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cenTRaL aMeRica: cuba
when in cuba…
On The ThiGhS OF DuSKY MaiDenS
It’s ironic that Cuba is a world leader in producing the ultimate
symbol of capitalist excess – a good cigar! To learn how they’re
made, visit a cigar factory where you can see the choice leaves being sorted,
selected and rolled – but, contrary to myth, not on the thighs of dusky
che wORShiP
Che Guevara’s iconic image of the revolutionary hero in his black
beret is posted all over Cuba. His mortal remains are enshrined in
a mausoleum beneath the Monumento Che Guevara, in Santa Clara. The
superb museum here will thrill revolutionaries on a busman’s holiday.
On YeR biKe
Two-wheel touring puts you in the saddle with the Cubans
themselves. There are more than two million bicycles in Cuba. You’ll
never get so close to so much
beauty from inside a car. You
can rent bicycles in Havana.
MOunTain hiGhS
Cubans aren’t big
hikers, but hundreds
of miles of trails lace the
mountains. The Sierra
Escambray is especially popular
for hikes to waterfalls, while
Parque Nacional Alejandro
Humboldt lures birders in
search of the ivory-billed
woodpecker. For the ultimate
high, head for the summit of
Pico Turquino, Cuba’s highest
wheRe iT aLL beGan
Fidel Castro was born
and raised on his dad’s
rural estate in Holguín province.
The place – Sitio Histórico Birán – has been spruced up and recently opened
to public visits. Look!... there are his baseball gloves and basketball; and his
desk centre-front in the schoolhouse. An armed soldier trails alongside as
your guide spins fiction from fact.
buena ViSTa SOciaL cLub ReDuX
The Buena Vista Social Club can’t compare with the real thing.
The best way to enjoy some music is at a casa de la trova – cultural
centres that serve to keep traditional music alive. Every town has one. Expect
locals to whisk you onto the dance floor to teach you some sensual moves.
RenT a
cLaSSic caR
For the ultimate
in sightseeing cool, hire
a yesteryear American
auto from Gran Caribe. A
chauffeur is obligatory – a
guarantee against getting
lost as you make the grand
tour of Havana to the rhythm
of the rumba on the
radio. Way to go!
caLL uS TODaY! uK 0800 092 9595 iRe 1800 946 843 uSa/can 1800 517 0867 SOuTh aFRica 011 881 5765 OnLine www.KuMuKa.cOM
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