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While on this comprehensive Small Group Tour, explore
grottoes, gardens, temples, and tombs, trek in Tiger leaping
Gorge and a cruise along the yangtze River. you’ll also
walk along the Great Wall in Beijing, visit the iron pagoda
and dragon pavilion in kaifeng, and cast your eyes on the
awesome Terracotta army.
...aNd ThE Old favOURiTES
JapaN REvEalEd
Some of the world’s most enthralling sights are its oldest.
This exciting Small Group
having been made centuries – often millennia – ago, they’ve
Tour travels to the super
featured on many a wanderer’s ancient itinerary. Today, they
cities of Tokyo and Osaka,
are no less powerful for the visitor.
as well as the ancient
capitals of kyoto and
Nara. Wander the gardens ThE GREaT pyRaMidS, EGypT
of kanazawa, the deep “Soldiers, forty centuries of history look down upon you
valleys of Matsumoto and from these pyramids,” said Napoleon when preparing
through the spiritually his troops for battle at Giza in 1798. Pliny the Elder (c 50
rich koyasan. There is AD) was just as awestruck by this Wonder of the World,
no shortage of cultural but unimpressed with its creators: “An idle and foolish
activities. exhibition of royal wealth.” One thing that is for sure
– you will never forget the first time you laid eyes on
these ancient marvels, their pointed summits slowly
rising into the sky above the chaotic
Cairo horizon of oblong
CaMBOdia buildings as you draw near.
TEMplES Of aNGkOR Nothing so familiar can feel
iNdia The famed Temples of so new, so inspiring and so
TEMplES, BaCkWaTERS angkor are one of the magical. Kumuka’s PyrAmiDS,
aNd BEaChES world’s greatest treasures, CAmElS AND thE rED SEA
Cruise by a traditional and a visit is as obligatory Family Adventure tour may just
kerala rice boat and as it is inspiring. The be the perfect ticket.
discover how the Small Group Tour explores
communities of the the hundreds of temples TEMplES Of kaRNak, EGypT
CypRUS region live. visit temple dotting the fabled city Undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest open-air museums,
CaSTlES, BEaChES complexes before relaxing of angkor, including the the temples of Karnak are the products of some 1500 years
aNd Wild dONkEyS on the beaches of breathtaking angkor Wat. of tinkering by numerous pharaohs. Karnak was the most
This family adventure kovalam. There is also a Tours also take to the important place of worship in Egypt during the height of
Tour is based in the trip to the periyar Wildlife water on Tonle Sap lake, the theban power. most captivating is the Amun temple
hill village of lapta, Sanctuary, home to wild where locals live Enclosure – started by Seti i and finished by ramses ii
and explores several elephants, bison, spotted in floating villages. – which is so large that it could house both rome’s St Peter’s
ancient castles. deer and the elusive tiger. Cathedral and london’s St Paul’s. trEASUrES iN thE SAND,
There’s plenty of a Small Group tour, is one of many Kumuka itineraries that
time for you and your explore the temples of Karnak.
kids to lounge/play NEpal
on the beautiful aNNapURNa TRail pETRa, JORdaN
Mediterranean beaches, This active Tour is a this ancient city, much of which is spectacularly hewn
or take part in horse short classic tea-house into the walls of a remote, rugged sandstone ravine, was
riding and diving (or trek through the truly created some 2000 years ago. the romans were among
search for wild majestic himalayas. The the first visitors in 63 BC – they returned in 106 AD to
donkeys!). trek begins and ends in take the city, eventually adding some of their traditional
picturesque pokhara, touches: baths, a colonnaded street, stone paths and such.
and where the however, by the time the muslim invasion occurred in
dramatic 6993m the 7th century, the city had sunk into obscurity. Besides
summit of
the Christian crusaders making a camp here in the 12th
century, Petra had well and truly fallen off the Western
dominates the
world’s map until Jean louis Burckhardt, a Swiss explorer,
rediscovered the ancient city in 1812. Why not try an
overland tour that takes in Petra?
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