In one corner we Do you like quantity or quality? That is what this battle is
have a game that single handily sold a new Nintendo con- appearing to look like. SMB3 has 8 overworld music selec-
sole into millions of homes, and the other hyped up so tions as well as several level tunes that vary in catchiness.
much that Fred Savage and Christian Slater could not SMW has one main overworld tune and some miniworld
contain the power that this game has. I am talking about selections. The level music is by far the saving grace,
Super Mario World (SMW) and Super Mario Bros. 3 boasting some catchy lines that people are still humming to
(SMB3). this day. This is a close one that might end up….wait a
minute. It appears that Punch has an update. We now go live to the edge with our sideline commentator
Punch N. Bag “Yes overlord it appears that while you were talking about
the music, Luigi used one of his special moves while Yoshi “Yes it appears this battle is for bragging rights. The debate
was flinging him like a ragdoll. Luigi used a P-wing to gain has been going on since the 1990s with no clear winner, so
control over the tongue and started to do the same thing to represent these games we only bring you the best repre-
making Yoshi his ragdoll until the power expired. SMB3 sentatives. Luigi and Yoshi. You may recall their last battle
takes the round.” in the better sidekick tournament when Yoshi did the mira-
cle egg maneuver and a four wall deflection to catch Luigi Score: SMB3 5/5 SMW 4.5/5
off guard from his jumping attack to win the match in the 6th
round. I know the heavily favored Luigi wants revenge Round 4: Story
since he thought the egg being deflected four times, in-
stead of three, should not have counted. All I can say is The stories in both of these games are interesting. In
let’s get ready for a brawling match.” SMB3 Mario is assigned by the Princess to go off to vari-
ous other lands to save their kings, who were magically
Thanks Punch. Now let’s kick this off with our referee... transformed into creatures, from a Koopa Kid. While Mario
Mario. Let the battle begin. is doing this the Princess gets kidnapped by King Koopa
and turns the mushroom kingdom into a skull raven envi-Round 1: Graphics/Animation
ronment with a line of tanks and airships to try to take
We kick off with SMB3 on an 8 bit console against SMW on Mario down as he approaches the castle to save the prin-
a 16 bit console. Should the additional bit automatically cess again.
determin the winner? No. SMB3 pushed the graphical
capabilities of the NES to areas that other games would In SMW they are on vacation on Dinosaur Island and eve-
strive for years to come, while the SMW’s light pastel back- (Continued on page 17)
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