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a ch
aT W
meet venture reader George Little, who visited costa Rica
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with his teenage daughter.
Asia’s top attractions • China Vic Falls to Joburg • Road to Rio Inca trail • Family adventures
• Gorilla trekking • 28 days • Cusco • ANZAC tours • Everest • Lodge-based safaris • Istanbul
to Carnival • European coach • Unmissable India • Vietnam • Eastern Europe • Galapagos
n Why dId yOu chOOsE KumuKa enjoyed the fact there were so many
tour • Cairo • Winter tours • Rome • European cities • Cambodia • Tailor-made
fOR a TRIp aBROad WITh yOuR activities, and that they were all
dauGhTER? I’d previously been to ‘hands on’. There was no wandering
Join our growing
India with Kumuka, while travelling aimlessly about – everything had
with my brother, and I was very a purpose and there were lots of
worldwide family of
impressed. The knowledge of the surprises. The flora and fauna were so
guides was impeccable – they knew all diverse, and Samantha didn’t know
To make sure
about the Indian culture, the religion, what she would see next. The guide
you never miss an the ancient monuments, the food also explained everything so well so
issue, log on to
etc, and imparted it in a way that we that it sounded interesting both to
could all understand how the country her (as a child) and also myself as an
lives and works. The organisation of adult. She said it was so much better
net to sign up to
the trip was also fantastic: everything than wandering about gardens in
receive future issues
that was supposed to happen did, England.
and at the right time. This included n WhaT WOuLd yOu say TO paRENTs
Thailand • Vietnam • Bhutan Top global attractions • China
the initial enquiry too – the sales WhO aRE appREhENsIvE Of TaKING
• Family planning • European • Tibet • Borneo • Child’s play
delivered to your
winter tours • Carnival • Egypt’s • Greece • South Africa door.
staff answered all my questions ThEIR chILdREN ON aN advENTuRE
top 10 • Namibia • New Zealand • Jordan • Costa Rice & Belize knowledgeably and made me feel TOuR? You are the one who will be
at ease, as if nothing was too much apprehensive – not the children. The
trouble. Even when I phoned a month children adapt to their surroundings
WRITE fOR vENTuRE! Write in to tell us about your later they remembered me. much better than the adults. On
exciting travel experiences with Kumuka, and we’ll choose a selection to n WhaT madE yOu chOOsE cOsTa all of the activities such as zip wire,
publish in a future issue of VENTURE magazine. There are no restrictions RIca aNd KumuKa’s ‘TuRTLEs, whitewater rafting, horseback riding
other than it needs to be no more than 300 words in length and must be cLOudfOREsT aNd advENTuRE’ etc there are trained instructors who
accompanied by a small selection of images. If your story is published, in TOuR? I offered to take my daughter talk you through every step and
addition to bragging rights, you will win a guide book of your choice Samantha on holiday after she’d ensure that safety is paramount.
from our friends at Bradt Guides! Email finished her GCSEs, and she decided n Why WOuLd yOu REcOmmENd a
that she wanted to go on an KumuKa famILy advENTuRE TOuR?
WhaT dId yOu ThINK Of yOuR TRIp?
adventure holiday. I immediately Organisation, exhilaration, fun,
looked on the Kumuka website to something for everyone and friendly,
We love to hear from you after your travels. We get a lot of enjoyment out of building a
see if there was anything suitable. knowledgeable staff.
relationship with you and working to select the best tour for your needs, so it’s great to
We both liked the look of the Turtles,
hear what you liked or didn’t like about our service or the holiday itself. Your feedback
Cloudforest and Adventure tour
enables us to better to understand your requirements, which helps us to shape our
as we live in the countryside and
tours to best meet your demands. To make it
are interested in the environment.
even easier for you to give us your thoughts,
We thought it would be both fun
we’ve developed a Feedback questionnaire on
and educational and also a cultural
our website that is easy and quick to complete.
experience. It promised things that
So please visit at any time
we would not experience in Britain.
and follow the link under “Your Travel”.
n WhaT dId samaNTha ENjOy mOsT?
Her favourite parts of the trip were
REmEmBER, WhEN yOu BOOK WITh KumuKa usING a cREdIT caRd, the zip wire, whitewater rafting
yOu WILL NOT pay aNy cREdIT caRd chaRGEs! aNOThER savING! and… well, basically all of it! She
caLL us TOday! uK 0800 092 9595 IRE 1800 946 843 usa/caN 1800 517 0867 sOuTh afRIca 011 881 5765 ONLINE WWW.KumuKa.cOm
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