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Friday May 18 2007
I’ll Mak my mark this
Juho wants to take Gorgie
by storm after ending
five-month loan spell
with Swiss side FC
time, says Finn ace
UHO Makela will return to
Gorgie this summer determined
to kick-start a Hearts career
that has thus far failed to get off
the ground. There is, he says,
some “unfinished business”
he wants to attend to.
Swiss club FC
The Finnish striker’s five-month loan with
their final league fixture against Schaf
Thun draws to a close after
next Thursday.
minds are drifting towards beach resorts,
And while most footballers’
Makela has already turned his thoughts to
pre-season training back in Edinburgh.
says. “Next season will show the
Makela helped FC Thun in relegation battle
battled relegation from the Super League
Two goals in 12 outings for Thun as they
has helped alleviate some of the frustration
way my career will go. It is the most
important year of my career so far
the 23-year-old felt after becoming a forgotten
why I am determined to work very hard in
. That’s
figure at Hearts. But the SPL
new start and play first team football at
the summer to make sure I succeed.”
attraction for a player who is eager for another
holds a greater
chance to prove his worth.
at Hearts because I haven’t played that much.
“I feel like I haven’t even started my career
him more first team exposure it has not been
While Makela’s stint with Thun has given
Helsinki in January 2006, Makela was given
After arriving in a £500,000 deal from HJK
I scored a few goals there but haven’t had
just 14 outings for Hearts in 12 months,
a real chance and now I’m hungry to play
the stable environment he perhaps hoped for
scoring five goals in the process. Despite
“I’ve always had big belief that I can secure
after Hearts’
hitting a hat-trick in a CIS Cup tie against
my first team place and I still do. When I’ve
Thun sacked coach Heinz Peischl in March
own turbulent season.
Alloa earlier this season, he was restricted
been on I’ve shown I can play at that level.
and kicked out five players after a poor run
left them at the wrong end of the table.
to a two-minute substitute role in the next
match against
thinking about them. If things don’t work out
“I have other options but right now I’m not
But the Finnish international is convinced
I will – but in my mind I’m a Hearts player
they have all but secured top flight status.
s No2, Jeff Saibene, took over and
he can force his way into the reckoning.
Makela’s Swiss loan was sanctioned by
The jury may still be out on him, but he says
former boss V
role recently
Makela has had to be content with a sub
he just wants a fair crack of the whip before
player the first team experience he was
aldas Ivanauskas to give the
instincts were still intact when he came on to
, though he showed his predatory
he is judged.
being deprived of at
score against both FC Basel and Luzern.
Korobochka is now in charge – although
Tynecastle. Anatoly
for pre-season training is to fight for my place
“My goal when I come back in the summer
there is no guarantee the Russian will remain
admits. “At first I was starting games and
“My time here has been up and down,” he
in the Hearts team because I feel I have
head coach next season. Regardless of
enjoying it because I hadn’t played for a time.
unfinished business,” says Makela, who still
who is at the tiller
has two years of his contract remaining.
make-or-break campaign.
, Makela is viewing it as a
coach who brought me was sacked.
“Then the results weren’t so good and the
that I didn’t start many games. I scored
Scotland was to fight for my place
“My target when I first came to
season, but it’
“I’m not sure who the coach will be next
s a new start for everyone,” he
a couple of good goals after coming of
and that didn’t work out so I came
experience. Now I hope to get a
Thun to get some more playing

bench and played good football but the new
f the
coach prefers to play experienced
It feels like I haven’t started my
players he knew before.
career at Hearts but I’m hungry

it’s been a rollercoaster – a bit like
s been a good experience but
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