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venture a little further with
We pride ourselves on the fact that our website is one of the most
sophisticated and easy-to-use tools offered by any tour operator.
Manage your 6
details on
Over the years we’ve embraced the technology and listened to
‘My KuMuKa’
what you need, fine-tuning the site so that it is practical, efficient This cool tool allows you to receive
and fully-functioning. Here are some of our key features: personalised travel information
every time you log in. Once
you’re registered you can browse
Be inforMed our entire site unhindered, make bookings (or review and update them), use our
Use our TOUrS navigation to trawl through secure personal details storage while travelling, and of course, subscribe to Venture
every itinerary or extension we offer. To find out magazine for free. Moving? Don’t forget to update your details online – you don’t
more about a particular tour, click the link and want to miss your next edition of Venture!
view the detailed itinerary, which looks at every
aspect, so you know exactly what you’ll be doing
and when, when you will have free time, where
you’ll be staying and how you’ll be getting around. 7
BooK pre-and
There’s even a live feed to a page giving updated accoMModation
information on visa requirements, immunisation Most of our tours start or end in
requirements, seasonal information, and other great cities or towns which are
worth exploring in their own
right. We recognise that some
clients would like to spend an extra
checK availaBility few nights in these locations to wander around them at their leisure. That doesn’t
But what really sets us apart is that you can mean you can’t still use our expertise – allow us to recommend and book your
click through to check availability – and then accommodation for you, thus saving you extra time and allowing you to benefit
book. This is all live and conducted in real time, from our favourable online payment terms.
so you won’t have to wait for someone to call you
back to confirm. What you see is what you get!
Browse-and-BooK ‘green’ Brochures!
See how the internet can make travel planning so easy… Check out our
new tours brochures online. Using sophisticated page-turning software, you can flick through
Kumuka’s continued expansion is exciting each brochure with ease – including our brand new North America offering
to all those involved, and we want you to have an – zooming in and printing out at will. Use the search facility and our easy indexing
easy time finding the hottest new trips on our structure to navigate easily between tours, and follow our online links to quickly
website. On our homepage, simply look for NeW find out availability and proceed to booking. Travel planning could not be easier!
TOUrS on the dropdown ‘Tours’ menu. There And, of course, viewing the brochures online means we don’t have to print as many,
you’ll find a list of the latest tours, each separated which can only be good for the environment! See our full brochure collection online
into the regions that they cover. Happy hunting! at
pay in your own currency
Unlike most operators, Kumuka charge you
in your local currency so there’s no confusion over
loss on exchange rates. Our novel website allows
you to see each and every one of our tours quoted in
seven different currencies: British pounds, euros,
US dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars,
New Zealand dollars and South African rands.
There are also no bank charges for booking online.
5 8
pay as you go
In another indication of our commitment to
making it easy for you to pay for your holiday, we
now allow you to make your balance payments
online... Simply head for MANAge My BOOKINg...
call free! visit us at and click on the ‘call back’ button
to speak to one of our consultants, free of charge, from anywhere in the world!
call us today! uK 0800 092 9595 ire 1800 946 843 usa/can 1800 517 0867 south africa 011 881 5765 online www.KuMuKa.coM
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